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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 13 December 1997
This is the most comprehensive book on Reiki that I have ever come across. I was so fascinated that I stayed up and read the whole book in one night--and I have read it, or even single chapters, again and again. Diane Stein's experiences in trying to find a way to learn Reiki (since her financial means were limited) were especially intriguing to me. I was convinced by her view that all people are meant to know Reiki, and as a Reiki Master, I have attuned everyone free. I do not have the time to teach extensively, so I explain the basics and see that the student has William Rand's Reiki, The Healing Touch for a basic introductory text. (I use a book in Japanese for those who don't read English.) For people who want more information, I always recommend Essential Reiki. I think taking classes with good teachers and classmates on whom to practice is probably the optimum way to learn Reiki, but as Ms. Stein says, that's not always an option.
Like the writer of another review, I do distant attunements, and the idea for doing so, and the instructions, I got from this book, although it seems that Ms. Stein does not herself do distant attunements intended to replace in-person ones.
Another piece of information I first encountered in Essential Reiki is the fact that doing too many attunements at once can exhaust a person. Her account of her own experiences was most helpful to me. It explained some odd experiences I had seen or heard of from others.
I don't always see eye to eye with Ms. Stein, as when she says one needs to put both hands on the body to do Reiki. I give myself Reiki on the train going to and from work, with only one hand on my body and the other hand holding the book I'm reading. She also says, or suggests, that one needs to actually touch to do Reiki, whereas I have felt Reiki from both myself and others when the hands are not touching the body. I also think she has an overly idealistic view of Buddhism. Living in Japan presents the religion and its effects a trifle differently than they are described by people who are acquainted with them mainly in theory.
These differences aside, I find Ms. Stein's book extremely valuable, and I have the utmost respect for her. I also admire her for her values and for all the good she is doing in the world. I know that her publishing the Reiki symbols is deplored by some, but I considered her reasons completely valid. In contrast to what is said in another review, I consider Ms. Stein's method of attunement excellent. I have only managed one in her style because I can't yet hold my breath long enough, but another (more experienced) American Reiki Master here says he has switched to her method of attunement because he finds it definitely stronger. For anyone who wants to know about Reiki in depth, this book is truly ESSENTIAL.
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on 29 August 1996
Diane Stein has written a true gem of a book. She expresses
the need for more healers in today's society. This book can
be seen as controversial because she publishes (I believe for
the first time) the Reiki attunement ceremonies and the Symbols
used by each level of Reiki including Master/Teacher. I have
had some comments about the "tone" of her book being anti-male-healer,
but I find that her language is the key -- she uses the words "she"
and "her" throughout the book instead of the "traditiona" he/him/his,
and because "we" as a society are not used to that, it has the
tendency to make male healers feel excluded. She does include specific
examples and illustrations using male subjects. I love this
book and recommend it very highly to anyone interested in
studying Reiki or for all existing Reiki practitioners and Masters.
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on 16 March 2002
I found this book easy to read and complete in its coverage of lineage, symbols, use and practice. Although I find Stein's rather chatty style and the rather dated hu-woman and wiccan language a little tiring, it is still my favourite Reiki book . I agree with her philosophy on the need for widely available Reiki and recomend the book for anyone at any level in healing. I would love to be attuned by her: she exposes the power and beauty of Reiki in her text, in practice I am sure she is a very powerful presence.
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on 14 April 1999
I read Diane Stein's book before I received my attunements. It was highly suggested by my Master Teacher. I found it to be a very comprehensive study and well illustrated. I was delighted to find the symbols for all 3 levels of Reiki and a complete explanation of her workshop sessions. I have 6 books on Reiki with their own style of writing, some more comprehensive than others on healing animals and varied information on the history, and healing techniques. Though I like them all (traditional), Essential Reiki is the most complete reference book that I have found. I am not wiccan, and I'm not a feminist. My background is Christian. The meta-physical side of me embraces the Truth in all religions. I am a Reiki Master in the non-traditional sense. Personally, I would exclude the power exercises in the back of her book, and refrain from the feminist slant that her book promotes. For this reason my rating is a 4 instead of a 5. At the same time I'm grateful that she had the courage and knowledge to write this book! The main difference I find between Diane's book and traditional Reiki is...non-traditional isn't secretive, and isn't exclusive because of cost. I teach in a workshop setting and give Reiki treatments. I am open to travel, and teach other self help workshops. You are welcome to contact me for further information.
