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on 25 October 2008
This book is absolutely brilliant. I am in the process of recovering from a horrendous experience of bullying in the workplace, in my case in one of the so-called caring professions; where it appears that in some places bullying is allowed to thrive unchecked. This book has proved to be a light in the darkness to me, it is practical and insightful, and more than anything, validates my experience. It has been so comforting to realise that I am not alone in my feelings, and that I have not failed somehow as a person. This book has helped me to recognise that the manager who exhibited bullying behaviour towards me may have a borderline sociopathic personality tendency. I wish that society in general had a better comprehension of the insidious and profoundly damaging nature of bullying in the workplace; too many people seem to believe that bullying only happens in the school playground, or that it is a form of management technique. My experience of workplace bullying has destroyed, possibly permanently,my future prospects within a career which I loved, is likely to cost me my home, and has had an ongoing detrimental effect upon my physical and mental health. I regard this book as a Godsend to anyone suffering from bullying in their workplace. The advice and insights within are so helpful that I believe the material could be used in schools in order to educate the workforce of the future, and hopefully reduce the likelihood of others being damaged by this awful experience.
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on 11 September 2008
Tim Fields book is absolutely excellent and I have used it on numerous occasions for clients who are being bullied at work. I work as an Executive Business and Life Coach and work with clients in the health arena. The many clients I have worked with who have been bullied, this book gives them insight and hope and reassurance they are not mad but being violated and abused at work.

The clients who are stressed out, burnt out and bullied out have their "eureka moment" once they get through the first few chapters, seeing the shift and refocus is truly humbling as a health professional of many years.

There are a number of books out there on workplace bullying but this one is the rolls royce and continues to be so. The website is also an extraordinary support for those recovering and those enabling others to move forward and regain their personal power.

Tims analysis of the actual bully and behaviours is spot on, the cause is multifacted and clearly identifed in the book - a gift for anyone who has been bullied and for their loved ones who are sometimes the forgotten carers.
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on 31 May 2007
I am in the process of going through the traumatic fighting back stage, of being bullied at work. I have gained a lot of comfort knowing what I have said or done so far has been the right thing. I wish I had bought the book years ago, and Tim Field is right, the pen is mightier than the sword. The book is very informative, well researched and valuable in the aid to understand what has been happening to you and why. If you have empathy to customer needs, have high standards of work, popular with everyone you come in contact with, work hard and do a good job, then if you only read one book in your life time, let it be this one. The book has valuable information you can't live without.
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on 10 June 2004
Bully in sight made me aware what was happening to me and some of the other people I worked with. It made it clear that bullying is not management. I finally took a stand after 2 breakdowns and took my employer to court. The result was 7 managers joined her and ganged up to eliminate me. I managed to get all this recorded and left a massive paper trail. The result was my company paid me to leave when they realised that I could clearly show that they victimised me. (This is why I am anonymous).
Bully in sight tells you what bullying is, it tells you how to prove it, it gives you some ideas on how to play the game and who to ask for for help. It informs you why your colleagues will disappear and why grievance procedures don't work. It gives you an idea why you are suffering from stress and other weird illnesses when you have never been ill before.
The only downside is the law section is a bit out of date but you can buy an employment law book to help you with that.
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I have been a victim of workplace harassment and bullying. I read absolutely every book on the subject I could get my hands on. Then I came across Mr. Field's book. This book aided me in my case like no other! No other book has spelled it out so clearly. No other book gives such a detailed description of what harassment entails, as well as sound advice on how to deal with it. I have shared this book with my attorney and he is using it as a reference in my harassment case. Once finding this book, I have had to search no farther. This book includes ALL the info you will ever need to avoid bullying or build a case in the event that you have been harassed. Thank you Tim for making your book available to those of us in the USA. We applaud you for a job well done! Shelly, United States.
Also recommended: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by David Kinchin
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on 27 July 2017
Brilliant book. If you feel bullied, this is a must read book. Knowledge is power
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on 17 March 2001
Bully in sight is a gem in that it systematically and neatly fits all aspects of workplace abuse at the hands of out of control managers into neat catagories easy to digest by the reader. Whatever you want to know, from the bully's mindset to your own inner dynamics while being bullied, is found within this book. Mr. Field also goes deeply into what to expect from one's union, the legal system, the medical system, human resources , the Governmental attitude and much more in very great detail. His research in putting together this book is outstanding and if you are experiencing any abuse in your worksite, I suggest you run and not walk to buy this valuable resource, you'll be glad you did. It will give you all the knowledge you need to understand what is happening to you and to help you heal.
Bob Miller PAWA People Against Workplace Abuse
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on 21 November 2004
My own personal copy is nothing more than a sea of highligted text. There isn't a scrap of padding in this book, concise and well written, it is for anyone who has an uncomfortable feeling about their treatment but is unable to articulate it. It will clearly layout you are not going crazy and best of all provide practical realistic advice and strategies about what to do - it will make you see what you are going through is not your fault but of the person who perpetrating this terrible behaviour towards you.
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on 9 May 2009
I bought this book after reviewing what Tim Field had to say about bulling on his web page. Tim's web page is the bomb! Felt like his web page was jumping out at me and so I knew his book would be worth the money. This book has answered every question I had, and then some more, about why every place I go to work, the tormentors seem to zoom in like I had an invitation on my forehead inviting them to target me. I always felt like a looser in the workplace because I was not successful at hanging in there and being happy at my job, as there would alway be someone making it impossible to egnore them or get along. I knew there was something wrong, but could never figure out how to make it stop or at least conquer it, so I could keep my job. Always someone that seemed hell bent on out right abusing me and what's worse, getting away with it. Someone always trying to unjustly control me to acknowledge them as some kind of god in the workplace, or else. I find it hard to worship people who are not right in their thinking, but they seem to demand the throne! Always someone that knew just what buttons to push, and when I couldn't stand it any longer, I would go off and then be driven off. Just couldn't seem to catch a break in the workplace, no matter how optimistic I would start out being. This book has lifted my mine out of the dark pit whole of dumfounded. Instead of giving up on the workplace, I'm ready to work with eyes wide open to what is really going on here. I plan to draw the line nearer and become mediocre in the workplace. I can't thank Tim Field enough for taking the time to share, what I couldn't see before, but searched for an answer for years. Now I won't so easily fall into the jealous bullies trap. Now I can hold my head up and know that it isn't me, I am worthy of my job and I am a good person that deserves my job because I'm good at it. The only thing I have to mention when reading this book, is that, Tim loves the word "whilst" more then I do. So I just started skipping over that word, as it didn't exist. Might be a favorite expression word of the people down under, which I do love. I hope you'll get this book and lets all work together to put a stop to the bully so that our children might be spared the heartache we were not. Being able to see is the first step in change for all, because I plan to tell all that cross my path and will listen, I hope you'll do the same too... Susan
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on 22 October 2006
If you are getting bullied/harassed at work, if you never spend money again, make sure this is your last purchase. I have saw at first hand bullying in the workplace at my last 3 jobs, left the first two and am now ready to take this company to task, the book is a very helpful tool both to the victim and H.R. to combat workplace bullying. its a must have.
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