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on 2 October 2009
Beyond the Boys Club is and an excellent book and one of the most comprehensive I have read in this area.

I recommend the book to women (and men) who are looking to advance their career and to diversity professionals who are interested in learning more about gender at the workplace.

As a diversity manager in a large company (HP) I picked up the book so I can identify topics for an upcoming program. Reading the book made my work easily. Suzanne covers in her book genuine key issues, provides real life examples that make the content vivid and shares advises that can make a concrete personal or organizational action plan.

An excellent reading,
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on 16 September 2009
This book is invaluable for people at any stage of their career and not just women. It is inspiring to hear from successful women, as you realise they're not super-human and actually not too different from you. Much of it also makes sense, explaining those Boys' Club rules, some of which you're aware of but many are complete mysteries. Most importantly, the book contains lots of practical advice and tips. And even if you don't want to join the Club, knowledge and understanding are key to allowing you to make the decision as to whether you do want to join or not.
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on 5 July 2010
I was initially disappointed while reading Beyond the Boys' Club, as Doyle-Morris outlines the challenges women face in the workplace in a very matter of fact way without providing any solutions. However, as she often repeats, this is a book about dealing with the real world rather than an ideal one.

I would have liked more inspirational examples from the life stories of the women that she interviewed. Although she quotes from a number of successful women these are dotted about the book in small doses and we never get a feel for who these women are or what they have achieved in their lives.

That said, the book is packed full of practical advice and examples from her own life experiences on how to "play the game" of work, and she highlights effectively why it is so important to firstly understand the game that the "boys" are playing, and secondly to join in.

While I would have liked to see more feminist angst and hope for a model of work "beyond the boys club" this book is a practical how-to guide which I'd recommend to young women just starting out in their careers who still presume that in work, as in education, they will be rewarded for working hard and doing well. If only it was that simple!
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on 8 November 2010
I found the issues that career-oriented women (and men, too) have to deal with higher up the organisational ladder intriguing. A male manager I worked for some ago attempted to morph himself into "one of the lads" in order to fit in with the prevailing culture, so I identified quite closely when the author related that pitfall.

It was good to read about this issue from a UK perspective, and I think that being aware of the knowledge presented in this book will certainly equip anyone to negotiate the hidden traps in the workplace more adroitly.
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on 23 September 2009
I have to agree with many of the other reviews written so far, Suzanne has created an excellent book which is of tremendous value to those starting out in their career. But let's not stop there...anyone can benefit from the lessons in Beyond The Boys' Club, both men and women, and at any age. It's never too late to understand the differences between the sexes, to gather tips on how to exude gravitas, or to learn the art of self-promotion and networking.

I'm only sorry that p157 tells me that curly hair isn't business like - as I'm someone with locks that do their own thing and who has battled with hair straighteners and lost. But even there, I have to agree she's right with the impression that's created.

Pop this one onto your Christmas list as presents for all the females in your life, as the saying goes "because they're worth it".
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on 12 July 2011
OK tome for female junior execs looking for some practical advice but marred by the author's too obvious plug for her own coaching practice. Plus, some of the tips - "straighten your hair or you'll never be taken seriously" for example - are just plain patronizing.
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on 9 September 2009
Suzanne's book is a great source of advice and tips for progressing your career and I recommend it to all women, even those not working in male-dominated fields. The examples and insights provided by a range of successful women are enlightening, particularly the emphasis on building relationships and networks. It is clear from the examples given that doing an excellent job is not enough, women need to work on getting their contributions recognised. Definately an essential read for those starting out in their career and those who want to take their career to the next level!
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on 16 September 2009
If you are going to buy any book for your teenage daughter (or son for that matter) before going into university or the workplace, this is it. It is jam packed with everything you need to think about regarding your career, from starting out to us older more seasoned professionals. Just like you might pick up Seven Habits to refresh yourself on tips for success from time to time, so too will you with this book. A must have for your desk!
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on 13 July 2009
Suzanne Doyle-Morris has written the book that every high achieving woman over 40 wishes she could have read when she was 20. Let's hope that the insights and pragmatic wisdom contained within its pages help the careers of all the women who follow in the footsteps of those who have shared their stories and experiences. Buy it for yourself, buy it for your colleagues, but most of all, buy it for your daughters.
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on 19 January 2015
Excellent book. I really enjoyed this. The book is well written and flows well. A lot of very useful messages which were communicated in an easy manner. A very useful book for those in managament. I plan on reading it again as I read it quickly the first time to get an idea of the content. Well worth purchasing.
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