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on 22 May 2017
As a computer programmer with graphic design skills, finding myself about to be out of work I decided to give this a go. I was planning to take a year out of fulltime work to be primary childcare parent, so followed the advice and built a few websites.

At the end of the year, I had one site that made me £15 a month and another that made me £50 in one hit every few months. The rest made not a penny, some of which I had put substantially more effort into than the "successful" ones.

This was over four years ago since when I struggled to find a 'real job', the year's attempt to get out of the ratrace was viewed with suspicion by potential employers. My new 'skills' were pretty much worthless and my old skills were no longer relevant. I spent three months unemployed and then got a job as a supermarket assistant to avoid signing on any longer.

Fortunately by chance the owner of a company I had applied to lived near me and there was a past skill on my CV he needed. So I got a part time job with him. This led to a sidestep and another opportunity. Now I'm back in the ratrace and glad to be.

This book is out of date and simplistic in the extreme. It was out of date even 4 years ago when I took it on. You will struggle to make money in affiliate marketing. You will not gain marketable skills building your own websites with second rate tools. You might get lucky and manage to sell some stuff on Ebay but don't bank on it.
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on 12 September 2013
This book IS a real eyeopener with lots of great ideas written in an easily understable language BUT once you've read it and want to look again for certain more interesting subjects and points, it's VERY difficult to find them again. There is no index, no word list in the back, which makes it easy to find, so I found myself spending too much time looking through every page to find exactly what I was looking for. SUCH A SHAME because the book is so worthwhile. But I'm now going to read a more structured book- more reader friendly...
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on 9 July 2012
First of all, I strongly agree with the comments that the first half of this book was incredibly hard-going to read. I don't think I've ever read a book that manages to labour on about one single point for almost 50% of its entire content.

If the author had condensed that into a chapter or two, which would have been perfectly reasonable, it would have been an excellent start to the book.

Whilst it's popular to worship the internet as the golden solution to the daily grind of going to work, it is phenomenally competitive in every single area of earning potential the author mentions in this book. Please, whatever you do, don't think that it is a case of simply implementing his advice and watching the money roll in. It doesn't work like that and it never will. Thinking and doing as if it will do will cause you a great deal more pain than dealing with your current job, believe me.

That doesn't mean that he doesn't give good advice and that money isn't there to be made, but it, in my opinion, should be looked upon as a "potential supplement" to your income, as opposed to a substitute for a career you're not happy with.

Going down the road of "Internet Marketing" can very quickly leave you out of pocket. Internet Marketers spend thousands upon thousands of pounds/dollars employing highly-skilled sales copywriters to get people to invest in products and services that they promise will facilitate this process and even though I don't put the author into the bracket of being one of those people, the likelihood of you quickly encountering them by going into the online world that the author encourages is very high.

I think the author comes across as a well-meaning person and I haven't written this review to slam him. I've written it to make crystal clear the point that almost every area online where money is to be made has already been jumped on, mastered and entire companies have been set up to maximise its potential.

Read the book, by all means, if your curiosity entices you to do so, but don't cause you or family any unnecessary hardship by setting goals which are, in all probability, unattainable.

[...] is an excellent, unbiased collection of tips for supplementing your income.
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on 20 February 2012
Where to start? For one, a very inspirational book. The author tells it exactly how it is - if we work for someone else we will always be a wage slave (a fact that nobody can argue with). So what do we do about it? Sit & moan day after day about how we hate our job, hate the money we get for the job we hate or get off our backsides & do something about it?

Downside - I am very sceptical about this kind of book. Why on earth would anybody who knows how to make money on the internet (or anywhere else) go & tell as many people as they can how to take a significant slice of that money? This is the only reason I give this book (or any book of this type) a 4 instead of a 5. I am also still to see a review of anybody who has made any kind of money after reading this book. I've just published my first website so I'll comeback & let anybody who is interested know if I make anything.

Upside - It's inspired me to write my first website. No other book has EVER made me do that. I have plans for at least 4 or 5 more but will decide as time goes by to how much effort I put in (for obvious reasons). This book made me do that, nothing else but the inspiration I gained.

For the handful of 1 & 2 star reviews - what did you expect? A point by point guide on exactly what you have to do & follow these instructions and the money will come pouring in? Get real! All any book of this type can do is inspire you to do it & give the basic ideas/concepts on how to do it. Yes, there were times when I wished the author had 'explained that in a little more detail' or 'hadn't ranted on about that so much' but in all honesty what were you expecting?

