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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 September 2011
I am a great fan of the Freedom Programme & it's a tool I have used with success for many years; via direct delivery of a Freedom Programme support group, or training professionals, or used in supervision of case workers case loads.
The new addition of the Freedom Programme Home Study Course workbook is a fantastically accessible compliment to the traditional Freedom Programme format; be that groups &/or from having read `Living With The Dominator'. The Home Study Course workbook takes the reader through the familiar format of the group delivery, with the inclusion of the quiz, tactics, beliefs, affects & positive behaviour choices. For each section there is space for the reader to write their answer, thoughts & views, enabling everything the reader has learnt to be kept safely in one workbook, for future reference and reviews.
It has the flexibility to reach more victims/survivors, perpetrators & practitioners, to learn and understand the dynamics and long reaching impacts of domestic abuse, on the family unit, whether separated or still together, whether historical or current. The Home Study Course is appropriate for individuals to work through alone, or to reinforce the learning's of group attendance, enabling accelerated understanding.
For professionals this is a fantastic tool that can be used as a framework for their case work sessions with individuals or families. In my experience as a case worker & as a manager of case workers my knowledge is clear that as soon as work can begin to acknowledge and address the issues & impacts of domestic abuse be that with the victim/survivors (adults or children & young people) or perpetrators (adults or children & young people), the sooner the families or individuals are able to progressively gain control of their own lives in a positive way, or indeed, continue to live their lives. With the use of the Home Study Course the positive outcomes are more long term & sustainable.
I don't have any negative comments to offer on the use of this tool, the only adaptation I would request is if this workbook could also be made available in different size & type of font or if there would be potential to safely translate into other languages?
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on 5 September 2011
Brilliant resource to use with the living with the dominator or on its own to help explain and explore the tactics used by those who use power and control to abuse others.
The home study Freedom Programme is also great for those who can not attend a programme or who just want to find out more about domestic abuse.
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on 2 September 2011
This book used alongside Living with the dominator builds into a unique personal record for the user. It brings the Freedom Programme to life and is set out into easy to understand sections. Women who have used it say that it has been invaluable to them in helping them to understand the programme. They said it was excellent to be able to read back over the weeks they have completed. Once women have worked through this book with a facilitator they often feel much more confident to attend a group. Well done Pat another excellent tool in the battle against domestic abuse.
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on 17 October 2011
An excellent resource to partner Ms Craven's Living with the Dominator; another recommendation I can make to anyone dealing with domestic abuse, whether in a professional or a personal capacity.
With each section of the book corresponding with the persona of the Dominator; the Home Study Course can be used both as a tool within each session of The Freedom Programme and as "homework" to encourage the participants to reflect on their learning in-between sessions. This can also be used during 1-1 sessions with a woman who is unable to be involved with group-work or those preparing to join a group.
One tip when working with women who are still in an abusive relationship; I keep a box of folders handy to enable them to keep their books with me if they feel taking them home could increase their danger.
Lynne - East Renfrewshire Women's Aid
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on 17 June 2013
After a mere 3 years in an abusive relationship, I finally got the pig arrested and took him to court, where ....... surprise, surprise ...... he was found guilty. I realise that he will never leave me alone - well, at least until some other poor sap believes his catalogue of lies, but this book goes a long way to helping you deal with untangling the mess of a person you have become, and starting back on the road to your new self. There is no excuse for why abusers behave the way they do, but this book helps you make sense of it all.
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on 18 September 2011
Pat Craven's LIVING WITH THE DOMINATOR has been the greatest resource and tool kit, that I have ever used in my many years as a Child Protection Consultant within Local Authority and Private and Charitable organisations. This book has a unique, simple but also highly informed and educational quality that can be used to inform individuals experiencing domestic violence and abuse, and also for professionals who have the very difficult task of formulating interventions and assessments in child protection cases where domestic violence is prevalent.
Having used this resource for a number of years, I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to review Pat Craven's new addition to her already great library of resources, the brilliant 'THE FREEDOM PROGRAMME HOME STUDY COURSE'. This is an addendum to LIVING WITH THE DOMINATOR that can be used by individuals privately, as well as for professional interventions and assessments. THE FREEDOM PROGRAMME HOME STUDY COURSE is one of the greatest resources a person/professional can have, with a guided systemic process of information and detail that can enable us to gain clarity on what we think, feel and how we behave, living and working with domestic violence.
