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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2015
This is a book of great scope, depth, information and... perception. I have never read anything quite like it.

In what is rightly subtitled "the greatest exposure of human life ever written", Icke unravels the nature of reality, perception, evil, control, death and life in a long and painstaking overview of that which is happening on earth today.

It is impossible I think to account for all the topics and points covered in the book in a review. Pretty much everything under the sun is covered here.

I was helped in my week-long journey with this book by having spiritually matured over the years and seeing the lies for what they are and, more importantly, unlearning the fear.

And the reasons to be afraid are plentiful. The extent of the conspiracy against mankind and life on earth is so immense and exhaustively covered in the book that reaching the end, as I did, will prove impossible except for the most seasoned and bravest of readers, thinkers and truth-seekers who are not afraid to look at things the way they are.

Indeed, it is easy to succumb to despair when faced with the desperate material in this book and attack the messenger but in my experience, with perseverance and openness, one is heavily rewarded spiritually and intellectually with seeking and getting to know the truth - fear melts away and freedom from mind control begins.

And in a formidable last chapter Icke offers the proper solution to bring and end to the perception deception: open up your heart, learn the truth, and with the right perception of reality the right actions will follow.

We are far from this state collectively however. We must start seeing the crazies in charge of this world for what they truly are - demented psychopaths -, unlearn their mind control techniques, of which there are many, learn the basic principles of natural law, including treating others in a way we would wish to be treated, and engage en masse in non compliance with the Big Brother Superstate, regardless of outcome.

Short of that we are without a doubt headed to a place which would make the Hell of the Christians seem like Paradise.

Five stars
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on 4 April 2014
Icke comes out with some grand claims about our life and world, but he backs them up with credible sources through a very witty style of writing. It is one of those books you won't be able to put down. As I was reading this book, I could relate to areas on religion and social construction straight away; and others view points on mass mind control and the elite opened my own perspective on things. I am going to reread to digest a lot of deep and fascinating subjects. I strongly recommend this book if you are the sort that doesn't take life from face-value.
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on 12 March 2015
This book will have you going through every emotion imaginable. The way Mr Icke approaches the subjects covered in the book eases one into the concepts and then backs them up with fact after fact that the reader can check for themselves. Mr Icke actively encourages the reader to do just that stating nothing anyone says should be taken at face value, including himself.

When i bought this book i was curious, a little sceptical and slightly confused. I'd heard of "that icke bloke that believes in evil reptilian shapeshifters" and i couldnt work out if he was utterly insane or an absolute genius. The book is so utterly thorough that I'd find myself pausing with Eureka moments or trepidations only to have them adressed a few lines or chapters later.

I implore anyone that finds the idea of Reptilian ET's or a holographic reality too bizarre, too "out there" to give the book a chance. I am certainly glad that i did. Approach this book with an open mind and everything will make sense by the end. No one can do justice to the materials you really must read the word of Icke for yourself.

I would like to commend Mr Icke on his fantastic work. I am officially a convert and can see the archonics and their system for what they really are. I would love to thank hom for opening my eyes and heart to the true reality and would love to meet him one day. I just hope we are not too late to stop the total enslavement of the human race!
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on 25 May 2014
I have toyed with buying a David Icke book for some time having an avid interest in secret histories and alternative views. My main concern was how readable the book would is after all over 900 pages.
Well i decided to read it starting with the chapter that i was most interested in and work my way through it from there and havnt been able to put it down since. Its a very good read and more than accessible to people who are new to this. I think I am fairly well read on these subjects and so i am familiar with many of the threads of the book but its great to see a number of themes brought together.
From 9/11 my eyes started to open to the terrifying realisation that all is not as it seems in this world, but the real eye opener was for me, the 2012 London olympic closing ceremony which was so clearly laden with satanic symbols and satan worship i couldnt believe what i was seeing. Want to open your mind to the reality that is hiding in plain this book.
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on 19 January 2015
Okay, but let me be frank. I've read ALL of David Ickes books going way back to the "Truth Vibrations". I know there was a few before that but they hardly count if you look into them. Anyway, I own them all and read them all. Let me tell you that every new book of his is just the same old book regurgitated and plagerised from his previous books. He says he has to recap in every book. Ok, but for over half the book? The amount of new information in each book is barely 10% in my opinion. Personally, it feels like David (Since "And the truth shall set you free" at least) is on a quest to write just the one book. Each edition is the same book with some new additions. I can also say that David Icke never predicted years before Jimmy Saville to be guilty of what he turned out to be. I have read them all, and he never wrote it. He mentioned others, but they haven't been convicted....yet. I wonder if it is placed into future prints of his old books just to make it look good. I've stuck by David Icke's work since 2002. He was the one that got me into this entire field and I thank him for that. But these books are just all too similar. I feel drained by reading them as I feel I am reading the same book over and over and over again.........
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on 24 September 2015
If you have read or have watched David Icke, and know what he is about, then this book is one to add to your collection. It is heavy reading for the first few chapters, which go into explaining Complete Awareness. I found it enlightening. The rest of the book is about how the top 'few' are deceiving the world to control us. Understanding the Complete Awareness half of the book, enables you to see how these elite are able to deceive the masses. For me, this is a must have book.
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on 23 February 2016
"Tell us about the little green men David". Seriously I have no clue about this stuff but i admire Icke and have done so for many years, i saw him live when there was about 20 of us and a few dressed as lizards and a cat woman. The best thing I heard Icke say is 'i have the right to be wrong' and that's why I listen to him and support his theories (some have come to be proved as fact). We need David Icke and others like him....He is a man of courage in a world of cowards and he has the right to be wrong. And to all you haters........"HAters are gonna hate and potatoes are gonna Potate.
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on 11 March 2014
We live in an insane world. The closest - by far - way that I can make any sense of what is happening is to see what David has to say. I read 'Infinite Love is the Only Truth..' some years ago and the light bulbs exploded for me! I subsequently bought his earlier books, and always buy his new books when they become available. I bought 'The Perception Deception' a little while ago, and I feel this is the most important work he has written. This information needs to be shared far and wide. I am buying a second copy so that I can lend it to friends!
If you are familiar with David's views, and particularly if they resonate with you, I would say this is a must read. If you are not, maybe also buy an earlier work of his e.g. 'Infinite Love..' and start with that..
We are all powerful...we need to remember...Love is all you need!
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Some people can see further. If you fly over your home-town, on Google Earth, you notice the higher vantage point straight away. You would never have guessed that there where so many trees surrounding your home-town if you stayed on Earth. Zoom out a little and the view becomes higher. Now you see mountains and seas. You apprehend more because you are high. When you come back down, try explaining what you have seen to your friends. Chances are, if your friends have never risen to those heights themselves, they won't believe you. You will then get thrown into the cooking pot!

You flew too high and they dragged you back down. You looked down into the DMT flash, you witnessed grandeurs beyond grandeurs, chasms over chasms, deeps beyond deeps. Just like in mathematics where there are infinitudes of higher orders infinitely transcending lower infinities, so the phenomenon of consciousness can no longer be seen at sparks firing from living meat. Rather, your consciousness is a revelation of infinities overlapping your normal, hum-drum, pay that mortgage, monkey mind.

Read it and go very high!
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on 19 March 2014
People who haven't bothered to read any of Icke's books think he's crazy because of the reptiles thing. But there is so much more to his books - he exposes the reality behind genetically modified food, the medical industry, famous paedophiles, the banking system, everything, and explains how everything fits in to everything else and the reasons behind it all. If only everyone could put aside their prejudices and read this book with an open mind, we could change this world for the better.
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