As I said, these types of books will always have me wondering why people want you to get some of the money they can have themselves but this really is the best I've read to date & "I'm giving it a go".
If it works out then great & if not I'll be absolutely gutted that it looks like I'll be a wage slave for the rest of my times.

**UPDATE** As I said, I would update for anybody who is interested. Two months after launching my first website I have made £3.48! Very early days & I'm only on page 3 of google for my keyword search BUT is anybody making money at this? I'd love to hear people's experiences & what you have achieved after 12 months or so of giving this a go.

**NOVEMBER 2012 UPDATE** Again, for anybody who is interested I'm now into my 9th month since starting my new venture & it's still going very slowly (in terms of making any money).
I have 5 websites, all very niche, all with good domain names & all with regular unique content added. Can anybody who has read this book please share if you are making money as a result? I've now downgraded my rating from 4 to 3 stars as I just can't see how following the advice can make you anything other than 'pocket money'. I know is says it can take a couple of years to really start earning any kind of decent money but I've yet to read where anybody is which really does lead me to believe that the one star reviews are more accurate than the 5 star reviews.

**May 2013 UPDATE** I am still to read ANY review of this book where people have actually made money. I no longer believe that it is possible to make much money at this. Google AdSense is now on its knees and affiliated marketing is so heavily punished by Google that it is almost impossible to make page 1 of the rankings.
As I've said before, it's a very good book to get you motivated BUT the reality is there is no serious money to be made at this. Also very interesting that the follow up book was due out in March 2012 and is nowhere to be seen and the author's website hasn't been updated this year!
On the flipside, one of my websites is now getting 25000 hits a month & I'm about to monetise it BUT with ecommerce and not any of the methods from the book. I've tried everything it describes and I'm making about £10 a month. For a page 1 Google site attracting 25000 hits amonth that should be making me 1000's according to the author.

**April 2014 UPDATE** Well that's it for me. 26 months after launching my first website I've now closed the last one. I've made approx £100 for all my efforts (and believe me, one hell of an effort). NOBODY has come back and said they've made money at this & the promised follow up book by the author NEVER happened. His website has also not been updated for months and months. This is a scam and one I'm guessing has made the author a small fortune. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 June 2012
I think this is a great book to fire the imagination of those wanting to get out of the rat-race and head off, captaining their own ship.
George tells you a little about himself, entrepreneurial beginnings and his increasingly successful forays into the internet marketing world.

There is a lot of introductory material regarding building affiliate websites, including the actual location of products with affiliate programs, the purchasing of domain names and the construction of websites.
This is all good stuff - but don't go thinking that this is a blueprint to affiliate marketing riches. It takes a lot more in-depth work to identify a paying market and then monetise your site. You'll end up competing with other affiliate marketers and you will need to become clued up on many other subjects: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (if you want to buy your website traffic rather than get it 'organically').

There is also almost no material about setting up a business itself and, whilst its true that you should concentrate on actually making some money first, once you're up and running, you'll need to make sure you've got your accounts in order - the VAT man (and HM Revenue and Customs in general) is not someone you want to get on the wrong side of.

I think this is a great inspirational book for making people sit up and *want* to strike out on their own. But, as with all these type of books, people should read them with the understanding that these are introductory teasers to a different way of working. There are many many areas of knowledge that you will need to "flesh out" if you want to truly set-up on your own and become successful. I think the best advice I could give is - be prepared to work a lot harder in the initial months/years if you set up on your own - you will hold every position in your business - from the CEO right down to the Cleaner. It can be hugely satisfying and rewarding - but like most things that are worth having - it takes time and effort to achieve.
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on 4 January 2012
The book is about how to earn money online by using Internet marketing such as Google Adsense or Affiliate methods. The writer seems to have forgotten that while it is possible to earn money online, it is definitely not easy money.

Pros: Gives you basic knowledge of Internet Marketing.
Mentions free tools and methods you can use.
Good and inspiring read at times.
If you are completely new to Internet Marketing and contents creating then this book tries to show you some ropes.
Examples of his own web ventures to assure it is possible.

