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on 14 December 2002
This book is not only great reference material written by someone with roughly 40 years of experience in the field of guitar building and repair, it also deals with a wide scope of subjects - from cleaning the finish on your guitar and tips on how to adjust different types of bridges (tune-o-matic, vintage trem, floyd rose etc), to really critical repair jobs like refretting or even complete instructions for routing / installing a floyd rose trem and locking nut. So in a sense, this book also covers customizing / guitar building topics, but the emphasis is of course on repairs and setting up electrics/acoustics. There's a LOT of stuff in this book, but what's so great about it is that you get comprehensive chapters on each subject, whether it's repair or set-up related, which enables you to find what you need - really fast. The set-up procedures for things like adjusting the action are presented in depth and step by step, not just the basics but also explaining what tools and methods can be helpful in order to get consistent, professional results - and, most importantly - what pitfalls to avoid ! While some of the more "advanced" topics (which requires not only the skills but also the tools for the job, like refretting, etc) is aimed more at the professional builder / repair shop; it's really great to read about this stuff - you gain a better understanding of what makes a guitar's playability. There are also a number of interviews with guitar builders, famous players, and their technicians - and these are very interesting to read, without exception. I wish the section on electronics and wiring was a bit more detailed, but then again the author himself says this would be outside of the scope of his book - he also refers to "Guitar Electronics for Musicians", which is a great addition to this book (I bought it as well).
Overall, I think you can hardly go wrong with Mr. Erlewine's book, especially at this down-to-earth price. It not only lives up to its title, you will find there's much more interesting information in it than you'd expect. Moreover the terminology is easily accessible - even for the beginner.
This book is also pleasant to read and I guess you will definitely pick it up again on a regular basis to look something up or just reread a chapter or two... at least, I do ! Highly recommended.
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on 16 December 2002
I have found this book a tremendously useful reference.
Containing essential measurements, step by step guides, and as many useful hints and tips as you can take in, this is THE reference book for those looking to set up their guitr, right from the basics like setting up a tremolo through to tuning tips.
My stratocaster now plays in tune (even with a standard vintage tremolo), has a far better tone than before, and does exactly what I want it to. I wont let a repair shop set up for me any more!
Thanks Dan, a cracker.
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on 21 December 2004
Since I bought this book I have learned so much, not only how to make my own guitar play great but also to help other players understand how their guitar should play. I am amazed at how many people pay out hundreds of pounds yet pay little if no attention to their guitar once purchased. I was totally amazed at the results of a proper set-up, from the ease of the action to the way that the guitar now keeps tune for so much longer. I have been a player now for 20 odd years but I had been in the dark for the last 19 and with this book I now look at my guitars in a totally diferent light. I highly recommend this book to all competent guitarists with a modicum of DIY skills, it is absolutely a must!
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on 20 January 2004
I received this book yesturday and have to say that Im a little dissappointed.
Ive been playing guitars for 10 years now. In the last 4 years, ive attempted my own setups based on the manufacturers guidelines and advice from internet resources. I read the previous reviews of this book and thought that this would be a setup "bible". However, in my opinion, there is very little ground-breaking information in this book. Much of this a guitar player should know (and could know with a little reasearch)in order to keep their insturment in check and in tune.
I would like to say that this book is aimed at beginners but I think its very advanced if that was its aim. In several places it suggests investing in very expensive tools (e.g. precision straightedges). I understood that some of this book was to eliminate expensive setup costs?? In some places this book is more of a huge advertisement for the stew-mac guitar shop in the US. If you are considering to undertake mods/repairs with the aid of this book - be prepared to spend money on tools such as a bench router, a dremmel router, straightedges etc etc.
I cant say the book is useless as it HAS taught me a lot. However, there is nothing fundamentally new here. If youre reasonably able to setup your guitar at the moment - dont expect this book to surprise you too much as you'll be doing much of it already. It will however add depth to your knowledge on the "why" of what youre doing. Its a bit of a tease really - all the "juicy" bits are skipped over briefly.
Good bits - The Pro Setups section is useful, if youre interested on how some great blues (and ONLY blues) players set up their guitars. The nut section is also good but Ive found all these methods available on the internet.
Bad bits - The Floyd Rose installation chapter was very very dissappointing. It does NOT give you the necessary dimensions of the top/bottom cavitys and does NOT give sufficient guidance on routing . It merely suggests that you buy the templates and bits - and hey presto - its done. The templates and bits cost £200 total by the way !! A more detailed section on routing for beginners would have made this book more worthwhile.
Note to the author: Most guitar players are not carpenters. We do not have workshops with special tools and money to spend on expensive apparatus. Perhaps a furture edition will take conisgance of this??
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I cannot praise this book enough. It unravels the mysteries of the "pro-setup" that a music store will charge you the earth for. Even if you never pluck up the courage to tinker with your axe, it will help you identify any problem yourself and make you able to communicate this to a repair shop. Even the most unscrupulous repairman will think twice about ripping you off, if he thinks you know what you talking about!!
The author is obviously up there with the best of the best and is more than willing to share the tricks of the trade that he has picked up over many years. He explains everything in a clear, concise and often entertaining manner and always tells you what you can tinker with without damaging your instrument and what could be risky!
The interviews with famous guitarists such as B.B and Albert King about their weapons of choice and their setups are well worth the asking price alone...and if you have a cheap guitar to build up your skills on, you may never have to put the love of your life into the shop again.
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on 12 April 1999
Anyone who knows of Dan Erlewine(?) or has seen his repair videos knows that he is a genius repairman! This book took me from knowing nothing about guitar repair- to doing my own fret jobs! This book is way under-priced once you realize how much money you are saving in repairs. Plus, no more waiting 2 weeks to get your guitar back from the shop just to realize that the bonehead who "fixed" it actually totally screwed it up! In this book, Dan explains everything in 'real-people' terms and really lines it out for you- lots of pictures!!! A MUST HAVE!
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on 8 December 2003
The book covers it all, it even covers the stuff you don't need to know. Each task is broken down into detailed paragraphs which take you through each step, leaving you with no questions. The pictures are clear and of a decent size. If this book was half the size or even a third it would be worth the money.
You do need some specific tools as you can imagine but it gives you enough info to improvise. I was a complete amateur and had no idea about how to sort out my guitar. This book has given me a great reference for fututre repairs.
Whether this book will give you the confidence to take a file and knife to your significant other (your guitar!) is another thing. But it provides you with a deep insight into how your guitar works. fantastic product!
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on 7 April 2008
This is not a book for luthiers, and it doesn't pretend to be. Dan has unrivalled skills in guitar making and repair as anyone who has shopped with Stewart-Macdonald can attest and his skill and entusiasm comes across in this book but don't buy it if you expect it to help you with a guitar build

It's aimed at guitar players wanting to get more out of their instrument with a knowledgable setup - this can make or break the guitar experience - and players wanting to perform the more frequent repair jobs.

In terms of describing how to set up various types of guitar, it's one of the best I've seen.

A very useful book, now sold in it's 3rd edition with the DVD.
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on 30 November 2007
A very nice book, like being advised about what to do with your guitar by a good friend, who happens to be a guitar expert. I like the book so much I bought another Dan Erlewine book recently!
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on 10 December 2015
First class book everything you would ever need to know about guitars & easy to understand
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