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on 11 July 2004
This book is really effective if you're prepared to put in a bit of effort. It's intensely practical and offers immediate solutions rather than just describing the problems as other books tend to. Don't be put off by the slightly folksy style, which is presumably meant to make it accessible.
Well worth the money.
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on 30 October 2003
My psychologist recommended that I buy this book. I have read a lot of material on depression and anxiety in the past, but this book changed my outlook (for the better) more than any other publication. Its approach using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) works well in tandem with psychological therapy, or on its own. The book contains a number of photocopiable worksheets, and is laid out in a 'textbook' like style, which suited me as a mature student (don't worry, it's not like those awful textbooks you used at school!) It is a must have for anybody suffering from panic attacks and/or associated anxiety.
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on 3 May 2005
Having suffered from anxiety for about five years and got nowhere in terms of understanding or reducing the symptoms and causes, I finally found a psychologist who recommended this book and for the first time I finally realised and believed that I wasn't 'going mad' and wasn't going to necessarily feel like this forever. I saw my therapist and read certain chapters in the book in tandem although reading the book by itself would also have helped though possibly a little more slowly. This book and the CBT approach it uses is like a godsend for anyone who doesn't have a terrible childhood or traumatic incident to blame for their anxiety but is still debilitated by it (altho' it is also aimed at those who do have a difficult past to deal with). It acknowledges that bad habits in terms of negative thought processes can simply be picked up along the way. I can't recommend this book highly enough but I'd also urge that if this book doesn't work as well for you as it did for me, don't give up looking for something that does.
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on 17 April 2002
This an excellent self help guide to depression and anxiety. I have been diagnosed with depression for one and a half years now, and this book was recommended by my GP.
I have used it at all the different stages from not getting out of bed, to going back to work, and still when I have set backs.
It takes you by the hand looking at your thoughts , where they have come from and most importantly how to challenge them.
I have recommended this book to several people, who have all bought it and found it a great help.
To gain from this book you have to want to get out the black hole you feel you are in, this book offers a lifeline.
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on 4 July 2006
This book was recommended by my counsellor when I was suffering with anxiety and depression. I slowly worked through it and photocopied all the worksheets. It gives something constructive to work at and you actually begin to enjoy doing it. You can see by the charts that you are improving. The thought records are particularly helpful. It is not a difficult book to read and it's written in a warm, friendly and encouraging way. By the time I got to the last chapter I didn't need it any more. I wasn't tempted to jump ahead but worked through chapter by chapter and it worked!
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on 27 February 1999
It sounds like a cliche, but is entirely true! After working through the exercises in this book for two months, I lowered my anxiety by two thirds, and my depression symptoms by half. I feel more in control of my moods, and I can cope better when I am feeling strong emotions. This book gives clear, easy, step-by-step instructions that really work. I recommend it highly to anyone.
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on 23 June 2011
I have suffered with depression, self harm, you name it, for over 20 years (more than half my life). Last year I was fortunate enough to be invited to self help groups, studying CBT, Relaxation, Anxiety, Lack of Confidence and Challenge your Core Belieifs.

Initially, I thought CBT was the biggest load of rubbish (I didn't understand what it was) and I thought it would be a complete wast of time - how wrong was I. This book was recommended by the group facilitator. I bought this book after my studies had finished, and was absolutely delighted and a little smug that the whole course of CBT was everything that I had studied in my groups, including Changing Core Beliefs (which I thought was impossible, it's not!).

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and this book really changed my life! After my studies, I didn't feel so alone, because I had this bible to refer back to, just to refresh. After 20 years, I am finally managing to live a normal, happy life. Obviously, I still have an off day, but thats all it is, an off day - it does not mean that I'm spiralling into the depths of depression again!

This really is a book for anyone suffering with any type of anxiety/depression. Believe me, I am eternally grateful that I had this book recommended to me, I would recommend it to anyone, no library can be complete without this book! *****
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2008
On the one hand, I didn't really discover anything new by reading this book. Unless this book is literally your first step to getting better, you will probably, on some level, already know everything that's within its pages. But lots of information by itself can be overwhelming and so it's easy to be discouraged about facing up to it. On the other hand, where this book is useful is in breaking down and tackling piece by piece your dysfunctional thinking.

I do also like the IDEA that this book gives you exercises to do so that you are no longer passive in your troubles, but you are active in getting to grips with them. In theory that's good, but in practice I have to admit to skipping over many of them. It's easy to persuade yourself that YOU don't need to do them because you can imagine what they're supposed to teach and you've learned that lesson already -- from another book, your therapist or just because it's so obvious anyway.

These exercises mostly involve filling in tables (like the Thought Record), lists and questionnaires. I particularly liked the Thought Record (which is the central idea and tool of the whole book) and I think I can see myself filling out many of these worksheets as the months go by even if I am not confident that they will produce any lasting benefit. However, doing many of these exercises in this book you do feel a little bit like a baby being spoon-fed. But then again you do probably secretly enjoy it too.

Lastly, it is comforting to be reminded that you are not alone in having psychological problems. So I liked the four or five case histories that the reader follows through the book and through the exercises. You could easily empathise with these people and I saw a little bit of myself in many of their thoughts and their experiences. And I'm also glad that in the epilogue we learn that they all got significantly better. But then again the authors would hardly have picked unresponsive cases to highlight.
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on 1 July 2007
When I had post-natal depression, OCD (cleaning...) and agoraphobia, my GP referred me to a psychologist. Who sat me down with this book. We worked through it, chapter by chapter. As a medical professional, I was familiar with the concepts, but hadn't been able to see clearly enough to put them into practice for myself. Within 18 months, I was living a full normal life and haven't had a panic attack since. 12 years on, I still refer other people to this book, use it with my own clients, and use the techniques to get me through exams, interviews and public speaking. Brilliant.
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on 8 April 2007
I read this book from two perspectives - that of a person who has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for many years. And also as a person who is now helping others to manage their own anxiety.

This book provides a very practical way to cope with anxiety. It uses the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach which is proven as a successful therapeutic method for treating anxiety and panic. The book is very action oriented and, through numerous worksheets, encourages the reader to try the techniques for themselves.

The exercises are deceptively simple but are very effective. I found that I had already used some of the techniques and this book helped me to develop them further and also reassured me that I was on the right path - both in how I cope with my own anxiety and how I support others who are in the same position.

This book is easy to understand and gives you the building blocks to manage anxiety and make the changes that will improve your life - highly recommended!
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