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3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2009
If anyone wants to uncover the myths surrounding the present-day religions and see just how they have been deliberately shaped to smother the traditional religions of this part of the world, then Patrick's book is for you. Read it with an open mind and your eyes will be opened; it's not a spooky book or one for aging-hippies, it's a serious, well researched look at our cultural and religious roots. What is really good about this book is the way it blends ancient history with present day activities and shows how you can bring these ancient beliefs and practices into your life today with a great deal of relevance as we try to life in a more sustainable fashion and in greater harmony with all the living things that share our planet.
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on 22 July 2009
I thought this book was really interesting. I have been fascinated with the history of paganism since watching a TV series called Pagans, which was a really informative documentary which explored pre-roman Britain and northern Europe.
This book is well researched and presented and will open your eyes to the suppression of old beliefs from the Roman-Christian era and enlighten you to the ways of our ancestors.
This book is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn more. If you can forgive the cheesy front cover that is.
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on 11 February 2014
Well, if you're looking for a decent Pagan handbook head to books like "living as a pagan in the 21st century" by Vivianne Crowley, or Pagan Paths by Pete Jennings (was head of the Pagan Federation)' or something similar. This is Not a good book on the subject. The very Alexandrian "witches bible" gives a more rounded pagan view than this book.
I agree with Cal, and if this then gains a vitriolic response from the author as that review did that he/she is a fundamentalist then so be it! I've only been pagan for about 18 years and not written a book on my personal path so may be termed a fundamental Christian by said author.
Far too much of this book is aimed at spewing hate at Christianity. I don't disagree with a number of points, but this is supposed to be a Pagan handbook, something to help people be Pagan. A requirement of paganism is not to despise Christianity, after all, all faiths head to the same point, they all teach something, and whether you agree with Christianity or not, I don't believe anyone searching along their path needs some of the pages and pages of Christian bashing that goes on here. The space would have been better taken up with explaining different paths within the pagan framework - something sadly lacking here.
Rather than being called a "pagan handbook" it would have better entitled "my version of a pagan path which includes a lot of witchcraft handbook"
This book does nothing to help a new pagan, the incredibly lengthy self initiation ritual which is noted as being preferably done naked - this is a Wiccan style initiation. There is NO, and I reiterate this - NO requirement for self or group initiation into Paganism,unless you so choose to do so. If you believe in the basic concepts paganism has then you are Pagan - simple as that.
The author of this book has made no attempt to discuss any pagan practice outside of what he does himself, it's quite narrow in what it discusses. I won't go into detail about what is missed out because this review would end up longer than the book. But please be assured if you are looking for a decent book on paganism this is not it, it's honestly not worth the £2 I paid for it through kindle. It's definitely not worth the paperback price.
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on 4 February 2013
With the passage of time the meanings and symbolism of our Pagan beliefs have become increasingly fragmented and seemingly lost in a world far removed from the influences of nature that once affected us all. The New Pagan Handbook seeks to redress this unbalance, taking us beyond the surface veneer of manmade religion and explores with great insight, the influences that affected mankind and ultimately helped shape his natural pagan beliefs. The book gently unfolds layer after layer of knowledge, revealing a belief system based on natural observation and mankinds, sometimes fraught, sometimes harmonious relationship with the planet we all reside on.
One of the most valuable secrets we learn is the ability to work with, not against the natural forces that surround us all. Anyone who seeks an insight into this world will relish this work and gain a deeper understanding of the seemingly hidden forces that affect us all. Must have knowledge!

Bryan Harper
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on 1 January 2015
This book is the real deal; well- researched, accurate and was written by a genuine British Pagan who knows the score. Naturally, this type of sincerity will ‘not’ please the old Pagan federation ‘in- crowd’ who glibly stood behind their apathetic President, Jennings, at a time when he was giving away the old religion to proven missionary activists, who were secretly helping to promote the Satanic Abuse fiasco and its knock on effects against innocent Pagan families. Thank goodness we have a few genuine Pagans left who tell it how it is. I also note that Regan’s later book, The Devil God’s Best Friend, broaches this topic in greater detail too. Well done Pat.
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on 10 November 2011
Sorry to completely disagree with previous reviewers, but to me this book starts as a rant against 'religion' and descends into a how to do it 'my way' handbook with regard to paganism. Evidently all you have to do is one quick ceremony and hey presto, there you are 'a bona fide witch, Pagan and a practitioner of the Old Religion'.

The author appears to have a troubled past with regard to Christianity and whilst the assertions he makes may be valid, his hatred and venom spill off the page. It left me hoping that no-one seeking to understand what paganism is about ever finds this book and thinks we are all Christian hating fundamentalists with a side line in muttered rites that must include 'thee' and 'thou' at every turn. His pantheon of choice is Roman, asserting that 'The Romans anthropomorphized ideal and perfect human concepts such as love, maternity, courage and joy in the images of the gods; this ensured that every individual could relate to the ideal being sought.' These presumably are the same Romans that marched around the world, conquering and subduing the locals whilst enjoying a bit of gladatorial action and crucifixion on the side?

I hope that the author manages to work through whatever it is that is causing him such angst, but I shan't be adding to his coffers by buying any more of his books - thank goodness it was cheap via Kindle and I only wasted a couple of pounds.
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