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on 4 April 2017
Very good book, really helpful with my final year at University
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on 26 June 2017
Excellent book!
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on 2 January 2015
The book concentrates on concepts rather than details and lines you up for talking to Architects and Consultants who can help you to achieve a Passivhaus design as one big expensive project. Very useful for selfbuilders who intend to employ professionals to achieve their dreams.

I did not really need too much discussion on the concepts and was looking for practical guidance on how to move forward in retrofitting my old house using suitable contractors or even DIY. I cannot do the required work all in one go but want to retrofit over the years - one detail/one room at a time in line with my ability to raise the money.

This book does not adequately deal with the issues of retrofit. For example, there is only one small paragraph on the subject of suspended wooden floors. This is not good given that the subtitle of the book claims that it does deal with retrofitting. There are millions of houses in the UK that look just like mine but the book directs me to an Architect to provide bespoke 'details' for my house. The details should be within this book!

On the subject of communication style: the writing is too wordy where some simple drawings/sketches would have been much more effective. Illustrations are usually in the form of photographs with no annotations. These illustrate the issues being discussed only if you do know what you are looking at!
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on 28 December 2016
This book was a very good read for me on the Passivhaus energy performance standard. I found it very useful for when I build my own passivhaus home in the future.
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on 22 February 2016
I ordered this book as someone who is new to Passivhaus design and wanted to learn more. It is written in a way that is easy to understand for someone who is new to the subject. The authors present a balanced view of all the issues and considerations that someone considering a Passivhaus build needs to be aware of. While it probably doesn't provide enough technical detail to be a stand-alone manual, it does provide enough for someone new to Passivhaus design to gain a good understanding, and for this I found it a very interesting, informative and worthwhile read. Each chapter is colour-coded and the text is broken down into easily digestible small chunks. There are plenty of images and diagrams which help with understanding and break up the text, making it a more interesting read. While this could be a dry subject if not presented well, I did not find this book dry to read at all. It is well organised and provides an interesting and thorough explanation of all the different dimensions to consider in Passivhaus building, covering everything from economics and policy to the certification and design process, to materials, thermal bridges, airtightness and sequencing, windows, moisture, ventilation, and even talks about what it is like to live in a Passivhaus. Excellent book that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants an easily digestible yet thorough introduction to the subject.
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on 2 July 2014
This is a good book on Passivhaus. It explains the most important concepts, and has information that is not easily found in other books on insulation or eco retrofit, such as the placement of windows. It's a good read on the basics of a Passivhaus and it is worth reading for anyone doing a new build or retrofit. It's one of the best books I have read in the area.

Having said that, there are two significant downsides to the book. First, the book deals with both new builds and retrofit. Inevitably retrofit is more complicated and has a much wider variety of existing features to deal with, and the book is much better on new build than retrofit. Secondly, the book is far too short and lacks technical detail. When I'm looking for a book on a technical subject, I often look out for negative reviews that say the book is too technical and is more like a textbook than an easy read. This is almost always a good sign. Alas, nobody is likely to complain that this book is too technical. But it is one of the best available books.
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on 15 April 2013
This book is very informative without being too technical, so suits professionals as well as those considering commissioning a Passivhaus design. It has been very useful for me to understand the practicalities of this approach for my own new house even though i will not be looking for certification. Highly recommended.
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on 16 June 2013
Seriously considering building a passivhaus drove the decision to purchase this book. If it had been available on Kindle I would have bought that version. Having this sort of hard copy though is useful. The essential aspects to achieve a passivhaus are well covered after an initial helpful introduction. Footnotes and links to essential parts and references for Passivhaus were useful for research beyond the basic book. Having been written by a couple of enthusiasts who have been intimately involved in introducing the style to the UK really helps. Their experiences are valuable as well as knowledge as to how provision of the various essential elements are changing. The final chapter with a number of people's experiences with their own passivhaus building in new build and retrofit was very helpful to put it all in context.

The initial full read through gives a thorough base to build further knowledge upon. Then being able to delve into specific areas as they become relevant will be invaluable.

Could not think of a better book to cover this subject. Well thought out. Well written. Useful illustrations. Excellent tables and specific interest segments.
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on 26 December 2013
Kept reading about the passive house concept online but wanted something more consistent and comprehensive on the matter, covering all the different aspects of the concept.

This book just exactly does that. The successive chapters can be read one after the other in sequence, or selected to be read at random.

The text is very clearly prepared, althought it can be quite technical at times.

Just thought it gives enough information about the various themes which are parts of the passive house concept. As one would expect from a handbook.

Please post a comment with your question if you need more information.
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on 23 April 2014
Being honest i was expecting more from this book, especially in terms of construction detains/building methods etc even down to performance comparisons of the various energy sources etc it seems to be more of a marketing tool for passivehaus excel spreadsheets than any thing, very top level.
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