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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2010
This book is incredible! James Duigan writes such a compelling argument for healthy eating that you can't help but feel motivated to eat well. The book is really nicely laid out in full colour and has some nice real life examples throughout which I found really great, I even found one example that almost fit me exactly and even had the same name as I did.

I am one week into his two week kick start program and I am feeling amazing!! The first day was a bit hard coming off sugar but after that it got easier and easier and now I hardly miss it at all. I have had so many comments already saying how my skin is looking amazing and I am glowing, one was from a complete stanger!

This book is definatly a must buy!


I wrote the above in June 2010 and it is now almost 4 months later and I have dropped two dress sizes from a 14 to a 10 and my immune system has really improved too, my whole family got colds this season I was fine! normally I'm the first one to get sick. I have recommended this book to all my friends!!
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on 18 June 2010
This book is the real deal. The plan and the principles behind it, if followed, can't fail to bring results. The book is incredibly user friendly and one of the only books on the market that segments itself into useful sections including the principles behind the plan, great recipes, food charts and quick, easy but effective exercise routines that only take 8 minutes (I can even squeeze them in before work). The Bad, Better and Best tables featured throughout the book, are a great quick reference point and allow you to adapt the plan to what suits you. I replaced the turkey and salad suggested breakfast with smoked salmon on rye bread, which keeps me full until lunch. I can't recommend this book highly enough. James' plan works. If you're looking to lose weight, tone up or just get healthy this book ticks all of the boxes and more. I followed an adapted version of James' 14 day plan and felt so good as a result that I have now adopted the principles behind the plan and have made them my everyday routine. I'm getting married in September and after following James' plan everyone has commented on the results and that's in less than a month. Don't waste your money on buying any other book this one, it really works!
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Premise - the rating is 5 stars if you have only this edition (2013). 3 stars if you also have the previous one (2010).

I have been a fan of this system for years and I have purchased also the previous edition of this book (I also have the Flat Tummy Fast and the amazing Clean and Lean Recipes Book). Whilst the title makes reference to diet this is a lifestyle and not a counting calories exercise The system is based on the principle of cutting carbs, refined sugar, alcohol, processed food. The great thing about this system is that the author explains in detail the reason why these should be avoided and the (bad) effects their consumption has on your health.
There is a 14 days plan (different compared to the previous edition) to kick off with the system to get rid of toxins and new recipes. The section on exercises is the same as the previous edition, but with a different mix. If you are a fan of the Clean & Lean system this book is worth buying only if you want to try new recipes as I did not notice a great deal of difference compared to the previous edition. If you have never tried this system purchase this book (in this 2013 edition) and you will notice the difference just a few changes can make in your life and weight. This is not a fad like Tracy Anderson - actually exercising for 60 minuets everyday is bad for you!
I really like the style of the author, never patronising or arrogant. He is very supportive in his tone. And if this system works for Elle MacPherson and Hugh Grant also common mortals like us can get huge benefits with regards to our health!

* There are mistakes in the pages numbers relating to the exercises circuits. Also he mentions the 8 minutes workout that was present in the previous edition, but is not in this one (even if he mentions it). Looks a little bit rushed in this section. Also the statement of this being a totally revised and updated version is not correct as more than 80% of the content is the same as the previous edition (there is just a different mix of the exercises, a couple of new testimonials, a rejigged foreword by Elle MacPherson and new recipes - basically what I found useful and truly new are the recipes).
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on 4 March 2013
About 3 months ago I realised no matter how much I work out I wasn't losing any weight. I think I hit some kind of plateau where I think my body just got used to working out so much and just stayed the same. Just for reference I was working out about 1-2 hours every day, with a mix of cardio and strength training.

My diet seamed in my opinion to be heathy... I would eat some sort of cereal for breakfast mostly Cheerios... I would then eat a sandwich for lunch using brown wholemeal bread... and then for dinner I would eat a bowl of supermarket bought soup eg. covent garden
I would drink 2-3 cups of green tea, even though I though it tasted like pond water and lots of plain water.

One day while I was watching Cassey Ho from Blogilates she mentioned something about eating 'Clean'... and that although everybody is different when it comes to losing weight exercising only counts for 10% of weight loss... your diet counts for 80% and the other 10% is genetics. From this information I was really amazed and quite shocked... I thought it would be more 50:50

I started researching into 'Eating Clean' and seriously there is so much information online... I didn't really know where to begin.

Looking on Amazon there are a few books on 'Eating Clean' this is when I found the Clean & Lean Diet by James Duigan, currently priced at £8.96. I purchased it purely on the amount of positive 4/5 star reviews, over 100.

On the cover it has written '14 days to your best ever body'...this diet is a lifestyle change and is not a crash diet where results are seen immediately. You are not going to be bikini body perfect in 14 days, this 14 days is a kickstart your body needs to detoxify your body.

