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on 23 July 1999
As a security guard in a millitary hospital I have come across my fair share of violent encounters. I can honestly tell you that this book is by far the most comprehensive and usefull book I've ever read on the subject (and thats more than I care to count). Marc goes throught every phase of a conflict and shows you steps to take to stop it as well as how to prepare your self so you can controll the situation no matter how they react. What I like about this book is there is not alot of technical mumbo jumbo, or self gratification, it's just common sense fighting. The information in the book is just like the title says "Ending Violence Quickly", Marc doesn't waste time tell in you how to do "this maneuver if he does that" he teaches you how to contain the guy in no time. Wich is good because some of the 250lbs Marines I've faced, I'm sure could have cleaned my clock had I not had the mind set and moves that are in this book. I highly recomend this book to every one even the guys who never plan on being in this sort of conflict.
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on 23 August 1999
This book is a must for anyone interested in self defense. Regardless whether you are a security professional or not. This book teaches you how to end a fight quickly and effectively. Animal Mac Young, covers everything from physical as well as psychological aspects of a fight, and the best way to do it, if possible "legally" which I think is an important aspect, most other books overlook. You can tell the man writes from personal experience and this helps you grasp the whole concept of the book better. Also the language he uses is great and it makes reading the book even more fun. Like everything you read in this subject, YOU must go out there and try to practice the techniques on a regular basis, if you do though, the info on this book might one day save your life.
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on 23 September 2011
Firstly I bought this book based on the rave reviews here, my expectations were high. I have now read through the entire book and I have a real mixed feeling about this book.
If you are expecting pictorial examples with step-by-step guide, then you will be wrong. The images or line drawing diagrams are crude and too basic and perhaps not very clear.

The author is very critical of martial arts and artists which he sees as not effective or martial arts serves little in 'real' situations. The techniques the author explains has all the hall marks of martial arts. Parrying, side steps, back fists, knee strikes, trips, it what I have been taught by my instructors.
There is a lot of text and blurb in this book. Sometimes a little too much, especially as lot of his descriptions or examples are in narrative jokey jokey style. Due to this, the book is more like a novel.

Where this book is good and worth reading is the invaluable experience the author has. He makes lots of valid points and his vast multiple experiences shines light on these situations and how to deal with it. I would have preferred if he was just more to the point and used less words.

Buy this as an additional read to broaden your knowledge, but if you are looking for self defence techniques or you are a martial artist who is looking for techniques, perhaps you may not find the answer here. I would suggest to look at Hapkido and small circle Ju Juitsu techniques.
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on 10 May 1999
Down to earth and real. This book is a must read for anyone interested in self defense. Dont look for any magic techniques or fantasies about becoming a bad ass. Marc MacYoung writes in a clear easy way that strips away alot of the crap people use when discussing fights and especially fighting techniques.
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on 28 April 2006
This book is brilliant. It keeps it simple, not overloading you with complex techniques but rather giving you concepts and technique ideas to help you survive, and just as important the psychological mind set surrounding self defence. There is no non-sense in this book and he does not claim to have all the answers or that his specific techniques will work for everyone every time.

If you have no experience in self defence this book is great, its simplicity means you can pick up the concepts discussed easilly.

If you have self defence or martial arts experience this book is superb. It builds on concepts and ideas that you have developed over your training allowing the conversion from martial art technique to street survival technique. Not only this but it also feeds the mind of the practioner to explore all aspects of self-defence.

The way the book is written also makes it a very good read. His humour and stories draw you in and keep you reading. It also makes his ideas easy to remember. I often find myself wondering what Animal would do in situations I see or believe could happen when I'm out and about.

Buy it, enjoy it and learn from it.
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on 10 June 1998
This book is one of the most useful materials I have come across in the field. Don't bother buying martial arts manuals...the techniques in this book will let you overcome almost anyone regardless of size or experience (on their part) by remembering a few simple ideas. Trust me...I've used them!
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on 7 March 2011
The book is written in a jokey, tongue-in-cheek style but simply explains some concepts and techniques that are useful to those needing to decisively curtail confrontations. It uses some basic building blocks that are common to wadoryu karate in a different and less 'esoteric' way to the manner in which the techniques are normally taught.
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on 28 June 2012
This is an excellent book in that it does what it says on the tin! Obviously written by a man with a lot of 'hands on' experience. It's also very funny without neglecting or straying from what it's about...ending violence quickly!
Not only does the Author give you the physical side of it but also the mind psych of violence unedited. You will be under no illusion about how violence starts or escallates, and then what you must do to end it. There are no runners-up in a street fight. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it way ahead of a lot of the other bulls**t out there. This man knows what he's talkin about and as he says...better to be judged by one than carried by six, and that's the stark reality of it all. There are no reff's on the street. Brilliant, Funny, Real. This man knows what he's talkin about....I've been there many times.
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on 5 August 2011
I really enjoyed the start of this book. The author is obviously well practiced within his given field. His writing style is easy to get on with and throughout the whole book there is a definate humour apparent. I found that the latter half of the book was complicated in part due to the somewhat dodgy illustrations and at times sloppy descriptions. A future re-print would benefit hugely from step by step photographs or an accompanying DVD !
But all credit to 'Animal' for a book that nearly pushed all the right buttons.
I purchased this book after reading and studying both Geoff Thompson and Sgt Rory Miller. Fortunately for the aforementioned I found their books to be more useful to me.
Martial arts and self defence and their applications are totally subjective - I'm sure that some people would disagree with my personal leanings. I'm more of a Thompson man given the choice :)
The book is well worth a read though, and anyone with an interest in Self protection would be foolish to miss out any of the practitioners that I have mentioned :)
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on 21 December 2016
Lost interest in this book couldn't get on with it.
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