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on 1 February 2008
Being a paramedic myself I felt a little sad buying this book but my other half convinced me it wasn't and I'm glad she did. This book is the first book in a long time where i've picked it up and couldn't stop reading it, I had it done in 3 days! It must be record for me lol.

The book is really easy to read which makes it so addictive. The chaptering is excellent with each covering a different area of Ambulance life e.g. 'Hoax callers and timewaster', 'creepy calls', 'hit and run', 'sensory insults' (this chapter was probably my favourite) and many more.

I was expecting a little more humour but it was a bit thin although that made no differnece to the enjoyment of the book. The book mainly expresses the feelings and opinions of the author, I found I could relate to these easily as would any other EMT/Para working for the NHS, this doesn't make it any less enjoyable for some one outside the Ambulance service though. It does provide a real insight into what crews have to deal with day/night 365 effectively behind the scenes in what often appears to be an unseen world raising many points/issues that people don't realise crews have to face (It's not what the T.V. makes the job out to be).

Over all the book is a real journey of emotion, insight and hopefully a new awareness. In an easy to read book perfect for tackling is small sections if time is limited or you just want to escape for 20 min. The descriptions make it easy to picture the events in your imagination, and for the faint hearted there isn't much in the way of blood and gore.

A very enjoyable must read for absolutely any one.

(It is true that recieving a thank you is very rare ideed, but when a crew does get told 'thank you' it can make their day/week/month much brighter as those 2 little words are treasured for a long time.)
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on 22 December 2007
great book giving a insight of the ups and downs of the work of a busy london paramedic,could'nt put it down once i started it would recommend to anybody with an interest in ambulance/emergency services,
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on 5 January 2008
This book opens a window onto what is realy out there. A world most people either don't see or choose to ignore. The book made me sad, angry, laugh out loud and glad that there are people out there, like Stuart, willing to do the job. An incite into the front line of the NHS (not just in London). A Great Read
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on 28 January 2008
Too often we take the emergency services for granted. This book describes the work of a paramedic and his views on what he does. Both the highs and lows are described in easy to read short chapters. If you only have a 15 minute break this will fill it without leaving you trying to remember what you read previously when you pick it back up later.

This is one of the few books I have recommended to people and then had them recommended it to others. Terminology, where used, is explained in easy to use terms and allows me to get a whole new appreciation of how tough being a paramedic is and what they have to put up with but also why they do it.
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on 28 December 2013
I bought this for my dad who is a retired paramedic and enjoys reading these types of books, however he said he read this one and put it straight in the bin. The author was very derogatory towards some of his patients which my dad found very difficult to read and says this guy should never have been a paramedic with this attitude. Very disappointing and I would not recommend this book. There are far better ones out there.
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on 11 January 2013
Very funny and enlightening read. How do these angels of mercy cope with the daily barrage of self destruction from people determined to cause themselves harm, selfish ones making hoax calls to helpless children fighting for life. Don't know how you do the job you do. You are all heros and heroines in my book! God bless you all
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on 31 January 2015
A insightful look into the work of paramedics. Could have been a little less serious but there again there are plenty of pther paramedic books dealing the 'funny' stupid and time wasting calls they get. Perhaps should be compulsory reading for all the morons who now think it is ok to assault paramedics when doing their jobs
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on 30 November 2014
Having worked in a hospital for a number of years I thought I would have found this book interesting. But I found it in fact quite shallow. The author often seemed concerned with concentrating on himself rather than showing compassion for the patients. Could have been more informative.
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on 24 February 2014
I have read a few of this type of book, mainly because my daughter has just qualified as a paramedic with the RAF. It certainly opened my eyes as to how brave and caring she is, as indeed all our emergency services are. This book has been very well written,showing the good and bad side to the job. I recommend
everyone read it.
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on 4 October 2013
It is a very intriguing and insightful read into the life of a paramedic. It was entertaining at times and even sad at others. I gave this one star short of a perfect review because of some strong points put forward by the author that turned into some ranting. However, I understand why at times he would be frustrated. I would certainly recommend this to everyone who wants to know more about the work done by these amazing life saving heroes.
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