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on 28 August 2003
"Afghanistan had been planned for several years prior to the terrible tragedy that occurred on 11th September on US soil...[It] then considers the development of Afghanistan as well as within the United States, as a consequence of the US-led military intervention that began Ocotber 2001....Neither the facts, nor the inferences I draw therefrom, are palatable. However, they are worthy of urgent consideration, not only from members of the public, but by our purported political leaders and representatives..."
"...Huey Long once said, 'Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism'. I'm afraid, based on my own long experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security."
Nafeez Moseaddeq Ahmed, Preface
and quote from Jim Garrison, New Orleans
District Attorney, 1967, from the Conclusion
There are not words to describe the courage it will take anyone, conservative or liberal, left, right or center, to read this book from cover to cover and sit with the new world you will be looking at afterwards. Ahmed, through more than *six hundred* footnotes, political and historical analysis, quotes of everyone from European and Afghani political analysts to New York stockbrokers to American congressman and FBI agents--and some of the most erudite, plain language scholarship I have ever read--irrevocably changes one's view of history and current events such that one is left with the profoundly disturbing fact not by saying that his main theory is true, but by proving unqeustionably that it is POSSIBLE.
This is not an America-hating rant, the likes of which would make it the international antithesis (i.e. siamese twin) of much of the pro-American "literature" coming from the far right nowadays. This is scholarship the likes of which can only demand a paradigm shift in one's thinking, regardless of how you choose to reinterpret his fact-finding when you put the book down. If you've ever wondered what the Catholic bishops must have felt when reading the work of Galileo for the first time, or the Protestant community of the 19th century reading the work of Darwin, or what the Newtonian physics scientific community felt seeing Einstein prove his point about relativity, the scholarship of Ahmed will let you know in perhaps the most politically frightening way possible. Ahmed in fact, does not rely on the rogue scholars we are familiar with for the bulk of his work. He quotes BODY OF SECRETS: INSIDE THE NSA, the work of Gore Vidal like THE GOLDEN AGE, and 9-11 by Noam Chomsky as mere redundancies, adding to the mountain of evidence he has generated leading one to the inevitable conclusion that is the book's theme.
In the end, whether or not you choose to follow Ahmed to the end of his theories, you will be left with a totally new understanding of the secret architecture and raison d'etre of both modern history and modern war. If you didn't know that FDR knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor because he set America up to be bombed in 1941 in order to get the isolationist minded American populace to join World War Two--and how he did it--you will learn it here. If you didn't know that there were plans in the military (kept classified until the Freedom of Information Act of 1975) of terrorizing and even killing American citizens in Miami and throughout Florida in such a way that it would look like Castro's military did it to justify an American invasion of Cuba in 1962, you will learn it here. If you didn't know that the total absence of military response to the hijacking of American planes before they hit the World Trade Center on Septemeber 11th is something that has NEVER happened before in FAA or military history, you will learn it here. If you had no idea of the unusual and otherwise inexplicably heavy trade on the stock market that took place days before Septemeber 11th regarding Airline and oil stocks, you will learn it here.
And if you can find a way to digest all of that, plus
1) hundreds of other provable historical/foreign policy facts of the European/American 20th Century from a plethora of credible sources--in and out of America--he brings to light,
2) the political/economic agendas behind the secret psychological architecture of modern day war explained with amazing clarity,
3) the revealing of our current Administration's relationship with International Oil cartels for the past three generations, and
4) the seemingly infinite number of both otherwise inexplicable anamolies AND examples of unprecedented ineptitude regarding both the intelligence community and the military's failure to prevent 9/11 from happening, WITHOUT coming to the same conclusions the writer of this book does...than God bless you.
I cannot.
This is just a little bit bigger than a phony land deal in Arkansas and some oral sex in the Oval Office. Ahmed makes it clear through the WAR ON FREEDOM that it is time for a full investigation of our Administration. If for no other reason as it will be the only thing that could make this nightmare of a book go away. There are some books every American should read to strengthen their own mind or enrich their own lives. This is one book every American and ally needs to read in order to save our Nation's soul. Remain ignorant at the cost of your own freedom.
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on 21 June 2006
Contrary to the single poor review here, this book is actually extremely well researched and carefully documents its numerous information sources (hundreds of them). The author's arguments are logical and careful and raise serious questions that need answers.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a cold clear dose of truth about events relating to 9/11
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on 30 March 2004
When 9/11 happened I had just arrived home from work here in Germany. My wife pointed me to the television and what I saw made me feel ill. Before my eyes the north tower was ablaze when suddenly another aircraft, flight 175, smashed into the south tower. Two hits in half an hour, this was not an accident. Then more chaos as more planes crashed. I was as bewildered as anyone but watching Bush later that evening alarm bells started ringing in my head. He is one of those people you just would not buy a second hand car from and now, having read Nafeez Ahmed's book, I now would not let him near my children.
This book brings together some of the themes that I have come across in the writings of other authors but it also coldly introduces extensive new material that at the very least requires the reader to question their beliefs concerning the events of 9/11. I had the feeling that I had not been told the whole truth but this book has convinced me that we have been lied to. Read it! I honestly believe that we all should. I remember my father standing with his back to the fire when the BBC announced that Bobby Kennedy had been gunned down. "They have killed them", he said. I did not understand who "they" were. I do now and I think that "they" were there on 9/11.
