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on 17 November 2017
Very happy with that purchased. Cards arrived promptly and they are of good quality. thank you
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on 17 September 2017
Great buy. Having being initially sceptical of the Thoth deck and the associations with Crowley I was doing some research into a new deck of cards and fell in love with the imagery. My sister has also been using them for approx 10 years now.
From a practical point of view this pack is the perfect size and shuffles easily. It comes with a very small and basic book/guide and a large poster sized guide to a spread (appears to be Celtic cross spread).
From a tarot reader's point of view this deck is AMAZING!!! The power and accuracy of it is brilliant! I have spent many years using the Mythic Tarot but this is just so clear and direct, I love the fact that the court cards have clear attributes in addition to the standard.
I am still waiting for a book to take me through all the detailed imagery of the cards and get in depth, deck specific guidance but I did my first reading immediately and have already seen results even without the in depth knowledge.
It has been said that these cards are intimidating, I have not found that.One thing I did do as suggested was "introduce myself" to cards, light a candle and have a cup of tea to connect with them which seemed to work.
Recommend to anyone, beginners or experts.
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VINE VOICEon 5 February 2015
Just a review on this particular size: This is the regular size for a tarot deck, not the over-sized display deck or the miniature pocket deck, just your regular, daily use size that you might be used to seeing in general public stores. If you posess or have seen a regular Marseilles tarot or a Rider-Waite tarot deck, well, these are that size.
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on 29 May 2017
Crowley's Thoth deck offers a wonderfull and rich development into the world of Tarot with fantastic fresh understandings & phenomenal artwork. It is quite a departure from the Rider Waite for example & opens up a wider alternative comprehension of in-depth perspectives of the meanings of the cards. Not for the beginner but a must for those looking to advance their knowledge of Tarot.
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on 20 November 2017
I have several packs of tarot. I do not feel comfortable using this pack for readings but that is a personal decision. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and well worth buying for that reason alone.
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on 12 April 2017
The very best of Tarot cards beautifully illustrated
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on 21 April 2008
This renowned deck deserves its reputation. It isn't an easy or beginners deck in any way; the imagery is challenging, very dynamic, deep and overloaded with occult imagery. A very personal deck; personal to Aleister Crowley that is. There is light and dark here and it never tries to put a positive spin on life or to comfort you - as some modern decks do. All of the happiness and suffering of existence is portrayed in this deck and for this reason some people might find it rather uncomfortable.

I'm not in agreement with the Order of the Golden Dawn's ideas or Crowley's breakaway notions and here he went to town. The struggle to fit the Tarot to the Quabbalah, Astrology, etc, etc. is just unnecessary, contrived and produced some quite ugly images and that is what the Tarot is mainly about; images.

On a positive note, this deck is visually stunning. Some cards are breathtaking, especially The Universe, The Star, The Hermit, The Devil, Death and Art. The court cards are probably the best ever drawn and I do like the re-naming used by Crowley of the Court cards - even if the reasoning for it is nonsense. My readings are often very deep and very accurate, but you have to be bold and strong or the cards will just freak you out.

It takes a long time to get the most from these cards and his accompanying Book of Thoth is an interesting and informative read. However, the style is very dated and frankly ridiculous in its attempts to unite everything occult and mysterious into one system.

This deck divides people and although I have had good results using this deck I do have serious reservations and I do understand why it is considered one of the worst decks by some quite experienced tarot readers. So you have been warned!
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on 17 September 2009
I bought the large format cards mainly so that I can study the illustrations more. They are a bit big for my small hands but the quality and detail of the cards is worth the small effort!! The illustrations are intuitive but also backed by a lot of research into the original meanings of the cards and their kabbalist/hermetic connections. The minor cards carry the astrological signs as well as a key word for each one - eg 9 of cups is Happiness and shows the signs for Piscess and Jupiter. There is so much detail in each card that you can say that there are layers of knowledge in each card - it's up to you to search these out. Crowley wrote the Book of Thoth which is a companion to these cards and is well worth reading for background knowledge as well as help in divination. The court cards are depicted differently from other decks - there is no King but the Knight is the consort of the Queen. Then there are the Princes and Princesses who are the equivalent of the knights and pages of other decks. The Knights are always on horseback and the Princes are in chariots displaying a difference between natural and mechanical forces. The Major cards are called Trumps and some of them have different names from the ones you may be familiar with - Lust is n° 11 and depicts the illustration normally associated with 8 Strength, that is a lady and a lion but here she is depicted as a naked lady astride a lion with many heads, like the whore of Babylon, n° 8 is Adjustment, normally associated with 11 Justice in other decks - so here he has transposed the normal numbering of cards in the Major Arcana too.

I find I am increasingly drawn to this deck, I have the Gilded and the Rider Waite packs too, but this deck has deeper and more esoteric meanings for me. Well worth more study.
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on 11 October 1998
Although i am not a very acomplished Tarot operator, i feel confident when using this deck. It is my second deck, the first being Rider Waite, which i felt not to be pictorial enough. The crowley deck however, is one of the most beautiful and interesting decks ever. I find the deck very easy to relate to, and i can do quite accurate readings using my own personal interpretations. The deck is very easily attuned to it's owner's own personal feelings, emotions and abilities, and can change as it's owner grows in his or her own abilities within the tarot. A beutiful deck that i feel all people associated with the tarot in any way should buy.
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on 11 May 2012
These cards are fantastic, beautiful and sturdy.

I bought these to help me understand Kabbalistic symbology more, and to help me discover the depths of my own mind. These cards are perfect for this.

These days the Tarot is reduced to mere fortune telling, and many, many cheap, uninspired decks have flooded the market. Most of the decks out there have ZERO value symbolicaly, spiritually or artisticaly.

The art of Lady Harris is stunning and full of beautiful symbology on every level. These large cards help to show the detail in the cards.

Crowley was undoubtedly one of, if not the most, proficient minds schooled in the western esoteric tradition. His knowledge and understanding of all things spiritual makes these cards THE BEST.

If you really want to study the Kabbalah, the western esoteric tradition or even your own mind. These cards will be a great help -that is, along with some supplimentary material such as "The Mystical Qabbalah" by Dion Fortune, "777" by Crowley as well as the books on the Thoth Deck by Michael Snuffin and Lon Milo Duquette.
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