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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 March 2017
Very interesting and informative about processed dog foods hopefully it will change dog owners minds on what to feed their forever friends. However a lot of it could have been explained in simpler terms! Also nothing about raw food diet which is fabulous for dogs if you do it right (my 3 year old German Shepherd is thriving on it)!
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on 29 May 1999
First thing: of course the pet food industry did not comment for this book. Why would they admit to putting garbage in pet food when they own multi-billion dollar companies? But the sort of information contained in this book has dribbled and dabbled out off and on for years -- diseased animals, road kill, zoo animals, etc. And when you consider we can't even get good laws for animal abuse, is it any wonder no one much cares what goes into pet food? If I sound frustrated, it's because I am. It sickens me to think of what these big congomerates get away with chasing after the almighty dollar!! Back to the point. It took Ann Martin 7 years to track down the information contained in this book, a remarkable feat considering she's Canadian and most of the pet food companies are right here in the USA.
One of my cats died far too young of cancer. I always wanted all four of them to eat better but advertising has scared us to death of giving our pets anything good for them. Thanks to Ms. Martin's book, I now cook for my other three cats. They are thriving. (The difference in their coats, demeanor, etc. was obvious almost immediately. If you don't cook, there are natural brands, with real meat, on the market like Innova and PetGuard to name just two.) It's hard to get people to change, I suppose, but if you want additional information, please also read THE NATURE OF ANIMAL HEALING by Martin Goldstein, D.V.M. Not only does he back up Ms. Martin's findings, being a vet, he's able to explain in great detail the health implications of poor diets. Apparently, he sees it every day in his practice. There are other books here at Amazon.com on the subject which I haven't read yet.
As to raw vs. cooked, there really are two very distinct opinions on this. Animals do eat raw food in the wild. And Dr. Goldstein eventually switched to raw (organic, however). I intend to do so when I figure out how. Ms. Martin home-cooks. Meanwhile, home-cooked is certainly better than BY-PRODUCTS. By the way, BY-PRODUCTS are essentially anything people can't/won't eat such as beaks, feathers, feet, and other sickening things I won't mention, plus the already mentioned diseased animals, road kill, restaurant grease and our euthanized pets. Ms. Martin wrote this book as a result of pet food sickening her own animals (she has independent lab tests showing why). I hope you will read the book, then decide for yourself. We owe it to our wonderful pets who give so much and ask for so little in return.
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on 9 April 1999
Ms. Martin is one of those people who just won't quit. She won't be quiet, she won't be stopped. Nothing has been spared in her search for the truth in what is going into our pet's food. (And I'm sure there are those who would prefer her to be less industrious.) I could only read about 4 or 5 pages at a time, as I was so sickened to think about how many of my wonderful dogs and cats have died of cancerous growths, and how much I have trusted the pet food industry. If you are really committed to your pet's health, WAKE UP and READ THIS BOOK. Since I have been making my dog's food, as Ms. Martin recommends, the change in their coats, energy, weight, and love of mealtime, has been astounding. And it's easy to do!! Ms. Martin is an angel and is doing something magnificent for our animals.
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on 19 May 1999
If you read this book & still buy commercial dog food - read the book again!! This book made me read everthing I could find on the pet food industry & then how to avoid it. I now cook for all five (5) of my dogs & it is a chore but no matter how much it involves I hope I will never buy another bag of commercial dog food. I am so thankful that I found this book in Amazon & ordered it!!!
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on 27 November 2010
Having now lost 2 Goldies to cancer, I started to think about the food I had feed both of my girls over the years of having them. My first Goldie had been feed on tinned Chappie and biscuits, the other, 10 years latter, a mixture of tinned, dried, and fresh food over her life span. This was due to her having tummy problems, and me trying to find a food that didn't upset her digestive system. After reading Food Pets Die For, it really opened my eyes as to what indeed goes into the food our beloved pets eat. The book although American based, was easy to understand, very informative, and extremely thought prevoking. Thanks to the authors research over many years, never again will I feed my dog processed food, it will be natural and fresh only for my next girl.
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on 2 January 2007
I t amazes me that so much of our supermarkets are given over to junk food - not ust for us but for our pets too. We have for years swallowed (literally) the idea that convenience is what we need/want. And now look at us - morbidly obese and chronically unhealthy - the rise in a variety of chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, has clearly followedthe rise in popularity of junk food. And our pets are going the same way. We are desperate to show we care for our animals and most of us do that by buying what we think is the right food - WRONG. Commercial petfood is just that - commercial - it makes huge profits for the companies that produce it. But it bears no relation to what our aniamls actually need or would choose if they could. And it has to be said that the veterinary profession have colluded with the petfood companies by actively advising against more natural feeding.

I find it just as "convenient" to go to the butcher and order in bulk for my dogs as it is to go to the supermarket. Giving my dogs bones and fresh food is the best way for them to be able to express their essential dog-ness, and keeps them mentally as well as physically healthy.

To some extent this book was preaching to the converted - in over 40 years fo keeping dogs and cats I have NEVER used commerical petfood - I have never understood why I should buy this strange-looking,smelly stuff.. Having read this book I see no reason to change.
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on 2 April 1999
I feel every responsible dog or cat owner should prepare their animal's food. I totally agree with Ann about the commercial pet food industry because I lost a cat to kidney disease after feeding it a popular and costly brand of pet food. Unfortunately, by the time we found out only 25% of her kidneys were functioning. Luckily, through serving her a raw food diet and the advice of a homeopathic vet, my cat lived an extra year and a half with a quality of life any cat would have envied. I have had such great results that several of my friends purchase my raw organic animal food. I firmly believe cooking destroys the enzymes in the food and when you purchase a larger quantity than normal of organic food your grocer will sell it to you for a remarkably lower price. The only ingredient that I cook(overcook, really) is the grain because of the inability of the animal to digest it otherwise.
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on 20 September 1998
If you don't own a pet you must know someone who you care for that does... A Must Read! No one should spend money paying for pet food, it only goes to their advertising, not our pet's nutrition. I was wondering why there were so many ailments with animals, and now I know why. Don't be kept in the dark about how the pet food industry keeps us at the vet's office. This book is not only for animals with ailments, it's for our animals well being. I was shocked and saddened to learn my former pets were likely part of what I pay for at the supermaket!
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on 13 April 2013
this is a good book full of shocking facts, and had me worried about what I was feeding my best friends, this was until I got to the chapter that says that the uk has better rules and guidelines and wasnt so bad! I know that 'chum' employ a human to test their brand so it cant be that bad,and although it will be full of rubbish cuts it wont cause our pets harm [I hope] the recipies seem ok and I intend to try them on my 'pack'
I would like to get my dogs off commercial pet foods because just reading the ingrediants makes you realise its full off rubbish,[and so overpriced!]
I am just glad I dont live in the good old U S of A
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on 22 September 2013
my eyes have been opened and i now feed my cat a human grade pet food due to finding out that euthenased pets are ending up in the pet food chain - a largely unregulated industry. f
some of the most leading brands have only 4%meat, what is the rest made up of?! many humans have gluten intollerance, so do pets!
Giving pets a poor quality diet shortens thier lives and gives them disease.
btw, Arden Grange and Lillie's Kitchen and Applaws came out tops in my research for high qualiity and ethical pet food in the UK.
If you love your pet, you should but this today.
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