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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2011
I enjoyed this recent overview of Photoshop's many excellent tools in different stages of a VFX or games pipeline.

I found the tutorials legible and interesting; You could tell that they were written by seasoned professionals and grounded in production experience.

I had 2 minor gripes with this book:

As a texture artist, I would like to have seen more chapters/projects focusing on proper texturing - not 3D paintovers. 3 3D paintover projects were more than enough, particularly since there are only 2 texturing proper projects/chapters (I am not counting the 2 complete projects, of which one only mentions texturing in passing). The 2 chapters/projects with a focus on 3D texturing focuses each on hard surface texturing or organic texturing. The hard surface texturing project was quite basic - as I am sure it was meant as an introduction to texturing as such. The organic/character texturing chapter used a model (as seen on the cover), which apart from the UV layout of the mesh, I would argue has more in common with the techniques you use in hard surface texturing. They are both good chapters, but there is still so much more to cover on texturing both hard surfaces and organic surfaces, that I would argue you could have cut down on the 3D paintovers and spent a bit more time on texturing. But, hey I am a texture artist, so of course I am biased.

The second gripe I have is that the meshes/models for the texturing chapters are not included. That is just poor. If I don't have the models as well, then including the textures in 2D form will not show me as much as I'd like. This cannot be a case of space constraints as all files are downloaded from the web anyway.

In addition to the above, the book of course contains a plethora of techniques for concept artists and post production (the majority of the book really).
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on 26 June 2011
Whether you are a Photoshop enthusiast or professional artist this book is for you. This book allows you to see first hand how the masters utilize Photoshop to it's maximum potential thus enabling you to transform your standard renders from your preferred 3d software of choice into true digital works of art. The tutorials and making of sections within this book demonstrate just how easy it is to follow along and create your own works of art. Particularly interesting is a section to use 3D as a starting ground for correct perspectives and linework and slowly with several effects and brushes you learn how to build up the image from a very basic blocking out all the way to a masterpiece.

All the content is of an excellent standard, the tutorial pictures in which to follow along are of a great size and clear, and the gallery images are a delight to poor over. as an additional bonus you get a download link to free resources.

This is without a doubt an essential must have for those wishing to extend their knowledge or indeed for beginners who wish to learn photoshop effects, texturing and post production techniques..
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on 29 June 2011
Most Photoshop books aimed at 3d artists tend to focus on a specific use for the application, such as generating custom texture maps or compositing VFX shots. Photoshop for 3d Artists, Volume 1 bucks this trend through discussing a wider range of practical applications, each split into a number of articles. The main topics covered are

- Previsualization
- Creating textures for 3d scenes and characters
- Post-production techniques
- Post render effects
- 3D paintovers
- A breakdown of two complete projects

There is also an inspirational gallery provided to whet the appetite for what can be achieved

The danger with covering a broad range of disciplines is the possibility of skimping on the details but I'm pleased to say that the articles have been drawn together in such a way that each section has a wealth of information which can readily be applied by both beginner and expert in equal measures. For the beginner there are discussions of specific settings and techniques which can be applied to improve your work. For the expert, the articles give you the ability to understand different methods of working whilst not trying to push you in one specific direction which gives you much more flexibility in adapting the techniques to match and compliment your existing workflow

Some of the highlights for me are the three different approaches to silhouette creation covered in previsualisation and the use of curves, layers and colour balancing to easily change the mood of a pre-rendered scene in post-production. An article discussing turning a normal bar scene into an underwater scene is also a very nice touch as it really shows how powerful post effects can be

The book is full of images supporting the text which is extremely useful though some of the images showing settings boxes can be a little on the small side for those with weaker vision. However, the accompanying text helps to mitigate this on the few occurances where it happens through careful explanation of the settings prior to referencing the associated image

In addition to the content in the book there are also download links to additional content, whether custom brushes, the textures referred to in the article or in some cases the full PSD file with all its layers. This is a great addition as it gives you the chance to follow along and get your hands dirty which is always going to be the best way to learn and improve your skills

Overall this is a great book for 3d artists who want to get the most out of their art. This book won't teach you all of the ins-and-outs of Photoshop itself but it does provide you with practical applications of Photoshop tools without the need to learn anything more complex than the basics in order to create fantastic results
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on 4 January 2012
I bought this book out of curiosity on how to quickly improve final 3d image in general, and I found that the book pretty much covers most of the topics that I need to practice on 3d art as I don't generally do any digital paint, but want to learn to do quick concepts and quick rendering.

Each chapter is easy to follow along with clear explanation and image of the settings boxes, and also, there is a link to download tutorial resources which I think it is very useful, as you can perform your own photoshop experiments with what you learned from the book. They did a great job in selecting an example works for each tutorial, which I don't find it too easy or too hard to follow.

I especially like the chapter on previsualization, an interesting article on 2d and 3d techniques to help exploring design ideas. I learned quite a few things from these chapter, since I don't really draw that well, but with some skill in sculpting/modeling, I'm able to explore ideas in a totally different way and it is fun to do.

The book provides general idea on how powerful can photoshop enhance the quality of your 3d art at the final stage, and shows how easy it can be done in just a few steps. Each tutorial serve well as one of many methods to achieve one quality look, and the example of the art works are well selected and inspiring enough to encourage you to follow along and experiment with your own techniques.

If you are looking for a practical use of photoshop in your existing 3d work flow, this is the book that will give you an insight of how quickly you can improve the quality with great result, and finally, fun to follow and very inspirational to read.
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on 20 October 2011
This book is pretty good, very nice reference for ideas and inspiration, the explanations of the steps involved in acomplishing the task are
pretty clear and concise.

If you sense somme woe in the aforementioned, you'd be correct; I have to admit that I found it a little hard to follow but that was because it's been a long
time since I studied art and my lingo/recall is a little rusty and art techniques are refered to a few times atleast in this book.

I have'nt scrutized the book, rather I jumped to chapters that were revelant to me and they delivered best a book that implies the quality one can create using it... can.

I would definetely recommend this to any artist, reading it will surely stimulate your imagination and your sense of creativity and application, the more you learn, the more your mind opens, obviously, but some things in life impact largely by giving knowledge on-top of visage and this book did that for me.

I would, however, appreaciate if there were some numbers (e.g. color correction, among other settings) and refined steps in the tutorials, just so I could "click" more faster, often and rest assured.

Good reading to all. Make something great!
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on 5 January 2014
This book is fantastic but for me it doesn't cover enough from what is out there and involved.
For some it will cover everything they need but it could be a bit better.

You will need more books to cover everything in detail but this does give a great detailed guide to many areas.
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on 6 February 2013
It's more like an extended special edition monthly magazine than a book as such. Some very useful hints and tips, although I think it's more suited to the intermediate/advanced user. Recommended if nothing else to see how the pros do things!
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on 16 February 2015
You forget how versatile Photoshop is. Create a texture in maya and export it to photoshop for fine tuning. Now that photoshop has 3D capabilities i anticipate good things.
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on 25 February 2014
Best book for the post-render stage.Highly recommended for everyone. Before buying, you can pay a visit to their website have a look at the free tutorial.
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on 19 November 2014
Great book bought for my son doing computer games design at university.
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