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on 21 October 2002
A superb book, thoroughly recommended which asks a lot of questions, and gives a lot of answers. This puts September 11th and the "War on Terror" in an even more frightening context. Ever wondered why Bush smirked as he told the world america was under attack? Why military planes were noticeable by their absence? Why the US were planning action in Afghanistan at the beginning of 2001 to take place in October? Why the intelligence agencies saw nothing coming? Read this book.
The most frightening thing is that this is not thw work of a wacky conspiracy theorist - the references are reliable (Guardian, Independent, Times, NY Times, CNN, etc.)
But this book if you want to understand the kind of world we live in.
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on 26 March 2006
This book is very thoroughly researched! It reads a bit like a detective investigation and is every bit as gripping, using published sources (newspaper, interviews, testimony) to draw the reader beyond the official explanation of 9/11.
Suffice to say, Nafeez's conclusions are even more shocking than the thought of a terrorist net outwitting the CIA, FBI and military of the world's only superpower.
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on 1 April 2003
There has been so much written about the Sep 11th events that has been firmly in the conspiracy theory camp that serious studies like this one can be undermined.
This is an excellent work and presents us with some facts that we all find uncomfortable. Why were air force Standard Operating Procedures not followed on that fateful day? Why were Air Force jets kept on the ground whilst the atcaks were taking place? How much was known by the Bush administration before the event? These questions keep coming up and cannot be put to one side as conspiracy theories. Facts are facts - what is behind them is a matter of debate but this book presents you, clamy, with some very disturbing evidence. No ranting, just a calm voice. For many, this book will be "red pill" from which there is no turning back.
A special section at the end of the book - the "backword" is worth the price of the book alone. It gives a compelling and authoratitive view of world events leading up to Sep 11th. Again, it is disturbing stuff, but we live in disturbed times. This should be taken very seriously by anyone concerned about world peace.
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on 17 September 2002
This book will make you question the official version of events surrounding America's worst ever terrorist attack. The author raises many excellent points, and asked important questions too. For example, who blocked investigation of known bin Laden associates? and why were warnings ignored by American intelligence agencies in the weeks before 9/11?. This is not a book Bush or Blair would want us to read, but the British based author presents us with the facts, so that we can draw our own conclusions. I strongly recommend this book.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 December 2005
This formidably documented book is not a final verdict on the 9/11 attacks, but it clearly exposes some very strange and disturbing facts. Into the bargain, it poses the right question: who benefited?
The author presents a strong case that the 9/11 attacks were a miscalculated provocation - the extent of the damage was grossly underestimated.
To support his thesis, Ahmed piles up a wealth of information: e.g. the leader of the 9/11 attacks received money from the chief of the Pakistani intelligence, who acted in accord with other US covert actions; the Taliban and the madrasas were set up by the US; the FBI's failure to apprehend suspected terrorists was the result of high level blocks; an inquiry into this intelligence failure was also blocked; Bin Laden had powerful protectors in Washington; intelligence agencies had extensive advance warnings of the attacks and were in various ways complicit in those attacks; the US defence system had amply the time to intercept the hijacked planes, but did nothing ... One can go on!
Apparently, powerful elements in the intelligence community and the Bush Administration believed that a 'minor' damage would contribute to a 'greater good' for those in power. This greater good was 'still more power to the powerful': the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, the weapons industry, the oil industry and their Bush Administration.
In fact, those are the winners of the 'War on Terror', by giving nearly almighty power to the intelligence units: a coup d'etat against the US constitution with curtailment of civil liberties, basic freedoms and human rights. On the other hand, the US defence budget reaches new highs and military intervention with nuclear weapons is now planned. A peace dividend is farther away than ever.
The author explains clearly the geostrategic importance of Afghanistan for the exploration of the enormous oil and gas reserves in the Caspian region.
He even predicted the military intervention in Iraq.
This is a very disturbing and frightening book with a perfect title. A must read.
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on 30 December 2009
11.09 has defined much of the 21st century to date. How did 11.09 come about? The individuals and agencies involved in the attacks, what exactly the event has defined and, most significantly, what it was intended to define, is the focus of this book.
But this is no half-baked conspiracy theory book: this is meticulously researched, abundantly referenced and lucidly argued. Not that argument is always necessary: often a juxtaposition of data will suffice, as in the excellent section on "the collapse of Standard Operating Procedures". In this chapter the author demonstrates how the established responses to events such as hi-jackings can only have been sabotaged at the highest level on 11.09. But the book explores, and documents, so much more. It explores the failure of US intelligence to warn the people of what they knew was going to happen. It analyses US interests both at home and abroad and the role of a controllable Afghanistan in the context of these desired scenarios. And it reveals an American elite guilty of aiding and abetting terrorism against its own people.
In short, if you wish to understand what's going on in the world today, this book is essential reading.
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on 5 July 2009
The Book

