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on 8 February 2006
If your new to Magick, this book is your very best choice. It’s written in a personable, easy-going, and comforting style. The writer takes you by the hand and becomes your friend and personal guide to a new and magickal land. With him you encounter magickal spells, elemental forces, archangels and has discussions about the nature of God and the meaning of the Tree of Life. The book is based on an original mail-order course on Ceremonial Magick. This might explain why the chapters are always succinct and structured, with just enough examples and anecdotes thrown in to keep the subject matter alive. There are not many books out there that cover such a vast subject in such an accessible and bite-size format.
The descriptions of the complicated Golden Dawn rituals are wonderfully clear, and make them easy to carry out. This is practical and powerful advice, from someone who not only preaches but actually practices magick. This book is not to be finished in one sitting. It will accompany you for years to come on your path to magickal mastery. It goes from the LBRP to Crowleyan-style invocations straight on to actual sex magick rituals.
Despite the subject matter, the tone always remains light and cheerful. Nothing for ‘goths’ here. There’s also no mention of Chaos Magic. For some European readers, these might be turnoffs, because it’s obvious that there also some darker sides to the occult, and why gloss these over? If your main interest is in the Tarot, then this book is also not for you. The particular deck that is recommended for use with this book (the Golden Dawn deck illustrated by Robert Wang) is not the ideal choice for doing readings.
On the other hand, the bibliographical references are superb, and provide a real starting point for magicians of all levels for serious magickal studies. This book will lead the field for years to come.
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on 7 April 2006
Just thought I'd mention how much I got out of this book and how valuable I feel it can be for the practicing magician.
After searching the bookshelves for a year and struggling to find techniques and theory about magick I was finally fortunate enough to come across this book. It totally goes against the grain of most occult literature.
It saved me years of research as the book covers loads of very powerful techniques, explaining formulas and practices in clearly defined lessons.
I wondered what the catch was when I bought it. By that time I was already used to being given the hype (and lots of of bullshit) without any substance.
I found it better than any of the Golden Dawn books at teaching about the Golden Dawn! Not to mention how neatly it explains the Qabalah. It also gives methods and explanations on western paganism, tantra, and some of the more advanced aspects of occultism.
There is so much dross that gets passed off as occult literature......when you find something like this you wonder why certain publishers can't do a better job of producing quality books - surely it's not that hard?
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on 3 August 1998
Kraig is a well written author and this book speaks volumes about his teaching ability! He understands the subject so well he does not have to resort to technobable and instead speaks about High Magick in plain english. I have recommended this book to every magickal practioner I know. Even those who did not know they were going to be magicians. If you want MAGICKAL POWER the excersises in this book will lead you to it...it is up to you to follow through and do them. This I know from experience. Kraig has a balanced perspective on magick, which seems to be a rarity these days. This is a system that works. I was not an exceptionally experienced student when I found this book, but I am now...because of what Kraig taught me. I have not used all that is contained within these pages, but it is worth your while to take the time to read some of these things just for the knowledge. I have been able to tell numbers of people how to get rid of pesky spirits from their ! home, through use of this book. Thank you DMK for writing such a simple and practical book.
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on 29 November 1997
This was my first magickal text, and while I have since moved on from practicing ceremonial magick to other forms of Neopaganism such as Wicca and Druidry, I nonetheless still value and recommend Modern Magick as a superb grounding in both modern Neopagan and magickal practice in general, and ceremonial magick in particular. It is both practical and useful in the lesson structure, background material, and rituals therein. Beginners will find a plethora of accessible and well-integrated information, and more advanced students will have the opportunity to fill any gaps in their knowledge while simultaneously viewing magickal history and practice from a different and refreshing perspective. Definitely worth the price of admission!
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on 15 November 2002
When I bought this book, I had already studied, to a minor degree, both Wicca and Chaos magick. However, 'Modern Magick' was the first book I came across that gave a structure guide to magickal lessons.
The lessons start out simple, and build up in the information you are presented with, and the complexity of the rituals. I have personally found the white magick rituals at the very least to be effective, and they do lead to positive changes in your outlook, and so on.
The minor caveat is that the information on Paganism is poor, as that is not Kraig's area of expertise. Ignore what he says about Paganism, or the history of magick/ Paganism...much of it is very suspect, and isn't really necessary to us today in any case.
Kraig recommends reading other books on magick, and provides a bibliography. I would go a step further - read other systems of magick! Any system of magick is based on metaphors that have no *intrinsic* worth... Avoid believing any magick is the right, truest, or best way, and you should retain your freedom.
All in all, a very good book - everything in one volume to set you on your way. Just remember that it isnt an easy road.
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on 4 April 2008
This book is great if you want to learn high magick, magick of the golden dawn. I have been working through it, so far only got past chapter two, this is because i've been doing the lessons. The stuff in this book is great, lessons on how to be water etc. I 'm glad it isn't another initiation book. To me its all to easy to kid your self your a grade when you haven't done the work. I very honest book.
Seems writers can't win this days if you right about initiated people-they moan and if you say you can't initiated some by a book, then people moan. Which is sound sense no one can initiated you by a book. If you want that kind of thing theres plenty of sites on the web that will be happy to rip you off.
However if you are like me and can't find a genuine teacher/group, and you are want to put in hard work to learn, then this book is for you. As long as you follow the lessons, take your time, you will get alot out of this book.
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on 17 November 2004
This book is excellent. If you are looking for a magick-for-dummies type book this is the one for you. It's the perfect starting point for the serious would-be magician. It covers the basics in many areas and provides suggestions for further reading on the individual subjects. And unlike many books that do this, not all of them are from the same publisher! That must be magick.
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on 12 March 1999
Not any one book can cover a practice compleatly but this book will definatly get you started in Qabalistic work. Verry specific with the instructions, and easy to understand! For those unfamiliar with the subject, this is not cerimonial magic, nor is it earth magic, although it has elements of both. This system draws from many books that were refrenced in the writing of the old testement, and yet maintains a respect for nature and the equility of men and women. Even the most staunch earth magicians and cerimonial magicians find most of the concepts agreeable, and interesting.
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on 22 February 1999
I have many books on this topic and of all of these, this is the most consise and understandable one on the market. It is written in such a way that it is not at all demanding of the reader to do anything that it describes. Not only does it tell you how to do the rituals but it gives a historical explination as to how it came about. The other thing that I liked is that he did not claim that this is the only correct way to do the rituals, I myself use some variations in them.
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on 27 January 2002
This is a book that explains what to do and why to do it in a very clear language. Excellent for the beginner Kabalah magician!
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