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on 10 April 2013
More and more people are waking up to what is going on in the world.
The elite few have been " running the show " for far too long.
David Icke was once ridiculed for his beliefs and theories.
Some still find a lot of what he says undigestible, and that's fine, TRUTH has always been a difficult thing to accept.
This book, as with all of David's books I have purchased ( and read to date ), has been written by a man who has travelled the world to research, and piece together, a complex jig-saw puzzle, as he gradually uncovers and unmasks the perpetrators behind the " dumbing down " of humanity.
Fascinating stuff and a bargain at the price.
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on 2 December 2008
Ive read his later The Biggest Secret volume and that book makes a lotta refs to this one so i thought once i had me mind blown by it(never seen the world the same since!)i would get a copy.
I am totally in awe of this book. It is the hidden history of Britain and America they would dare not teach in school or uni, and for good reason!!
What you get is a seamless flow of consciousness that opens the first chapter with Ickey outlining the pyramidal power structure with what he calls Prison Warder consciousness at the top and how they control all the levels of the hierarchy with each level unaware of The Agenda or manipulation above or below. This decreases as you go up with the top levels that form the Global Elite who are consciously co ordinating a complete take over of our planet through incremental stages the public are unaware of!
There is so much painstaking information in this book it would easily make a case study for a degree or masters, easy. The only difference is it would never make the curriculum and probably be dismissed as 'communist propaganda'. How ironic that would be as the entire campaign or New World Order bid is a communist plot through and through but its being achieved like he says incrementally through stealth.
When you study the assassinations of JFK, Luther King, Malcolm X and other visionary figures like John Lennon both famous or just caught up in the slipstream you start to see the picture developing and it aint pretty folks! The bribery, murder, corruption, genocide, deception, torture and terrorism the British and American govt resort to to achieve short term goals of profit is quite shocking. All who challenge fascism seem to meet with the above fates where a 'lone nutter' 'communist(!)', gunman or 'terrorist' is the reason given but in reality its a carefully constructed assassination plot by CIA's MKUltra mind control division!
There were times i would be reading a chapter and after a while i had to put the book down as i was quite offended and shocked, no, horrified at what i was reading. But i had the courage to stay with it as Dave really has a way of narrative with quirky personal interjection though he adds a human touch of reassurance when such heavy details are presented which paints a seamless flow of consciousness thats devoid of any ego or 'told you so' type of rhetoric. He admonishes with the line that the truth is self evident and if you study it long enough a pattern emerges thats so predictable. You literally crack the code or yoke of deceit and are truly rewarded and liberated if you allow your orgone to flow like it should! Of coarse the Global Elite dont want this to happen.
David Icke is genuinely concerned and passionate about educating the public and if you value unfiltered info and your place in a totalitarian dictatorship that seems to be peeling like a clockwork orange all around us please buy this book and learn quickly about real politics. Its been updated many times, this is the second edition and there's a 21st century one which is also worth studying. Time is running out.
"And You Shall Know The Truth. . . . . .And The Truth Shall Set You Free" John Ch8:32
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on 18 September 2013
For many years I wondered about the underhanded-ness of the powers that have been "ruling" the planet. I started to come to the same conclusions as David, becuase on a personal level I had been very much targeted by "someone", a group of people, from a very young age. I was quite frankly, living in fear for most of my life. When you come to realise and comprehend exactly how the masses are being "hypnotised" and force fed that which is not truth, you know its time to speak up. To know and to find someone who has been able to put it all together, and prove it, is very good indeed. Top have your 94 years old russianfather also read it and say, "Yes, I know this is true because I too, wondered about why certain thngs have happened and whom is behind it......".....David is a very courageous man and one is who is heart centred. Its time for more like him to also step up.
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on 6 May 2010
Truth... a dangerous word and and one that if preached about, should be backed up with mountains of research and cross arguments without trying to influence. David Icke has proved a point with this book.. The truth WILL set you free. Not only is his research astounding and accurate (I have taken a lot of time to cross reference his research) he also doesn't try to influence your opinion on what our world and human conciseness is going through. Instead he uses extensive research and figures to punch through even the toughest cynical minds.

Unfortunately David Icke didn't do himself any PR favors back in the 80's and I opened the book with a lot of skepticism but for every page of research I was turning over, the more gobsmacked I became and I then realized... the only idiot in all of this was me... for believing the prefabricated information created by the global elite on main stream TV all my life. There is history in this book 'they' not teach you at school. I kept screaming out loud... "how come I don't know about this!" especially on Eugenics. Scientifically and historically it is fascinating and mind boggling. You do have to tackle the reptile issue and I must admit, this was a bit of a stumbling block for me but I'll reserve judgment on that matter.

For all of you who are thinking of purchasing this book, you'll need to ask yourself a very serious question before you tackle such a tour de force.. Will the truth set YOU free? if you open your mind to the possibility that there might just be a lot more to our existence, history and science than you have been taught and lead to believe, then yes, freedom is yours for the taking...
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on 15 May 2017
very important book not for the week minded if your easily frightened keep reading the Guardian.
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on 4 March 2018
long winded but worth the read
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on 6 August 2013
Highly Recommended for truth seekers,,a book you always look forward to picking up Full of facts which will certainly have you thinking out of the box.So good I would not dream of loaning it out .Highly recommended.
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on 6 September 2016
always buy david icke but its personal choice whether you choose him or mainstream media?
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on 17 May 2016
I did not enjoy this book as my as "The Biggest Secret"; I just didn't find it as good. Simple as that.
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on 12 December 2016
Only the best , how I love david icke, for his truthfulness. Thank you
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