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on 19 March 2017
Those who want it will most likely already know that it is a book of correspondences. It is not for the beginner. It takes a bit of Qabalistic knowledge to understand it. For the serious practitioner, therefore.
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on 24 March 2017
This is a very useful book for magicians who are Qabalists. It consists of tables of the 32 paths, etc.. Stolen by Crowley from the Golden Dawn.
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on 20 March 2017
Just what I expected. Grate
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If you have anything less than a competent understanding of Qabalah this work will prove overwhelming. I remember staring at it in disbelief. But persist and you will be rewarded. '777' consists of three parts: 'Gematria', an account of Qabalah in general, '777', a voluminous collection of data lists (with just about enough explanation) and 'Sepher Sephiroth', a lexicon of important Hebrew. To all intents and purposes it is a reference manual of Magick, mysticism and mythology; a melting-pot of all traditions most would care to mention. Ideally one should supplement '777' with 'The Book of Thoth' and the 'Thoth Tarot' as you will find the Tarot frequently determines the rationale behind correspondences. I would not recommend that you read it through, cover to cover fashion (excepting 'Gematria') - it is not amenable to that approach. Dip in and out, enjoy yourself!
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on 8 November 1998
I really can't think of anything major to add to the other reviews on this page. I am am magician, and, as such, I use this book call the time. I've never been able to find another book or set of books that has the amount of information as 777. The precision of the tables and correspondenses is more amazing with each time that I use it. For any doubters about Aleister Crowley's ability or knowledge: 777 will set you straight. Read; learn; understand!
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on 17 May 1998
This book is a dictionary for the art of Gematria, or interpreting numbers as standing for words. This is not an easy pursuit, but this book helps a great deal. The first part is an article on Gematria (which takes its name from the fact that the Hebrew letter Gema, equivalent to Gamma or C/G, stands for the number 3), a basic description of how it works and why it's important. The third part is a dictionary of commonly used Hebrew magickal words, listed by number. The second part is the meat of the work: Liber 777, a magickal dictionary. Here we find that every number from one to 32 corresponds to a particular name, scent, element, tarot card, &c. An experienced magus can use these correspondicies to create a spell more effectively.
A warning to beginners: this book will NOT teach you the basics of spellcasting or magick. To learn that, I'd recommend starting, perhaps, with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki's Ceremonial Magick Workbook.
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on 8 June 1998
A book of such magnitude definitely belongs to the shell of all serious student of Magick, it is the Great grandfather of other books concerning gematria . This book is definitely worth any penny in your pocket.Do yourself a favour, buy it! Aleister Crowley's work may be strange and crytic, but trust me, this is one of those works where a good understanding of the Art Magick and English will suffice.
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on 3 January 1998
This is a Textbook on Gematria, (the Spiritual Essence of the Numerical Value of Words, Names, or even General Phrases). This is Not a book for the Dabbler in the Occult Sciences but a Reference Book on Kabbalah,(Qabalah), the Tree of Life and the Magical Alphabet! The many, many Tables of Correspondences listed in this book will give the Seeker of Truth the Truth he or she needs to delve into the Deep, Deep Mysteries of God! Aleisters committment to become the Man of Sin and in essence become the correspondent of the living Christ in the Earth along with his commitment to "persevere to the end" in his Tarot studies certainly pays off in this Extreme Religion known as Qabalah. For just a taste of the many Revelation one may enconter in this book is the Revation of the Number 666. In the Section titled SEPHER SEPHIROTH Aleister lists the Numbers 1-1000 with additions up to 3321 along with Hebrew Words and Spellings. In this Gematria the Numerical Interpretation of 666 in none other than, "Aleister E. Crowley" and, (you guessed it), "The Name of Jesus"! If you don't have this Book in your Magikal Library you owe it to yourself to Buy it!!!
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on 3 August 1998
This is the best book of Kabbalistic Correspondences that I know of. No matter how you feel about Crowley, this is a valuable resource as a reference book. I have used this book to create elemental rituals for my wicca practice as well as making talismen for spells. This book is similar to having a dictionary as a reference to write, so you need to have knowledge of magick before you use the information inside. Gematria! Wow! The information on gematria is great and puts a new twist on numerology for those who practice pythagorian numerology as I do. Try analizing your name or a word in both...Awesome!
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on 22 May 2012
Edited and introduced by Dr. Israel Regardie, a man who knew Crowley personally, this extensive collection of selected writings on the Qabalah is presented in three main sections. In part one there is Crowley's essay `Gematria' which is reprinted from `The Temple of Solomon the King', found in The Equinox, volume I, number 5. Gematria is a system based on the relative numerical `Qabalistic' value of words as found in the Hebrew Alphabet. Other forms of the literal Qabalah are `Notariqon', in which every letter of a word is taken from the initials or is an abbreviation of another word; and `Temura' which is a permutation, substituting one letter for another letter in the Alphabet etc. Also included is Crowley's `An Essay upon Number'.
In the second part of the book we find Liber 777 which first appeared in 1909 and is a series of tables showing the relationships or `correspondences' between certain numbers and objects, thoughts, ideas, symbols, elements and planetary spheres; various religions and magical systems - it is a structured, magical and philosophical dictionary.
And finally, in part three, we find `Sepher Sephiroth', which first appeared in The Equinox, volume I, number 8. It is a dictionary, listing hundreds of Hebrew words with their numerical values and equivalent words of the same numeration. This book is an invaluable source of reference!
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