In The War on Freedom, Nafees wrote a story that begs comprehension: he presents what he views as compelling evidence that the US government instigated terrorism as the perfect pretext to justify an aggressive foreign policy - up to and including the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Astonishing as his thesis may seem, the thoughtful reader will find that it might explain many obvious puzzles:

How could our intelligence services fail to thwart such an ambitious project as 9/11?
Why did our government immediately point the finger at Bin Laden, yet refuse to release the evidence? Were they loath to reveal their complicity, if they had been monitoring the Boeing Bombing plot all along, and let it happen?
Why did the White House ram through legal measures immediately after the attacks that essentially repeal the Bill of Rights and the Freedom of Information Act?
An investment from the bin Laden family started George Bush Jr. in business, and the war in Afghanistan is making the Bush family ever richer.
The US financially supported the Pakistani secret services, which funded presumed hijacker Mohammed Atta.
A crescendo of warnings from intelligence services around the world in early September were selectively ignored, while high-level orders were issued to block investigations of suspected terrorists linked to Bin Laden.
Standard operating procedure for Air Force fighters is to intercept hijacked planes immediately, but this was not done until it was all over on September 11, an hour an a half after the WTC was hit.
Intelligence experts deride the possibility that Bin Laden could have carried out such sophisticated, precise attacks without the support of a state-run intelligence organization.

Loyal, law abiding readers (especially American) may find all this too difficult to believe. We are taught certain civic values, and we believe our democratically elected government upholds them. Yet, even General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex...


It is easy to see why Nafeez is accused by some of having a political and religious agenda. What he presents in The War on Freedom goes against all we have learned, against all what we want to belief, and being of Muslim descendants does not help him there. Nevertheless, he paints a picture that has a certain appeal for the critical and open minded. There are simply too many questions about 9/11 which have remained unanswered to this day. For some of those still open questions Nafeez comes up with astonishing answers.

This book is densely packed with reference material, and the interested reader could focus on the extensive research Nafeez has collected and use it to draw his own conclusions. Drawing on bits and pieces published in the main stream media, Nafeez points at the weaknesses of our political, military and economical systems. After the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Empire the military-industrial complex needed a new enemy to perpetuate itself into the future, and if we look at 9/11 like a common investigator asking who had motive and who would benefit this very same military-industrial complex comes up on top of the list. If we add the suspicious transactions on Wall Street just days prior to the attacks, one simply can not escape the notion of foul play.

Even if some of the points made in this book do not stroke with what one is willing to belief governments are capable of, there remains enough material left that in its sum will lead the reader to a more critical point of view. US foreign policies are perceived as widely unjust and discriminatory in a large part of the globe. Terrorism is a consequence thereof.
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