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4.6 out of 5 stars

on 9 June 2012
To have a problem, you must also already have the solution because otherwise you wouldn't know you have a problem...

That's how the brain works. It looks for patterns and compares what it perceives to existing knowledge...

The answer within is a very wonderful book that covers therapeutic hypnosis from an "Ericksonian perspective" and you will benefit from reading this book more than once.

Some books on hypnosis are very dry and academic, and some books are very light hearted or a bit "airy fairy - look into my eyes" and this book sits somewhere between the two.

I say this because it is a very in depth and cleverly laid out book. In parts it reads like a story and yet it is very thorough in covering the hypnotherapuetic intervention from initial consultation to closure.

It also covers the skilfulness that was Milton Erickson as as Erickson would say before he embarked on a hypnotic journey with you, "my voice goes everywhere with you, and changes into the voice of your parents, your teacher, your playmates and even the voice of the wind and the rain..."

Stephen and Carol Lankton have created a great reference and fantastic testament to the usefulness of using hypnotic language to help create change.

Part one covers background material, principles of treatment, the diagnostic framework and a good 50 pages just on metaphor including "real transcripts" of Erickson using hypnosis to create positive change.

Part two covers induction patterns and again uses lots of real life examples and actual transcripts of Erickson and has a great exercise using conscious / unconscious dissociation language patterns such as, "your conscious mind may be wondering about certain things because your unconscious mind holds a vast storehouse of learnings, dreams, and potentials..." Powerfully simple stuff...

Part three covers the reality of how directive indirect Ericksonian actually is and has a great couple of pages specifically about direct work on core issues. By bypassing and breaking conditioned responses and facilitating new experiences Erickson creates "cure"...

This is the key to therapeutic interventions - experiential learning creates a new reality and "dehypnotises" rather than hypnotises...

Most people are already in a trance and a good therapist will create a better trance... Or a better script... Or a more helpful relationship... Etc etc...

This is a really good book and if you get the chance to buy one then it will sit well on your "helping bookshelf"...
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VINE VOICEon 4 January 2002
The book is an excellent dissertation on Ericksonian methodology from diagnosis through to treatment. I have read numerous books on Ericksons work and this rates right up there with the best. It is not an easy read however and a solid background in hypnotherapy and even psychotherapy would be helpful before embarking on this adventure.
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