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on 6 June 2008
First point to note, there is no author name signed on this book ( Essvale Corporation Limited ... ??? ) not a good sign but I decided to try it anyway.
It is quite thin, took me 3 hours to read from start to finish and I must say didnt get me any wiser.
The book uses all the buzzwords and terms one expect to find but does not elaborate on any of those. The IT related part gives no real information and feels it is there just to justify what the book title say.
Most of the diagrams and some of the content is citing other resources ( Acknowledging the writers )

My impression is that the publishers of this book recognized a niche in the market, namely IT and the financial world, but didnt bother to do any serious work on their books... besides selling them.

I am aware this review is quite harsh - but as I stand, well deserved!
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on 5 September 2007
I ordered this book immediately I saw it, as I thought it would fill a real gap in the marketplace. But I was disappointed that too often my own low-to-intermediate knowledge of the investment banking world was not enhanced much by the book, and in some cases I even felt I knew a little more than the writer (very worrying).
The first 76 pages conveys general business knowledge about investment banking that I strongly suspect is covered better in mainstream investment banking books.
The next 30 pages talks about systems aspects of investment banking, and I think this part will be of some interest to the target audience, though even this part looks as though a good editor is needed. There are several pages devoted to software development lifecycle issues (not interesting) but half a page devoted to quants and related systems issues.
Then the remainder of this shortish book reverts to a mix of knowledge that is readily available and in better form elsehwere: PRINCE 2, Rapid Application Development, general investment banking terminology, lists of recruitment agents and websites.
Occasionally the book will evoke a smile: "Front Office [is] widely deemed as having the highest-calibre employees in terms of intellectual and/or interpersonal capital, and Back Office the least." H'mmm!
To summarize, there may be a complete handbook on this subject waiting to be written, but without a very fundamental overhaul this is not it. I am giving it two stars only on the basis that so little else is available on the subject that its middle 30 pages surely merit some recognition.
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on 21 April 2008
I bought this book about a year ago and, within 30 minutes of opening it, realised I'd been conned. I could write a better book myself in a week, which I'm sure is about as long as it took the 'authors' to cut and paste the content from Wikipedia.

After finishing the book, which took about two hours, I did intend to sell it on Amazon to some other poor soul just to minimise my losses but my conscience got the better of me.

The other reviewers who have given this book a glowing praise are, without any doubt, associated with the production of this book. "Groundbreaking", "Outstanding", "This is a world first and a must have". Come on!
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on 22 June 2012
About the book: Don't recommend it to anybody. Read an online version of the book and it was very superficial. Didn't add any knowledge really. Like written by a school boy who has heard a few words about investment banking and IT in general.

About the seller (SuperBookDeals): Although I ordered this book inside the UK and the book was shipped from Essex, I received the book from the seller in about a month from my online purchase. 10 days after returning the item, still I am waiting for the refund to be paid.
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on 20 October 2010
I work for a major investment bank in back office IT and was hoping to get some more business knowledge from this book.

1) It's way thinner than I was expecting for the price.

2) It's old and parts are out of date.

3) It has mistakes in, like repeated sections and some spelling errors.

4) It doesn't offer anything more than what is freely available on the web from online encyclopedias.

5) It just gives a very brief overview of a lot of things so if you want to go in depth you can't.

My advice would be to spend the money on a printer and print off all the information you can find on the web and read that instead.

I feel thoroughly cheated out of £25
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on 19 June 2015
This is an old edition. There have significant changes in the way Investment Banks work and hence the old edition has little relevancy
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on 30 August 2012
I received this book yesterday. I think it is a poorly written (or in some cases poorly copy-pasted) manual that has an interesting title but is generally void of any insightful content. I managed to find errors in the information provided and in some cases the writings can even be offending: as an example the book refers to the Back Office teams in a bank as the least academically capable and with the least interpersonal skills. The authors then go on and refer to the Back Office jobs as being 'repetitive and monotonous'.
I cannot help to think that this book is a subjective account and somehow an attempt to market certain products, and has been put together by a team of marketing/PR/Functional individuals with no concrete background/expertise in Financial Systems.

I have no clue why this book costs £30.00 (after discount!).
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on 16 November 2007
This is the maiden publication in the Business Knowledge and IT Professional series. It is an unusual book
which aims to bridge the perceived gap in business knowledge between IT professionals and the business community. Each chapter is clearly introduced which enables the reader to easily target particular areas of interest.
The initial chapters spend time developing the background of investment banking. This is really
unavoidable in a conversion-type text such as this. Topics such as asset classes, the business environment,
trends in investment banking, foreign exchanges and the trading life cycle are addressed in turn.
This is an ambitious text and almost inevitably ``falls between two stools''.
For the interested reader there is a fairly comprehensive reference list and a set useful
websites to support study in greater depth. Where the book really does succeed is in introducing a lot of new
ideas quickly, in a clear and ordered style. The linking of IT and investment banking is also relatively
successful, but given that it is IT professionals who will supposedly be reading it, this side could have been
more ambitious.
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on 14 September 2007
IT and business concepts in the same book!! This book has saved me loads of money that I would have wasted on both mainstream investment banking books and IT books that don't seem to have any correlation. It is also very easy to read; ideal for anyone starting a career in IT in any of the investment banks in the City.
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on 14 September 2007
The author(s) of this book deserve credit for getting this book into the market as no other author/publisher has recognised the dire need for "business knowledge" in IT. Well done!!
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