The book is split into chapters (as most books are), they are all very informative, very easy to read and include a 14 day meal plan and an exercise plan.

The book starts with an introduction to what 'clean' is and how this way of eating will benefit you. This introduction was really helpful to me and just made me want to carry on reading the rest of the book.

The book explains what foods to avoid known as toxins and also why these toxic foods cause you to gain weight. At the end of each chapter there is a summary table of food that is bad (these foods you should never eat eg. chocolate coated biscuit), better (these food you should avoid but only eat as a last resort eg. piece of fruit ) and then best (these foods you can enjoy in your diet eg. fruit and nuts).

The diet plan is high in protein, vegetables and good fats, and low in carbs. It consists of eating 5 small meals throughout the day, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. The kickstart is very restrictive and also repetitive and the first couple of days leaves you feeling really hungry, it is difficult but definitely worth it.

The exercise plan consists of low intensity strength training, I do find the routine very easy and not challenging so have continued with my usual workout routine, which I mentioned above.

3 months on and I have lost half a stone and feel really energised and lighter on my feet. My diet has completely changed...pretty much all breakfast cereals contain sugar and wheat both of which I no longer eat in my diet. This means I could no longer eat Cheerios for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and even fresh supermarket soup (which contains sugar)... I started eating oatmeal for breakfast, lunches usually consist of fish or chicken with a salad or stir fry, and I still eat soup for dinner I just make it myself so I know there is no added sugar. Snacks in-between meals keep me full up and I don't get hungry, I love almond butter on Ryvitta or having fresh fruit topped with greek yogurt.

One last thing to mention and probably the best part of a clean eating lifestyle, is that once a week you can indulge in anything you want... I mean anything...
A stack of pancakes and whipped cream... a chocolate cake... a big fat pizza... whatever takes your fancy. And the best part of this is that it actually helps you lose weigh as your body goes into shock and starts burning off the extra calories quickly which increases you metabolism. This cheat meal once a week keeps me from feeling deprived, helps me stay focused and also something to look forward to.

I really hope you enjoyed my post, and if you have any questions I would be happy to help.

If you are looking to change your diet I highly recommend the Clean & Lean Diet by James Duigan... I know it sound cliche but it has changed my life!!!

