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VINE VOICEon 5 February 2015
Just a review on this particular size: This is the regular size for a tarot deck, not the over-sized display deck or the miniature pocket deck, just your regular, daily use size that you might be used to seeing in general public stores. If you posess or have seen a regular Marseilles tarot or a Rider-Waite tarot deck, well, these are that size.
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on 29 May 2017
Crowley's Thoth deck offers a wonderfull and rich development into the world of Tarot with fantastic fresh understandings & phenomenal artwork. It is quite a departure from the Rider Waite for example & opens up a wider alternative comprehension of in-depth perspectives of the meanings of the cards. Not for the beginner but a must for those looking to advance their knowledge of Tarot.
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on 12 June 2017
Don't be misled by the title as this is not a "standard" sized deck. This is oversized or as they call it "deluxe" size which is huge and extremely hard to handle. Can not return it because I already opened it (thinking maybe the large box consists of a normal sized deck and a bocklet). Very disappointed as this is not a cheap deck.
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on 12 April 2017
The very best of Tarot cards beautifully illustrated
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on 9 June 2017
Beautiful cards
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on 11 April 2017
Fast posatge
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on 11 May 2012
These cards are fantastic, beautiful and sturdy.

I bought these to help me understand Kabbalistic symbology more, and to help me discover the depths of my own mind. These cards are perfect for this.

These days the Tarot is reduced to mere fortune telling, and many, many cheap, uninspired decks have flooded the market. Most of the decks out there have ZERO value symbolicaly, spiritually or artisticaly.

The art of Lady Harris is stunning and full of beautiful symbology on every level. These large cards help to show the detail in the cards.

Crowley was undoubtedly one of, if not the most, proficient minds schooled in the western esoteric tradition. His knowledge and understanding of all things spiritual makes these cards THE BEST.

If you really want to study the Kabbalah, the western esoteric tradition or even your own mind. These cards will be a great help -that is, along with some supplimentary material such as "The Mystical Qabbalah" by Dion Fortune, "777" by Crowley as well as the books on the Thoth Deck by Michael Snuffin and Lon Milo Duquette.
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on 18 February 2004
THe Thoth tarot deck is the best and deepest deck you will ever find, I have used it now for at least 12 years and every reading is quite deep. The cards have so much detail that you can never fail to get something out of each session you have with the cards.
If you are looking for a really good and very deep deck, this is the one for you.
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on 13 January 2016
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on 20 September 2013
I'm forced to review both editions of the Thoth deck which I bought here in one place. I bought the large Green boxed edition, and the more normally-sized Lilac boxed edition (not the blue Swiss one or the mini-card version).

First some background: when I was 16 I started learning tarot cards from a friend of mine at college, and I got myself a pack of the Barbara Walker tarot deck, which is a great deck for beginners because the minor arcana are quite dramatically illustrated & there are single words expressing the character of each card. You can't really go wrong with it, but it's out of print now. I got another deck, the Magickal Tarot by Tony Willis (now also out of print, sadly). This was based upon the Thoth, but had little bits added, words here & there or an alchemical or astrological symbol, or a Hebrew letter or whatever, which again made it very easy to read. When I was 19-20 or so & out of a job, it being 1989-90ish & the UK's economy being still in the crapper, I was lucky enough to be able to get a job for a while reading tarot cards on an 0898 line, for 30p or 50p per minute. Some of the people I worked with were a LOT better than me. One was a beautiful redhead named Steph, who used to go off with the New Age travellers on jaunts around the place when the mood took her. She was an incredible free spirit, a beautiful woman, and most importantly a really bang-on, got it right every time, tarot reader. Steph used the Thoth deck, and she had a string of regulars who, when we moved company because the boss was a bit of a snot, they came with her. When she went off on holiday they'd call & ask for her, & when they found she wasn't in they said they'd ring back later. She really was that good.

So, when I decided last month to get back into tarot reading, I first thought of the Magickal Tarot, and found out it was out of print (d'oh!), my next thought was "Thoth deck!". So I plugged that into Amazon's search & it came up with the green box edition. I bought that & it turned up, and I was duly impressed & nostalgic about its beautiful pictures, but I found I couldn't shuffle the darned thing properly. Not the end of the world - I bought it primarily to be able to meditate upon the card meanings, the symbology & the connections between the major arcana & the paths of the Qabbalah, which I find is a worthwhile practice. That said, I googled "Thoth deck too big" and it came up with a page about the different sized decks - there's a current mini edition which shows up in Amazon's search under "Thoth Deck" but really that's teeny-tiny & much too small for me, but the page showed an earlier edition in a lilac box, and that clicked in my memory - that must be the deck my old colleague used. I ordered that (it's in Amazon if you search for "Crowley tarot") & got it, and now that's my main working tarot. I've done a few readings with it (bit rusty but I daresay I'll get back to speed soon) & it works just right. So, my advice, if you want a big deck to hold up to a class or group of people, buy the green, but if you want a good working deck for divination or general tarot work, go for the Lilac box.
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