I can only highly recommend, whether you are a woman experiencing domestic violence and abuse, a man who wants to stop his violence and abuse, or a professional working within the field of domestic violence and abuse - that you purchase these books as a matter of priority.
If individuals and our society is to become a place where we want ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to live without fear and violence ...... we must all read and work through these books as a matter of urgency!!!
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on 18 September 2011
Living with the Dominator 'Home Study Course' is a fantastic resource to help those make sense of the abuse they have suffered and begin to build a life free from violence and abuse. It is a great option for those who cannot attend a Freedom Programme Course as well as being a great supplement to the course itself. Pat Craven's insight into abuse against women is inspirational and her books are a must read for professionals working in the field of abuse, women who have suffered at the hands of an abuser as well as anyone looking to gain an understanding into domestic abuse.
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on 19 April 2012
I initially did the training with Pat Craven herself onthe 12 week rolling Freedom programme. I have first hand experience of seeing the benefits to survivors of domestic abuse and how the Freedom programme is an essential tool for breaking free of the chains of abusive relationships and heightening awareness for many women.
So I was delighted to be introduced to the 'Home study course' where we can now spread the Freedom message to many more professionals who are working in the community with vulnerable women and families. The home study course achieves something the original Freedom programme cant, which is that it can be taken in to the homes and reach the most vulnerable clients who are unable to attend the Freedom programme at a venue. Accessing vulnerable women and families in this way is a very gentle way of looking at what is abuse? Additionally, being able to address this subject with the client so that it is delivered softly and appropriately according to the clients needs is essential and this home study course allows professionals to do just that. So if you are a professional social worker, GP,out reach worker, play or childrens work or similar and want your clients to be able to benefit from the message of the Freedom programme but your only able to do this within the clients home setting or similar (when safe to do so) this training is for you. All facilitators including myself provide a copy of this home study workbook as part of the training which information can be found on Pat Cravens original Freedom website.
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on 6 November 2011
Pat Craven's 'Living With the Dominator' is a must for women living with the impact of domestic abuse. Having worked for 15 years as a therapist with survivors of domestic and sexual violence & abuse and having run a large counselling service for a women's aid organisation for many years, I can honestly say that this is the only book I am aware of that clearly identifies the many different beliefs, behaviours and tactics, of those using abuse in their intimate/family relationships, in a simple and straight forward way. I have witnessed hundreds of women working through the programme accompanied by 'Living With the Dominator' and it has enabled so many lightbulb moments it could have fuelled the national grid!
I am therefore delighted to review the Freedom Programme Home Study book. Many women find the idea of going to a group difficult and it is vital at some stage in the recovery journey to try and attend a programme in order to combat the huge sense of isolation and shame. However, for women who simply are not ready or do not have a group locally to attend, the Home Study Course is a wonderful resource. Women are able to work through the book accompanied by 'Living With the Dominator' at their own pace, completing one chapter at a time and have the facility to record their thoughts on what they have learned. It also provides women with the opportunity to think through what a healthy, non-abusing partner might be like, vital in restoring faith and providing real hope for future relationships. Domestic Abuse is a 'gender' issue, but this book would benefit survivors both male and female, gay or straight.
So often professionals use jargonistic terminologies that do not relate to those that they are working with. I would suggest professionals across all agencies responding to the needs of those living with the impact of domestic abuse, read 'Living With the Dominator' and the Freedom Programme Home Study Course to give them the valuable insight they need in dealing with this most complex of issues. Issues which exist in our society in epidemic proportions. Improving insight in to the issue and learning to use the simple, descriptive language of the Freedom Programme, will support them in really enabling those they work with to understand how to identify the many forms of abuse they may be experiencing. It may even save lives!
Whether you are a survivor, a family member, friend or professional, I would highly recommend working through the Freedom Programme Home Study Course to support your understanding of the issue in it's entirety
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on 26 November 2013
The three manuals together make for positive work techniques that women relate to. Haven't had the opportunity to work with male victims as yet.

Very good. Well demonstrated. Well categorised.
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