Thanks for reading
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on 23 February 2014
I read this book six months ago and have been implementing the basic core of its message since then. The results have been excellent.
Last year on holiday I had a candid photograph taken in which my tummy was "relaxed". It was very depressing and as a near sixty year old male, I had promised myself that I would not slide into the archetypal pot-bellied grandfather. I didn't think I could do anything about it since I ate healthily (I thought) and exercised a bit.
Coincidentally, my wife brought this book home shortly after. What it said seemed balanced and sensible. What surprised me was that my healthy eating was maybe not so healthy after all.
I started to implement the basics of this book. Within a week, simply by cutting out certain parts of my diet and substituting with other things, I lost about 7 pounds.
I stuck to the spirit of the book rather than the letter which I think would be pretty difficult. Being encouraged by the early results, it wasn't too difficult to stick with it. The weight loss was more gradual over the coming weeks but every couple of days or so I would lose another pound or two. So I could see progress. I set myself weight targets but not with time objectives as I didn't want to "diet".
After 6 months, I have lost 2 stones (from 13 stone 7 to 11 stone 6) and am seeing a weight that I have not seen since my twenties. I feel excellent and a recent health check showed that all my main readings, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure etc were very good indeed.
So what's the catch with this book? I would say few. You do need a bit of discipline but the early results give you an incentive to keep going. The book is not advocating calorie restriction so you need never feel hungry;you don't need to go on a rigorous exercise regime; you don't need to buy fancy supplements - although he does mention his food supplements, being a book there is no pressure to buy them and I haven't.
The one possible catch is alcohol. He doesn't say you have to give up. However, I used to enjoy a whisky (or two) on a fairly regular if reasonable basis but I have now virtually given up. I don't miss it at all although I have the occasional glass. Some of my friends who have read the book have not reduced their alcohol consumption and the results are not so impressive. (In the past, I had given up alcohol in isolation but this did not seem to have any effect on my weight, so I resumed. Giving it up as part of this regime seems to have worked).
I would say this book is not so much a diet book as a lifestyle book. It is balanced and sensible as well as educational. It doesn't preach and is not strident. It doesn't play the "guilt" card - far from it, it is very positive. You do need to apply a bit of discipline but since you are not "dieting" this doesn't mean going without necessarily.
I am delighted I read this book and implemented its basics. I feel it has given me a new outlook on my life and I do not feel that moving into my sixties means that I have to compromise on my health or fitness.
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on 18 February 2014
I have learnt so much from this book, I have been sugar free for 9 days now and I feel amazing, highly recommended
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on 3 February 2011
About 8 days into this so I suppose the jury's still out on this. However, so far, so good. I have lost about 5 lbs by basically eating a very healthy diet. Also, I'm no longer getting sugar cravings after every meal and can honestly walk past the biscuit table at work without any hesitation. My stomach is noticably flatter already. James advocates a diet that incorporates loads of vegetables and lean meat and good fats but escews processed foods, alcohol, wheat (you can have non wheat bread like rye and sourdough) and sugar. Throughout the book there are tables showing better and best alternatives to unhealthy food choices which is a useful guide. He also advises moderate exercise as too much is stressful to the body and causes it to store fat rather than shed it (music to my ears). I have read many a diet book in my time but this one seems like the sort of thing that you could make a lifetime commitment to, rather than falling off the rails 3 months down the line and then putting on more weight than you lost in the first place. It's very accessibly written - almost like reading a Dorling Kindersley children's book - with motivating success stories. The recipes are good too. I agree with other reviewers that the breakfast ideas are unusual but so far the results have definitely been worthwhile.
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on 6 June 2010
Purchased Clean & Lean diet book and thought it would be the same old thing but was very pleasantly surprised. It has made my partner and I look at food in a completely different way, and has changed the way we eat. Even after a couple of days avoiding refined sugars we feel much better and a temporary return to junk made us both feel sick! The advice makes very good sense and is simple to follow, the recipe section is great and I will continue to use them. We chose not to stick to the letter of the fourteen day plan as couldn't quite get our heads round the idea of fish & veggies for breakfast! But we have adapted to some of the basic principles outlined and definitely feel the benefits. The book has a section which illustrates various exercises but I prefer to do an exercise video rather than try to follow a book, however it would be simple to follow if you wanted to.
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on 20 June 2010
I saw this diet serialised in the Mail on Sunday and decided that it seemed a lot easier than the Dukan diet, which I previously considered. Readers, this works! I am 50 and had gained a stone without changing my behaviour. This book made me realise that diet foods don't work and that my diet is too high in carbs and too low in protein. I followed the diet for 2 weeks and lost over 7lb, but what is quite remarkable is that it does not feel like a diet and has changed the way I eat. You are even allowed a morning coffee. Also this diet does not leave you feeling hungry. It probably won't work for vegetarians but for everyone else its well worth a try.
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on 15 January 2012
I've read a good many diet books. This is the trendy tome de jour because Elle McPherson amd allegedly Nigella Lawson follow it. This book predictably claims not to be a diet book, but when I counted the calories for day 1 of the 14 day kickstart meal planner, it came in at around 800. So yes you'll quickly lose weight but are these shock low cal diets any good for us?

There isn't much new theory in here. Dear old Gillian McKeith had summarised this approach about 10 years ago, with the exception of outlawing red meat. It's based on the concept of eating "pure" food - nothing processed, no sugar, no alcohol, no bread (there's a recipe for spelt bread if you must) and very little fruit (it's bad for us). Any fruit that is taken has to be partnered with protein and not eaten during a meal. Everything has to be organic too, even though the scientific data on the benefits of organic are scant. There are even right and wrong forms of water. Tap water is wrong, although research shows tap water is no worse for us than some bottled waters. Diet "low fat" foods are outlawed and we're encouraged to eat the real thing ---- houmous and not low fat houmous for example.

But lest you get excited at the prospect of avocados and nuts, in the 14 day kickstart you get a quarter of an avocado a day, which is maddeningly impractical. Have you seen what happens to an avocado when you slice it and try to keep it? As for nuts, you're allowed four to six a day, or a small handful of seeds.

Because this is such a prohibitive, restrictive diet, Duigan encourages us to have a day off each week (once we're at target weight) as the metabolism apparently needs to go into overdrive to function properly.

He doesn't give too much scientific theory, probably because he does't have any, so we don't get the usual fake science about insulin this and thermogenic that. He quotes a few of his client examples. The one good thing about his approach is that he discourages over-training, but most of us have the reverse of that problem. As for the fabulous Elle, well she is occasionally referenced in terms of "Elle does this and Elle does that." Elle is of course a very successful businesswoman who made her name on having a fabulous body. I imagine keeping to the rules of the diet is a lot easier for someone who travels First Class and who probably has "her people" ready to whisk her up a smoothie or some spelt bread as she's being chauffeured home.

I will stick to counting calories - old fashioned I know, but that way I can eat normal meals in smaller portions and not have to cook different meals. Life is too short to give up cheese, bread and chocolate, and in moderation there is nothing wrong with any of them. There's no miracle solution in this book. You'll be eating a lot less than you're used to, so you'll lose weight, and if you use the exercises, you'll tone up. But are you ready for a lifetime of deprivation?
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