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on 10 March 2000
Those familiar with Stephen Arroyo will not be surprised by the exceptional quality of this handbook which builds on his previous best-selling astrology books. In fact some of the content is directly lifted from previous work such as "Astrology,Karma and Transformation", but the book is no less value for money as a result. Step by step, Arroyo uses clear, modern language to reveal the essential meanings of any birth chart. Wisdom and clear intelligent insights spring from every page and even an experienced astrologer can benefit from Arroyo's imaginative and precise use of language.
Unlike some of Arroyo's early work, the Chart Interpretation Handbook is expertly laid out, due no doubt to the editing skills of Jerilynn Marshall who Arroyo enthusiastically acknowledges. Its all here: the four elements and the twelve signs, key concepts for the planets, the planets in the signs, the ascendant and midheaven, the houses and planetary aspects. And, true to Arroyo's sense of humour (always bubbling away beneath the profound depth of his writing), there's even a couple of cartoons!
I had been a practising astrologer for several years when this came out, and after one read through, the Chart Interpretation Handbook became my primary reference for birth chart work. It still is today! Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 26 June 2003
This was one of the first books i bought to do with astrology - and i really made a good choice. Rather than being full of what the fire signs are, what the water signs are etc - Arryo takes it that the reader already knows the basic principles of a chart and how to read it and so you read feeling that this is a man that knows what hes talking about, to an educated audience. A refreshing outlook into the natal chart, and certainly one that i would highly recommend for a beginner that just wants to take reading a chart that one step further!
Arryo's humour and insight are combined well to produce a well written and informative book on reading the natal (and so nearly any) chart!
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on 16 June 2012
i am a amateur astrologer, mainly taught by a proper karmic astrologer. he used to say to me 90 percent of astrology is dribble. he is right but stephen arroyo is different. 1. he is a karmic astrologer, by that i mean, his understanding is based on the acceptance of karma and reincarnation. this is an ancient idea, older than christianity. Even some early christians, most notably the gnostics, believed in this ancient law, albeit from a christ centreed perspective as opposed to a buddistic or otherwise eastern heritage. 2 his basic astrology is dropping the many branches of astrology, which yield questionable results, just look at newspaper stuff. Basically aspects over signs and houses, transits over other predictive means. simple but elegant, just like the laws of astronomy that can be taught to kids, yet baffled brilliant minds for over a thousand years. this book is about a good as are current understanding can reach. it is not a thick book, not over written but packed with great insight. ideal as a cover to cover or a reference book.
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on 17 September 2013
Deeply theoretical book with many new ideas for non-beginners of Astrology.
A very useful reference book with thought-provoking concepts - which the writer guides you through very professionally.

This book is for the more advanced astrologer - as it would be too confusing for a beginner; some of the concepts are assumed.
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on 14 December 2012
very ineresting read, like the layout of the book. i am study at the moment and will recommend to other students on my course
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on 8 October 2014
I have found this book really useful and informative for my studies. It is great to read as a whole but also dip in and out of for information about signs and planets. It is simple to read and you don't need to know masses in order to understand it. Well worth reading if you want to know more about astrology.
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on 2 February 2015
A very comprehensive guide of astrology. Love it.
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on 2 August 2014
Very good and easy to read and understand.
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