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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 June 1999
Sex has unlimited potential. Chia's sensible exercises point the direction toward sexual enjoyment, health and general well being. He does it in an easy to read way. At 51 years I've become multiorgasm. Have fun.
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on 8 June 1999
When I was fourteen, my father sent me Taoist Secrets of Love. I started to use some techniques, including the microcosmic orbit. At the age of nineteen, I had to start using anti-psychotic medicine. When I was twenty-six I discovered that the microcosmic orbit necessifies precautions and can otherwise lead to dangerous side-effects such as hallucinations. I stopped using the techniques. In the following year I was able to function better socially and could use half the usual dose of the anti-psychotic medicine. However, I had been achieving well intellectually for all those years, and in the year without the techniques those abilities became weaker. Now I am starting over by following every precaution mentioned in Awaken Healing Energy of the Tao when using the microcosmic orbit. I expect the prospect of sanity in addition to the usual good intellectual functioning. Mantak Chias summary of the microcosmic orbit in Taoist Secrets of Love is careless, because it implies that there are no side-effects and no precautions to be taken. Be aware that you must read Awaken Healing Energy of the Tao if you want to use the microcosmic orbit safely.
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on 1 December 1998
Before sexual tantra became popular, Mantak Chia was teaching people how to spiritualize their sexual relationships with this book. It it an excellent resource for anyone wanting to transform sexual activity into spritual practice as well as to overcome archaic, negative views about sexualilty.
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on 5 July 2013
This book doesn't give me the feel that it was written with the reader in mind. I have great respect for the Multi-orgasmic series of books but I would avoid this one.

It has the feel of a book that was written to get a couple of extended rants onto the page and to throw out another book. There is very little value to the reader per chapter endured.

I eventually lost the will to read any further about two thirds of the way through the book feeling like reading any more would be a complete waste of time. As someone who is avidly interested in the subject matter I consider that a fairly dire critique...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 June 2013
I had high hopes for this book when I went through my spiritual phase and noticed upon reaching 40 that I was not as virile as I once was as a younger man. I think that last sentence can be translated as vulnerable and gullible. There is no denying that the exercises in this book can help you just switch off from the stresses of life for a bit and I don't doubt that fondling your genitals in the bath, as an example, helps to get you a little perkier.

But the massive flaw in the whole process - the turn off for me - was the insistence that male semen is "sacred" and a key source of energy which we must conserve. So, this book works you towards being able to orgasm without ejaculation. I won't tell you whether this is good or bad, decide for yourself, but my basic research led me to conclude that semen retention is NOT considered healthy by western doctors. Keeping it all in certainly did me no favours.

I think this book is best aimed at those already in the mindset of Eastern style approaches to health. Trying to teach an old dog like me that sexual virility can be enhanced by meditating on some orbital energy thing and trying to never ejaculate is I think a step too far.

For the record, I did find some things that made me feel and perform like an 18 year old again. They turned out to be good old fashioned things like exercise and good diet, so maybe start there. And for potency without medication, try male pelvic floor exercises, now they DID do the trick.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy this book and try the ideas, I think it's worth a look at, just not for me and I find the basic principles flawed.
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on 21 May 2014
brilliant book. This has alot alot of information on steps to increasing sperm count to longen the length of your johnson to techniques on how to rejuvinate sexual energy in order to convert it into physic charge. This is a musthave however one must have discipline if newly taking part in this way. I personally found it difficult as an a male with high sex drive to control but the key is not to supress it. Its to convert it
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on 22 October 2012
I came across a copy of this book and began practicing the techniques for a few months. I have no previous experience of meditation, tao, etc. I have began to suffer unpleasant side affects. I have had very bad insomnia, feelings of sickness and unpleasant tingling sensations across my body. After doing a little research it sounds like I am not alone.

The book makes promises that will make any man want to master the techniques it describes. However I recommend you resist the lure of these promises and leave it well alone. Other reviews and comments online from people who claim experience of taoism say that the techniqes are badly and incompletely described and don't discuss potential dangers. From my experience I think they are correct.

I also note that the positive reviews of this book tend to repeat some of the spiel found within the book, but do not relate to users direct experiences of trying these techniques, whereas the negative ones do.
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on 6 April 2015
Thoroughly enlightening, what we're taught about sex in the Western world really is missing the point. This book is beautifully written and the information and knowledge within it is life changing... Thank you
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on 22 September 2011
This book is an absolute must for men. The ideas seem a bit weird to start with but upon further reading it makes sense and everything is described clearly. This is a life book instead of just a sexual book.
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on 24 November 2012
Mantak Chia is quite an extraordinary man that has expanded people's understanding of health techniques and practices through some truly inspiring work. This book is another example of new (old) ways of looking at our almost limitless potential for new experiences. It is well written and easy to grasp, being well laid out to the point that you don't really have to 'trawl' the entire book if simply want to get to the exercises. Unfortunately, I went down with sciatica shortly after buying the book and am only ready now to 'test' the claims of ejaculationless orgasms but my partner and I are keen to get stuck in (as it were) and I do know that these concepts are long established in Taoist circles. It's a good read and well worth the investment. Whether you want to stand in front of the mirror doing the 'dance of the testes' is another thing altogether. I've only given 4 stars because I don't know whether the training exercises achieve their aim.
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