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on 10 June 2010
As a psychotherapist I have seen the benefits of promoting mindfulness for maintaining good health in my practice for many years. When I saw Patrick Mc Keown's latest book I was intrigued by the claims he made about utilising the Buteyko Breathing Method to reduce anxiety, stop worrying, quiet the mind and oxygenate the brain. When I read the book and put his plan into action I was amazed how effective the method really is. Patrick's no nonsense approach highlights the dangers of excessive and useless thoughts and provides a user friendly plan to eliminate them and maintain good health. This book is not just a must read for those who worry excessively and those who suffer from anxiety, but also for anyone who is serious about maintaining their own good health.
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on 30 June 2010
Following the practical advice contained in this book has helped my partner overcome anxiety/panic attacks and enabled her to stop taking anti depressant medication. I am convinced of the link between over breathing and anxiety and the benefits of normalising breathing using the methods outlined in this book.
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on 23 July 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic technique - clearly explained, 20 July 2013

This review is from: Anxiety Free: Stop Worrying and Quieten Your Mind - The Only Way to Oxygenate Your Brain and Stop Excessive and Useless Thoughts Featuring the Buteyko Breathing Method and Mindfulness (Paperback)
I wanted to learn Buteyko breathing to assist my meditation. In this book Patrick McKeown teaches Buteyko breathing in a clear and easy to learn way, and links it with Mindfulness meditation. This has certainly helped me to quiet my mind in general, and has enhanced my clarity when I meditate because I have less intrusive thoughts. Buteyko is also used to treat problems other than anxiety including asthma, insomnia etc., and Patrick has written other books to cover these.

Anyone who has anxiety problems and worries a lot should learn and practise this because it does help you to stay in the present, and so cut down on worrying about what could happen in the future or going over what you should have done differently in the past. Living with your thoughts focussed on the past and future in this way really gets in the way of just experiencing the present, and creates much anxiety. How can you enjoy the present or react in an emotionally intelligent way if your mind is taking you to the past and/or the future?

A couple of unexpected effects I have noticed from doing Buteyko - I sleep better and don't get a dozy afternoon time, when in the past I would have to have a nap. I put this down to Buteyko techniques sending oxygen to the brain. One afternoon when I had just started Buteyko, I started to get dozy, and instead of having a nap I did 4 minutes Buteyko breathing and felt completely clear and wide awake afterwards! This is real and solid proof to me of how this breathing can wake up your brain.

I particularly recommend this book because of how easy it is to follow and learn Buteyko, and also that Patrick will answer any queries you may have if you email him. I have emailed him a couple of times and he has been very quick to respond and helpful and sent me links for his many excellent instructional videos on YouTube.
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on 15 December 2011
Most people use Buteyko for reducing athsma symptoms, but I think, being a mental health professional, it is very effective for eliminating anxiety symptoms. What I like about the book the most is that it presents a whole lifestyle of using the mind in such a way that anxiety is not generated in the first place. I think anyone could understand the simple language.
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on 25 July 2011
I found that presentation and layout were good and it was a great simple explanation of mindfulness and aspects of stilling the mind. I have bought several copies of this for friend who found other writings more complex to understand.

However, I do wish Patrick Mckeown had referenced the work that had contributed to his writings. Most authors authentically do this as a matter of respect and ethics. I could see a lot of Erchart Tolle - The Power of Now/A New Earth - and other writers whose ideas probably formed the basis of the book and even the author acknowledged reading a lot of self help books. I feel that it is more encouraging to reference so that the reader can be given a wider range of reference material from which to develop further.
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on 27 September 2013
This is a very clear and practical approach to calming the mind and relieving stress by using the Buteyko breathing method.Patrick makes the links between the effects of stress on the body through faulty breathing habits and subsequent ill-health so obvious that it immediately becomes easy to see the point of meditation. I've always found it very difficult to meditate because of such busy busy mental rubbish going on! Now I understand why I haven't been able to deal with this.Since I've been following the programme for about the last six weeks I am already experiencing big gains. I am far less tired and my blood pressure has gone down.I am 75 so I can promise you it's never too late to make a start.

All Patrick's work is available at reasonable prices on amazon books, cd's and dvd's and with the help of these and this marvellous little book you will see and feel how your brain starts to relax and clear when you oxygenate it through proper breathing.

Thankyou Patrick for making Professor Buteyko's breathing method so available to anyone who wants to feel calmer and just loads better.It's a real gift to all us worriers.
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on 20 May 2012
I found this book excellent. Have suffered for years with asthma, panic attacks and post traumatic stress disorder. The breathing method is very effective. I feel it is too early to give an accurate effectiveness of the methods outlined in the book. What I can say is that there is a marked improvement in all my symptoms. The way I think is different too. I don't seem to get stressed about the little things any more.
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on 3 July 2015
This book is wonderful - really clearly written and very interesting and informative.

I have been following the breathing exercises in the book for a short while and it truly makes a huge difference - lots more energy and a quieter, clearer mind.

You have to stick with it because it takes practise to get it right - but it's well worth it.

I have also downloaded Partricks app on iPhone as it makes it easier to practise on the go.
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on 26 August 2015
As a novice I found this book fat too technical and repetitive. If you want some concise tips on how to improve your breathing before looking into it further then look at Sally Gething's little book at a fraction of the price. I read it in a couple of hours and now I have a good basic understanding on the importance of correct breathing and how to achieve it.
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on 17 March 2013
This book is a very accesible approach to the extraordinary phenomenon of breathing less. As a long term meditator I found the softening of the breath to be a sign of peace. I was pleased to note this seemed to trigger a release from bodily discomfort or pain- most breathing exercises and indeed exercise made me anxious and increased pain in the long term. I could never work out why, or the connection with the workings of the mental processes. Patrick McKeown's book explians Buteyko's discoveries clearly and precisely but also illustrates how and why the mind is so relaxed and why this important. My advice to anyone who tries this is to stick with it. i bought the book three years ago and have read it many times. Patrick's descriptions are brilliant but the nature of what is being achieved was so illusive to me, only now am I getting the results anticipated. Healing from a book is never going to be as straightforward but this really is one of the best available in my opinion.
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