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on 15 July 2007
This is the first review I have ever posted (usually too lazy!). However this book is worthy of mention. It is without doubt the most comprehensive, accessible, interesting and interactive book I have ever read and used. The design, layout and construction are excellent. Three primary sections include - the history of the bass, bass equipment and a tutorial section. Whatever standard you are at, whatever your interest in the bass (or indeed just in music) you will not regret purchasing this book. To any bass beginner it is indispensable.
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on 17 November 2017
No words, but a complete method of studies for the bass.
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on 2 January 2008
I buy a lot of books each year, and the quality, presentation and authorship of this is simply superb ... the instant I opened it a smile came to my face - this is exactly the book I need as a bass player who is starting over again after a number of years absense! ... not only does it give good solid instruction in a very clear manner but also covers the history and all of the "other stuff" one needs to know (such as how to match a bass head amp to a cabinet ... not something you want to have to find out at the last minute as you blow (someone elses) very expensive piece of equipment!!

Dont even think about it - just buy it :)
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on 28 December 2006
The first thing I would like to point out is the very practical and hardwearing aspests of the format of this book. Not a paperback as described but a a hard back spiralbound book which comfortably fits on a music stand without having to be weighed down. The book is well illustrated with colour illustrations, with entertaining information on all aspects of the bass guitar - and thats even before coming to an excellent tutorial. The tutorial is well laid out and worth starting from the beginning whatever stage you are at, I appreciated the way the notes on the fretboard were laid out over 3 lage easy to understand diagrams - this is true of the whole book and bang on when it comes to the TABS found in the book - unlike other tutorials you dont need a telescope propped up in front of your music stand to read them. I mention TAB, however the author is a firm believer in reading standard notation and the book is the clearest I have read in its explantion of the how and why? Overall this is great value for money (especially on Amazon) and the care and attention that has gone into it helps, I think, to make the task of learning that bit more enjoyable.
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on 2 May 2008
Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of bass guitar (history, buying guitars, amps etc) in a practical and hardwearing format.
But, best of all, is the section on musical theory and sight reading. Easy to understand and apply. Indispensable if you want to be a better musician.
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on 26 January 2008
This starts with a guide to buying a bass and discussions on the
types of strings used, and itsa written clearly and easily.
Also useful things like ohms law are explained (i.e. how to wire up speaker
cabinets without damaging them or the amplifier)

This takes you from beginer level and has tabs and bass clef music
for the tutotials + a CD to play along to.

I really like this book. I bought a bass and a 30 watt amp recently and this book is
teaching me really well.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 November 2010
Maybe some of the reviewers didn't read the same book I read. Like the 1* reviewer, this was a book I returned as well. As bass teacher this was a book I hadn't yet read and I was looking for some new material for my beginners. Looking at the reviews and their enthusiasm, this seemed to fit the bill. I was pretty dissappointed to get one of those highly illustrated and blocked out text books that leaves you feeling you have a big book, but one that doesn't seem to satisfy any specific appetite. (I once wrote for a well know book publisher that's know for this style of work and it was all about writing the right number of words for boxes and creating the right size diagram for the right part of a page. Stylistically it looked great - but it certainly wasn't my best work.) This seems to suffer from the same syndrome - an encylopedia of information about all aspects of the bass, bass amps, styles, bass player stars, history and technology - but not a great place to start learning how to play - unless you believe you need to read the 150 pages before the playing bit. So back it went to Amazon. Very dissapointing because there is actually quite a shortage of good beginners books. (Time I wrote one maybe?)

I'd suggest if you want to learn the basics and some music notation as well, try the Hal Leonard Method for Bass Hal Leonard Bass Method: Complete Edition or maybe another book by Ed Friedland that uses a lot of his walking basslines ideas from another book he wrote - but this rock version doesn't need music reading Building Rock Bass Lines (book & CD). Also very good and the first of three books in the series is the Alfred Publishing book, Beginning Electric Bass Complete Electric Bass Method: Beginning Electric Bass Of the three? Take the Building Rock Basslines as a first book.

If you are giving someone a bass guitar for the first time and they express an interest in learning all about the back story to electric bass, then 'The Bass Handbook' might be a good buy. But in my opinion it's trying to cover too much ground, but it is good value for what you get.
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on 4 September 2012
After buying a bass guitar on Ebay, I decided to buy this book as a guide and practice book.

The book contains ALOT of background information on the electric bass from inception to current(at time of book publishing) including bass players, guitars and kit associated. The buyer's guide inside is also very good and wish I had before I brought the one I have on Ebay. The main section I was interested in was the bass practice sections. I wanted something that catered for a new bass player but had previous music theory knowledge so all I needed was technique. The book does this very well with introductions for complete novices to tone, key, scales, time signatures and tab but also bass players that need better technique such as finger exercises, placement and basic riffs and guidance on the bass role.

I am giving this book 4 stars as it does everything I want but it is a bit dry for novices when introducing scales and other music theory that may put them off. For intermediates and people such as myself with music backgrounds, this book is perfect.
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on 24 September 2009
If you really want to know how many L6L tubes each 1950's bass amplifier model had installed - get this book! However if you simply want to start learning how to PLAY the bass, forget it. Get 'Bass Guitar for Dummies' with its far superior page by page fretboard diagrams, far better step by step instructions and an excellent CD.

I have many sad things to say about this book. Amongst them - only the first fifth (53 pages to be exact), which you can browse on 'look inside this book' and through which you would flip in a book shop - are in colour. A lot of colour. From then on, you have a desert of a couple of hundred pages in black and white. I leave you to draw your own conclusions. The spiral bound back could have been a good idea - but the way it is physically made you have to turn very carefully one page at a time, whilst moving large sections to get to other parts of the book is really difficult. The recorded CD, in my humble opinion, is really poor. The font is thin and grey - not all of us are in our 20's. It was difficult to read in lamp light even with my glasses on.

I sent it back to Amazon - first time in years I have ever done this.
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on 11 September 2010
This book is great for beginners however it's got a mistake on page 128 on diagram 2. First column has 2 B-flats where it should be A-flat after the G on the first string. Whoever proof-read the book isn't a musician :) But generally great tips on hand positioning and basic theory. Highly recommended
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