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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 February 2014
An interesting collection of opinions, although rather heavy on esoterica that you and I will never see in a shop. I would have appreciated a bit more information about the distilleries and the main expressions that can actually be bought in shops. The opinions are his own, so no one can complain of an absence of modesty (in my humble opinion). However the book is either not edited, or was edited by someone after drinking a lot of whisky. The spelling and other mistakes are so glaring you get quite distracted. I suspect a lot of what has found its way into the notes was transcribed directly from the napkins it was written on.
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on 14 July 2014
Bought this for my husband and he thoroughly enjoys delving in and reading about the various whiskies that he has been bought! Makes for very interesting reading .... all I need now is more space for the bottles!
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on 21 November 2014
It is ok as long as you remember that he is a bit pretentious and very opinionated. I don't let Murray influence my buying decisions but it is interesting to compare my thoughts with his. I frequently disagree with him and as taste is entirely subjective neither of us is right. The biggest problem is that a high proportion of the brews he reviews are difficult to find and/or very expensive so are irrelevant as a guide, having just a modest entertainment value
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on 13 January 2014
It's a handy little book to keep in the pocket for sure. However, I find Jim Murray hard to like: humble he is not. And. I don't. Personally. Like. His writing style. Clunky, bombastic, didactic and pretentious at times. I also think his scores are a bit of a waste of time, it seems almost all the whiskies get between 80 and 95 points. They can't ALL be that good surely? I think the lowest score he gives is still about 60.

I don't think he's funny either - not in the way that Ian Buxton is funny. He tries though, with several crass and tasteless 'jokes', most notably: 'Virgin bourbon 15 years old - the kind of bourbon you want to be left in a room with'. Seriously...?

There are also some woeful typos: 'Achilles heal' (!), 'Stan Laural...Marylyn Munro' (!), 'bursting at the seems' and even worse 'loan voice'. There are plenty more... Can he not afford a proof-reader?

So, Jim Murray 2014 is an ok pocket reference book but not something I would recommend. He may think he's a great whisky writer and guru, but in my book he's nowhere near as good as the real heavyweights such as Charles Maclean, Michael Jackson, Dave Broom and Ian Buxton. Imagine Michael Jackson writing as badly as this! I can't take him seriously, but it's ok, he obviously takes himself seriously enough: 'whisky legend and colossus' indeed (in his own words). Is he having a laugh?
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on 18 January 2014
This is like buying a desk diary every year- if you are enthusiastic about whisky knowledge,-rather than simply getting legless, then Jim Murray`s publication is rather like a `Which` review.... it is always worth keeping up to date.While tastes differ and one may not always agree entirely with his opinions, he provides a superb standard for comparison.
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on 20 January 2014
I bought this book as a gift for a friend who enjoys sampling many different Whiskeys.
He was thrilled with this book and has had an enormous amount of pleasure reading the
information within and testing the recommendations.
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on 11 January 2014
This is now the fourth year that I have bought this annual publication as a Christmas treat to myself. It is really invaluable to the dedicated whisky lover as a guide to the current and most recent whisky releases available in retail outlets particularly as it is produced in a handy pocket sized format. However if I have a criticism of this latest edition it is in the coverage of the most recently released batches of Aberlour a'Bunadh. The 2013 edition covered selected releases up to Batch No. 41. Over the past year I have purchased a bottle each of the more recent Batch Nos. 42 and 45 I was looking forward to reading Jim Murray's expert assessment of them. Unfortunately the 2014 edition still only goes up to Batch No. 41. Maybe he hasn't tasted the latest releases and I will have to wait until the next edition to see if his views accord with my own of these particular whiskies. Slange var!
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on 16 September 2015
although a bit out of date, the vast majority of the reviews are still relevant. might even be tempted to but the latest one, Definitely some whiskies unexpectedly missing, but not something i'd buy every year for the updates
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on 23 November 2015
An excellent book to use as a guide. I would emphasize the word "guide", because, whisky being what it is, everyone has their own tastes.
Although I do not profess to be even an amateur connoisseur, (and have tried only a very small percentage of "uisge", listed here), I would whole heartedly agree with the "tasting notes", but I would definitely score them differently. But as I we all know, "taste" in whisky is an individual thing!
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on 28 November 2013
Jim's annual update is now a fixture on my shopping list. The continuing perception and humour of the author after tasing and re-tasting so much whisky, leaves me breathless!
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