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on 13 October 2006
One of my favourite books ever is Jane Austen's wonderful "Pride and prejudice" I've read it at least 20 times. However, I wonder if Phyllis Furley has read it even once. The characters don't even seem to be the same as in Jane Austen's classic. They behave inconsistently, the plot is tedious, the surroundings are boring and the whole book is a total snooze. The Darcys' marriage seems unpassionate, even loveless at times, and incredibly uninteresting.
English is not my mother tongue, but even so it was blatantly obvious to me that Mrs Furley's writing was not good.
I've read a couple of sequels, but this was the worst ever. I could hardly finish it and the only reason I did, is I wanted to see how she would end the horror.
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on 3 May 2004
This book not only shows scenes from the married life of the Darcy's it also gives us a glimps at the beginning of their courtship. What I liked most was that the writer had gived Mr Darcy a background which Jane Austen had not done in her wonderful book she explains reasons why he was looking for someone who would be faithful to the marriage vows. This was because many of the ton at that time were not both men and women had affairs especially the carlton house set which Darcy in his younger years had belonged to. She also mentions a mistress who loves him but he ends his relationship because of his love for Lizzy. I loved all the new characters she introduces they are all so well thought out and also you can imagine them in regency era. The different scenes all show the happiness which they have in their marriage, and you can see in many ways the softening of his character as at first he wanted to stop Lizzy's walks on her own but does not. Colonel Fitzwilliams parents are like many I have read about who lived in the regency era, the Earl and his son are typical males of the era and the Countess is more like the Colonel but seems resigned to the fact what her husband like many of her sex in regency times. Her and Lizzy become firm friends. The book is a wonderful insight not just into the marriage of the Darcy's but also to some of regency life, when the Colonel marries his parents will not have anything to do with his wife as she is a daughter of a store keeper even though she is as rich or even richer than his parents only Lizzy and Darcy except them willingly. Of course Jane Bingley and many others of the p&p characters or in the book.
I recommend this book to anyone who would love to know what happens after Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice.
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on 8 May 2004
I know that readers of literature are not supposed to treat the characters as real people with futures beyond the close of the novel, but fans of Jane Austen can't resist the temptation. This sequel takes us beyond the happy outcome of Elizabeth's and Darcy's courtship into the contemporary dilemmas of life after marriage. Will Elizabeth settle into her prescribed role of dutiful wife or continue to assert herself? The author uses her familiarity with, not only the major characters of the novel, but involves all the minor characters in her imaginatve exploration of the years following the marriage. Threads of naarative suggested in the original novel are developed, as Darcy and Elizabeth cope with their private relationship amidst the tensions of wider family and friends (or foes). Phyllis Furley remains as faithful as possible to the narrative style of Austen, while introducing elements of interest to the modern reader. Although it is unlikely that the sequel would be read by anyone unfamilar with the plot of 'Pride and Prejudice', passages of back-story are woven into the continuing narrative. True to the social pressures of the period, the importance of finding a suitable marriage is still a preoccupation for the daughters of the Bennet family. All the sisters make an appearance in this sequel, though I would have enjoyed more of the inept interference of Mrs Bennet and the caustic wit of her husband. The older couple seem to have mellowed with age, but whether the brooding charm of Darcy as suitor makes a smooth transition into a marriage of equals cannot be revealed in a review!
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on 22 August 2008
I didn't like this book at all,Pride and Prejudice is sheer literary magic but it's as if the author has not even read it,why turn a beautiful love story into sordid bitter sex scandals and I feel that Jane Austen would be livid if she read how her characters were treated.
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on 17 April 2006
Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed by this book. The most disappointing part was the writing. It really wasn't of the quality you'd expect. In addition, the pace was slow, the story very basic and the way in which the Darcy's relationship was dealt with very unsatisfactory. I read it to the end hoping it would improve but it didn't.

To give you an idea of my view of quality writing in this genre, so that you can get some perspective on this review, I think the books that beat all in terms of quality, originality and enjoyment are Pamela Aiden's trilogy.
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on 20 July 2005
This book was different to many of the others that i have read, yet it did not make it any less enjoyable to the others. I t does tend to tame Darcy's and Lizzys passion, which is probably the most annoying part. I would reccommend it if you like books faithful to Pride and prejudice, and if you are an avid fan as you will not be disappointed!!
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