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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 June 2017
It is a striking and powerful deck. The companion book is excellent too.
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on 21 November 1998
The Cosmic Tribe Tarot is a synthesis of the artistic techniques used in the Crowley Thoth Deck and the Voyager Tarot. At its best, it has used the photographic style of the Voyager, but in a less busy way, in combination with traditional Rider-Waite symbology (5 Swords, 10 Swords, 10 Wands and Emperor.) It is less effective in the minor arcana cards that most resemble the Thoth Deck where the suit symbols are arranged as "counters" in a colorful and attractive pattern. This disparity of style is prominent enough to almost give the feel of two separate decks. The Voyager and Thoth Decks provide a key word on the minor arcana cards as an aid to those of us who otherwise depend on pictorial representation for interpretation. Although the accompanying book, a well-written and rewarding resource, provides a key word for each minor arcana card, these words are not present on the deck. It was wise of the creator to use the nude human figure thereby avoiding irrelevant and unintended connotation which clothing surely would provide. I am thinking here of the Yeager Tarot twenty-two years after publication. Who painted-on those briefs, and WHY? The male and female nudity is not offensive, disturbing or erotic; it helps us place ourselves in the situations of the figures on the cards.The inclusion of three Lovers cards is a welcome and thoughtful innovation. Perhaps the talented creator might consider a second edition in which the "counter" cards would be reworked into the beautiful and powerful allegory exhibited in some of the current cards.
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on 11 August 1999
This Tarot deck has changed my life. It's visual beauty and amazing text has become an outstanding tool for me. The most stricking tarot deck that I have come across, and I have many. I highly recoment it for anyone on a path of self exploration.
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on 29 June 1999
i've been reading tarot for five years now and am familiar with most decks out there. the cosmic tribe tarot is the most powerful deck i've come across. i would recommend it for advance tarot readers. it is a highly powerful and highly intense experience and has changed me as a Tarot reader!!!!!!
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on 21 December 1998
I have noticed tarot cards before and have been interested in their symbolism and meaning in my life, but not until this deck came along did it all make sense to me. The Cosmic Tribe Tarot really brings this ancient art of self-knowing into the 90's. Not only are Stevee Postman's cards cutting-edge with actual photographs magically and artfully manipulated (in Photoshop) into supernatural visions, but the narrative guidebook, thanks to Eric Ganther, has created a bridge for me to understand Tarot not just in my own language but allows me to comprehend the special language of Tarot.
I am also greatly refreshed by most of the people in the cards being nude. Our society's spirituality is so puritanical and screwed up because we have neglected our bodies in our spiritual practice. This deck accepts the body as beautiful and relevant to our spiritual maturity, while not using the erotic to glamorize. Thank you Stevee and Eric! I've bought a dozen as gifts for friends and I'll be buying more!
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on 6 August 2010
This tarot deck and book are absolutely stunning. I own several decks and this is by far my favourite. Highly recommended.
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on 19 November 1998
The artwork in this deck is stunningly beautiful, and Stevee Postman obviously spent a great deal of time on each image. The deck is based on the arrangement of the cards in the Thoth tarot deck by Aleister Crowley and Freida Harris, so if you like that deck you should like this one. Although the nude images were a bit startling at first, the symbolism of the cards matches reasonably well with the Crowleyan ideas.
The only thing which prevents me from giving this deck a full five stars is that the interpretations given for the cards are so bizarre and "bunny-huggerish" that it makes it difficult to read with this deck. As a reader, I am not inclined to use the Crowley deck anyway, and the curious meanings given in the book which accompanies the deck are utterly devoid of any practical guidelines to interpretations. Despite this shortcoming, the deck is worth the price simply for the artwork alone.
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on 2 November 1998
I didn't buy this deck online so was fortunately able to return it the same day I bought it! I picked up the box because many of the cards pictured looked like modern, colorful interpretations of the Aleister Crowley Thoth deck painted by Lady Freida Harris. When I opened the box and started looking through the book, I did see many cards that reminded me of the Crowley deck and they looked great. Unfortunately, all of the cards with people on them, including the major arcana cards and court cards, depicted images of naked people. Most are men and show full frontal nudity. Although the box describes the deck as "erotic", I did not find this to be true - it's nudity that doesn't quite fit with tarot symbolism (even for the 90's) in my opinion. I found that the nude male cards did not remind me of any tarot imagery I am familiar with and in fact, made me so uncomfortable I returned the deck immediately. I'm not sure who the intended audience of this deck is but it's not me! It's really too bad because some of the minor cards have great artwork and new interpretations of traditional symbolism. I just couldn't see myself using the deck to do readings for myself or anyone else.
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on 15 December 1998
The Cosmic Tribe Tarot is an exciting new Tarot Deck with some of the most beautiful artwork and inspiring words that I have run across. I am amazed and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new and exciting way to experience the Tarot as a tool of transformation.
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