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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 27 October 2000
Unless you already have an indepth knowledge of occult matters and esoteric doctorines, you may find this book intelligable.
It is obviously highly thought of by many students of Tarot and the occult, but for most, I believe it will only serve to confuse and bewilder.
For example, a short quotation, 'One important interpretation of Tarot is that it is a Notariqon of the Hebrew Torah, the Law; also of ThROA, the gate. Now, by the Yetziratic attributions...this word may be read The Universe-the new-born Sun-Zero.'.
If your interest is pureley Tarot based, I have found 'Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom' by Rachel Pollack to be an informative and enjoyable study of the traditional Tarot. And for total beginners 'Learning the Tarot' by Joan Bunning an excellent start.
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on 9 April 2009
I came to Crowley many years ago in an odd way. I was on holiday, driving along the road in a seaside town when something in a bookshop window caught my eye - or rather registered subliminally - since I was going too fast to actually see anything clearly. I just had to go back and see what it was that had attracted me so curiously - it was Crowley's Theory And Practice and I just had to have it although at the time I was not especially interested in this stuff. Most of it was unintelligible butI found things in it that were uncannily pertinent to my life so I persevered and I am glad I did. When I got round to buying the Thoth deck and book I had a fair grounding in Crowlian thought - even so I found the cards to be amazingly pregnant with meaning and astoundingly accurate when consulted. It is hard enough for an artist to depict what is visible but to depict what is invisible in the way Crowley and Harris have done here is almost beyond belief. You will, at this point, gather that I am something of a fan. All you need to get the most out of Crowley is intelligence, sensitivity, imagination, humour and perseverance. There are some good books on the Tarot - Oswald Wirth is excellent, Ouspensky's little volume a gem - but this is THE book.
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Most importantly small black and white pictures of the 'Thoth Tarot' are included as well as several full size colour prints. And, needless to say, the Tarot deck itself is required for a chance at full understanding. Readers should remember the book was written very late in Crowley's career and represents, in some senses, the culmination of his Magick. For those interested in the Qabalistic side of things, the 'Book of Thoth' can be supplemented beautifully by '777'. It is complex, even for Crowley. I am unsure if one could call it a reference manual or if '...perusal may be omitted with advantage.' as the introduction states. Of most of the people I meet, into Crowley, it seems to be the popular favourite.
The will to love is the law to live.
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on 27 July 1997
The Thoth tarot deck is one of the most popular today; its lucid, interconnected, and rich depth of symbolism is rewarding and thought-provoking. The artwork is excellent, the symbolism behind it compelling. Crowley's "Book of Thoth" is an excellent book for both the beginner and more advanced students, serving as an introductory work pointing out multiple rewarding paths of study for the interested student to pursue, from astrology to Kabbalah to Thelema's philosophy. One of his most accessible works, the writing style is lucid and entertaining, mixing a well-presented wealth of information with dry and frequently perverse humor. One of the best Tarot books you will ever own, period.
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on 14 February 2017
A 'must have' for anyone possessing a Crowley Thoth tarot pack.....
A mixture of intelligent, lucid and historic guidance into the Thoth tarot world.....allied to some of the more obscure and eccentric views of the occult world peculiar to Crowley....
Crowley is an influential figure in modern occult thinking....and has become 'fashionable' in rock music circles....
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on 23 January 2002
This is an excellent book for those interested in the works of Aleister Crowley although, as with most of his works, it is not for beginners. This Tarot system is one of the more complicated.
For those that can follow the terminoloy and the esoteric references it can provide a powerful divination system, for all his faults Aleister Crowley wa a powerful man.
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on 26 April 2016
Fabulous book. I've been working with the Tarot deck for quite some time with amazing accuracy so it seemed it was time to now read the book and I'm not disappointed. I'm glad I've read the cards before the book though but this book is a wonderful addition to them.
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on 29 October 2015
Brilliant artwork. Comprehensive information. Good value for money. You can use this book for the tarot information as an alternative book or just for the artwork.
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on 30 August 2011
Excellent book to be used in conjunction with his excellent cards.
The book gives the clearest explanation of tarot cards I have ever come across
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on 7 May 2016
Again I bought this as a thank you present and the receiver was very happy with my choice
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