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on 21 June 2005
This book was suggested to me and I am glad I read it!
It is very easy to follow and everything is clearly explained.
I can easily say that this is one of the best Reiki books around!
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on 16 August 2005
This is one of the best books on Reiki. It gives the reader a great insight into the ancient wisdom of the orient, and covers comprehensively the knowledge base needed for Reiki. It systematically covers all the Reiki Symbols. I would recommend it to any serious student of Reiki to Master Practitioners.
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on 29 May 2005
An amazing book. I'm doing a review on Spiritual Healing and Reiki for a Cancer Palliative Care course, the subject has become a bit of a mine field. Most books on Reiki keep the mystery but Essential Reiki tells it as it is? However, this is sending me to Attunement in Reiki I with quite a few questions. The book is a bit of a minefield in view of the history outlined which looks at Jesus' life as a healer and how, it claims, his life continued after his crucifixion. A lot of the information can be found in other books but this has more to offer and is excellent. I certainly recommend this book but cannot grade a 5 star because there is so much more reading to do. It has sent me on a mission of discovery that I could not have contemplated.
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on 18 April 2010
Like many people who buy this book, I too was pointed towards it by my Reiki teacher. Had I known it was concentrating on approaching Reiki from a Wiccan and feminist point of view I would not have bought it.
I am a Reiki Master but am a Christian too. The fact that she claims that Jesus not only survived the cruxifiction and then became a Budhist, led me to take her book out of the recommended reading section in my handbooks when teaching, I mention it and put it on the table for people to look through but will not recommend it for the reasons I will state.
I believe that it would put some people of Reiki. Reiki is not supposed to disrespect any religion and anyone can be included, even someone who does not believe can be taught Reiki. The book concentrated too much on the Wiccan approach and talked about Reiki as a woman to other women, a man would probably think that they are not suitable or that it is a 'woman thing' when of course that is far from the truth, Dr Usui was very much a man. The sexual nature of some of her treatments, read the migraine one, I think I stick to an asperin! is also too far removed from my comfort zone, I am not a prude but I draw the line somewhere.
The positive side of this book is that the sections that deal with Reiki alone, are indeed very good. She manages to teach us a symbol for those who just cannot master the master symbol and is a very good teacher that much is obvious. It is that part of the book that I think, makes a lot of teachers keep the book on the recommended reading list.
If you can use the book, solely on the Reiki chapters, it is a very good book, the thing that lets it down is the author seemingly trying to influence you with chapters that have nothing to do with Reiki and everything to do with her faith and her beliefs.
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on 4 January 1999
I have done Reiki I (1988) and Reiki II (1994) here in Switzerland. I found the Diane Stein book the most informative and most comprehensive book on Reiki I have come accross in English and in German. The book gave me a better understanding of the use of Reiki for self-healing and healing other and the use of Reiki for maintaining sound body, spirit and mind. I assume that many Reiki masters in Europe object to the disclosure of the Reiki symbols. I agree with Diane Stein that the time has come to open up and to make Reiki known and available to any and all that want to learn and use it. The books has a few slants I do not agree with. But then in the true Reiki and Christian spirit we must forget and forgive. The overall content of the book and they way it is written gives it a high ranking among its kind. Diane Stein has done the world a service and I congratulate her for it. I can recommend the book highly.
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on 5 May 2001
This book goes into great detail on all levels of Reiki and is so interesting you cannot put it down, you want to know more. I have just obtained this book after completing Reiki level two and it is very useful if you want to do distant healing. It also gives in great detail about any questions you may have regarding Reiki.
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