Cons: Only the second half of the book is useful in a practical way.
Repetitive at times.
Doesn't mentions any legal issues which you have to comply to if you create a website or blog for earning purpose. For example Google Adsense requires every website which shows its Adsense Program to have a Privacy Policy. No mention for such issue. Neither is for Terms and Conditions of a website.
It fails to tell you that the reality of living off the net requires a good understanding of SEO, be able to use the website or blog creating tools competently, ample amount of time, and dedication.

On the whole, the book is OK if you are new in IM or hoping to take your first step, but then there is nothing new which is not already on the net for free.
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on 9 January 2012
I bought this book perhaps foolishly thinking that it would be different from the many emails I have received in the past promising riches from Internet Marketing with a. little money b.little knowledge and c.little or no effort.

The content of this book relies heavily on quotes, past stories of internet start-ups and famous people e.g. David Beckham. I had to read through over 100 pages of questioning work ethics and stories about David Beckham before getting to the meat of the sandwich. Once I got into the meat I was then confronted with too many pages on how to set-up a Word Press website - frustrating as if I wanted to know how to setup a Word Press or website I would either bought a book on that subject or searched for this information 'free' on the internet.

For someone who knows anything about Internet Marketing there is nothing new here. If you know very little or nothing about Internet Marketing this could be an okay book for you, however - most of this information is freely available on the internet, and you will still need considerable start-up capital, lots of knowledge and so much more time and effort than 1 hour a day.
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on 16 January 2012
I'm usually very cynical when it comes to this sort of book. I saw it as being a bit of a Rich Dad Poor Dad type book with a bit more of a UK edge. It's not nearly as well written as Rich Dad Poor Dad and some of it's Plan B tips are simple things you can find online for free.

My main concern about this book was the quality of the writing. Being self-published I can only presume the writer didn't bother to pay a proofreader. Not because it's littered with spelling mistakes but because it labours the same points repeatedly. Not throughout the book as you might expect to see a point re-affirmed, but in the next paragraph of a chapter. Just when you think you've got the point and are ready to hear the next one he bludgeons you with it again.

To give you a glimpse into the wonderful sort of advice this book contains one of the chapters explains the joys of compounding. To explain this the author uses the old wheat and chessboard mathematical problem. Instead of the chess board we use the month of February and instead of wheat a 1p piece. He explains how if we can just double that penny for every day in February by the 28th (it's a non-leap year, don't get greedy) we will have over £1m. Of course, he doesn't explain how anybody can double a given amount of money on a given day. This alone as a concept would be accepted if he did not then constantly refer back to this as almost scientific proof of his methods later in the book. "Remember the magical month of February" he will say, as if it had actually happened.

If this is to be used as motivational fodder for simpletons then very well, but I bought this book under very different auspices. If you want motivational books, try Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ: It's Time to Get Smarter with Your Money. If you want drivel, this is for you.

I'd really rather I hadn't bought this book, if it was £1.99 I might not have returned it for a refund. But at over £6, it just isn't worth it.
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on 1 April 2011
-Did not know that this would be about making money from the internet
-Knew before hand that this Rat Race most of us are in, can't be the only way to go...

Attracted to the book basically because of the timing in life at the moment. Why are we working 9-5 and not enjoying ourselves more? Longer hours, no pay increase - something is going to give... health is on the line in all honesty, at one point or another, work will kill you or atleast part of you.

So following his lead - as part of one of his opening chapters, incredibly motivational at that - time is precious and we are all selling our hours of live to make the rich richer, for a laughable value. Are you worth more than £10 an hour? How about more than £1000? Consider the angles, enter with an open mind - be ready to be thrust into the possibilities that you can do what others do, you should do what others do - but not those that lead a 9-6 working life until 65+ - follow those that let money make money and work when they want for as long as they want. Truly sounds too good to be true, but I have begun to devote my time to working on some extra revenue streams instead of watching pointless television programs or playing on my xbox so much. If I can do it... so can you... simple as really :D

Good luck and enjoy the read!
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on 26 February 2012
The author tries to give the impression that making big money online is as easy as setting up a website, adding some content and affiliate links, and then basically sitting back while the site makes you money. If only it was that easy!

2 stars because he at least gives an introduction to affiliate marketing - this can make you money if you are willing to put in the time and effort to drive lots of traffic to your site. But other than that, there's not much in the book worth reading.
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