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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 19 April 2017
This book is great fun. Can be used at any time to search for answers to one's queries about just about any aspect of one's future.

Attractive format. Great for parties and family gatherings too.

Good value.
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on 18 May 2017
Practically immaculate & a well treasured old friend, many thanks
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on 14 December 2004
I really like this book and find it very accurate, naturally when one concentrates enough. My book is falling apart, I have used it so much. I also read cards and often use this in conjunction. I really love Titanias books.
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on 6 June 2007
I was given this book years ago as a present by my sister and I can say it's uncannily accurate if used as per the instructions - and I don't mean daily horoscope accurate in a way that could be interpreted in any which way for anyone - I mean generally very specific in a way personal to your question. For example, 2 weeks ago, I questioned it about my career prospects and was duly told that I'd pretty much had none unless I moved away from where I am just now. Being an answer I didn't like much, I forgot about it pretty quickly (as I am wont to do) but now I have an interview in the city where my sister lives that isn't really that far away from where I am now, but is certainly somewhere diferent! And this job was something I went for without the Oracle guidence in my head, it just seemed to hapen that way (and I only remembered asking about it yesterday!). OK, so I'm still to get the job, but you'll see where I'm heading with this?! Anyway, if you do buy it, definatly do like the book suggests and keep a book of all the questions and the answers you get - in time, you'll be more than surprised!
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on 26 November 2008
This book has an essence of the "reassuring" about it. I use it when Im afraid I have bored all my friends to death talking over and over about an issue/problem I may have about something. It always gives me reassurance. The answers are uncannily accurate, although I do often feel that I know the answer before I have asked the question (which in fact has been one of Titanias answers!). I think its up to the reader as to whether they make decisions based on the answers in this book or not, but for me I have found it more of a gentle guiding hand. Its like getting some lovely counselling.

I am a fan of this book and in fact am writing this review just before buying another copy for a friend.

I dont think its insulting to magic (as one review said), but more of a gentle introduction to divination.

If you have questions that you feel you need answers to such as "why doesnt... call me" or "what does the long term future hold for me" or "have I met my soulmate" then buy this book!
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on 5 January 2012
There are alot of oracles like this out there-Gypsy fortune cards,The answer book,The book of fate etc.This is better than most as it gives questions you can ask again:'what lies ahead for me?','will my wish come true?','what months this year will be best for me?',along with 'Have I met my soulmate','Will I achieve my ambitions?'Rather than giving just the usual one-time only questions,it gives a useful selection of both types of questions.I love this book and its fun and informative to use.
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on 25 July 1999
Different people will approach this book with different ideas and demands-and I believe it would satisfy anyone. I bought this book more out of intrigue than to really see what my future held. However I would wholly recommend the Oraqle. Whilst some questions such as "What will my future husband/wife look like?" are more for curiosity than anything else, others may encourage more thought about your life. Or maybe not- it just depends how you use the book. Being displeased at the description of my future husband, I repeated the question over and over, so eventually I ended up with about 10 different answers! However, there are some questions where answers are consistently the same.... Whether used seriously, or as a way to pass the time at a party, I guarantee that Titania's Oraqle will provided substantial entertainment!
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on 22 September 2011
I must say that I am really happy that I bought this book as it really is a fun way to find answers to any questions listed in the book. The answers are also quite precise which in a way is quite frightening. Some of the answers have already come true to my great surprise! It is a fun way to have a go at divination in a lighthearted and entertaining way with friends. I really recommend this book as you can't change the answers and you have no idea what the answer may be until you look it up! A nice alternative to the more traditional divination tools such as tarots.However, it may not list all your questions but it has a good general gist for any areas of life.
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on 12 May 2014
Ive never had this book In hardback so im happy ...secondly book was preloved and in great condition so im still happy ..thirdly postage and price was good so would I order again from world of books ltd ? Yes more than happy too..books brillliant thank you
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on 24 February 2013
With any oracle you consult, the key to 'its' answer's relevance, accuracy, etc, is naturally your own genuine, open-minded, focused attention upon question asked and answer sought - flippancy, manipulation, obsessive question-asking and so forth will not be rewarded, 'ask a silly question, get a silly answer'. However, the layout, images and procedure for using this particular oracle have, thus far, yielded up extremely - spookily! - accurate, relevant 'answers'. Use alone or in conjunction with other oracles by way of clarification/expansion. Recommended!
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