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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

on 19 September 2017
Not for me.
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on 3 August 2017
Great read
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on 8 October 2011
This is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what Aleister Crowley was really about. It certainly gives the lie to those who believe that Crowley was a black magician - an invention of the gutter press during the 1920's.

In this work Crowley clearly explains his position on black magic as well as the basics of his own magickal system of Thelema. The clue to the absurd accusations of black magic lies in one of Crowley's other essays (An initiated interpretation of ceremonial magic) in which he states "Magic is a mirror, wherein one who sees muck, is muck."

Aleister Crowley devoted his life to the pursuit of Life, Love and Liberty, which is why he is loathed by the powers that be and the gutter press, who want to keep you in your place so that you can serve their iniquitous purposes.

Readers of any of Crowley's works also need to remember that he had an all-pervading sense of humour and often dealt with delicate or esoteric matters symbolically rather than literally.
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on 6 August 2016
This product is a fake. This is not the real thing and is poor rendition of a great book. I would suggest just buying the original Book 4, where this book first appears to avoid dissapointing texts like this. I will be reporting to the copyright holders.
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on 9 February 2017
Another `Createspace` sham production. Make sure you look at the description photo as this is not a hardback copy of `Magick` but a slim paperback with massive printed text. Sick of these people.
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on 27 March 2012
Crowley's esoteric masterpiece - 25 years in construction - is divided into four parts: 1)Mysticism, (incorporating Yoga and Meditation); 2)Magick: Elementary Theory, (outlining the symbolism of the Wand, Cup, Sword, Robe, etc., employed in Ceremonial Magick); 3)Magick in Theory & Practice, (in essence the Philosophical, Kabbalistic and Scientific basis of Magick); 4)The Law Of Thelema: being an autobiographical account of how Crowley came to receive the Book Of The Law, followed by a full transcript of the text.

This tome is revered amongst Crowley Disciples as a kind of Occult Bible - and it certainly is the practical and theoretical cornerstone of the Religion of Thelema. What quite a few of Aleister's fans do not realize, however, is that he wrote "Magick" as a reference book, or guide: an addition to one's own independent line of esoteric study. Such is clearly outlined in the introductory "Note" penned by Mary d'Este Sturges, in which she also states that A.C. "does not ask for followers". Try telling that to the veritable legions of Crowley obsessives in existence nowadays. Put simply: the complex and (alleged) incomprehensible nature of the work which has left so many seekers dumbfounded and confused is a rich and colourful, alternative universe, the intention of which is to totally absorb the consciousness of the individual and cut off the malaise of triviality and "everydayness" - thus allowing supernormal, subconscious powers to be liberated. This process also underpins the nature of ALL Occult Ceremonies and Rituals.

The rationale lying behind Aleister's execution of this work lay in his strenuous conviction that each individual human being should strive to discover their True Will. The active pursuit of this goal must take precedence over everything else, the basic idea being to "free-up" the individual and force him/her to realize that they have been - in essence - living a lie. Whatever a person's role, rank, position or status in life, there was the probability that this was a falsehood, an act, a role-play.

The dangers of Crowley's Magick as outlined in this work have been exaggerated and misinterpreted by the frightened, the righteous and the hysterical. Many self-ordained "Crowleyites" are self-evidently driven by nothing more than a completely insincere, ego-driven lust "to be a Magician". By their very pretentious, imbecilic stances and puerile posturings, these people involuntarily and unwittingly actually do Invoke powerful Forces that will painfully make them realize that they are fakes, charlatans, pretenders. In each case, the extrovert egomaniac will be faced with the unpleasant fact that his True Will has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Magick, Thelema or, indeed, Occultism of any kind. Its real nature is yet to be discovered.

"Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law" means "Find out precisely who you really are - not what your idealistic, ego-crafted image of yourself happens to be." This is why the charlatans are pre-destined to be self-destroyed by the very Forces they so arrogantly and erroneously align themselves with.
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on 13 September 2017
Here is one of the best introductions to the magickal tradition by Aleister Crowley. Also it is one of the best editions of Crowley's masterpiece.
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on 14 March 2016
I should have read the detailed description which starts "Based on instruction from Liber ABA, Book 4..." i.e. this isn't the real thing - it's a précis of the original and not a very good one either in my opinion.
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on 9 January 2016
Another blatant, copyright-infringing copy of an original book, self-published via the "anything goes" Createspace platform so that yet another unidentified wretch can cash in on the works of others. In this instance, the illegal breach of copyright has been reported to Weiser Books and the O.T.O.
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on 9 January 2001
Aleister Crowley - The name conjours up many images. Charlatan, mystic, con-man, evil, genius. Throughout his life and even now, he is either reviled or hailed by those who have heard of him.
This is his definitive text, containing firstly of a dicusion on religions, where they agree or are similair, and where they differ.
There is then a dicussion on meditation, followed by (the bulk of the book), Crowley's system of Magick. This is not conjuring, but magick to contact other beings, for the purpose of enlightenment and knowledge. (he himself contacted his guardian angel, a being who dictated the Book of the Law to him, which included the famous phrase "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law").
Whether the reader intends to follow in the footsteps of Aleister Crowley, or is mearly interested in reading a work by the man as opposed to a book about him, this is an essential purchase . On the one hand, it is his seminal work. On the other is a very interesting insite into the beliefs of on of the most enigmatic men of the 20th century
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