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  • Crust
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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2012
I have bought quite a few 'bread' books over the years, and have followed many different experts' advice but always felt my bread wasn't quite a good as it could be. Now, armed with CRUST and DOUGH, both by Richard Bertinet, I feel confident I am creating the best bread I have ever tasted time after time. I have tried many of the different breads in both books now and can honestly say every one has worked. Everything is explained so you know exactly what to do and helpful photographs illustrate each process along the way.

What could be better on a wet Bank Holiday than sitting down to a homemade lasagne, a big green salad and a basket of sourdough bread - the BEST ever sourdough bread you have ever seen or tasted?!

Just a week and a half after I received CRUST, by following Mr Bertinet's instructions to the letter, and having watched his demonstration of the process on the included DVD, I have produced sourdough bread to be proud of! I am ecstatic!!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend CRUST (which covers the Sourdough bread process in detail), and DOUGH (the book that got me into his method of dough-making) to anyone interested in making their own bread - their own FANTASTIC bread!
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on 22 April 2017
Great writing style, clear instructions, good tips and really good recipes. This is a book for slow bread and many of the recipes require overnight fermentation or similar, so you have to be into that sort of bread-making. If you want faster bread, I think his other book, "Bread", covers that. We love the brioche recipe and have made it several times. I add dark chocolate chips, divide the dough into 16 pieces and shape them into little loaves (as shown at the beginning of the book). Once baked and cooled, I freeze them on the day and they freeze great. All you need when you want to eat them is to put one in the microwave on minimum power setting for 5 minutes. Comes out perfect and is a real luxury with a cup of good coffee for breakfast!
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on 7 July 2013
I have been struggling to make sour dough bread that actually tasted and cut like sour dough so I treated myself to Crust. The reviews were good. I read the book and was impressed and having the DVD there to accompany it was so helpful. The DVD is divided into sections and I watched the sour dough one about 4 times. Actually seeing the movement of the dough, how he lifts and folds it almost in slow motion I found very helpful. Reading how it' s done is one thing, but then to see the master baker doing it gave me a real boost and my bread, when I get time to make it , was delicious and chewy and rewarding. His explanations are straightforward and as simple as possible and he doesn't use any expensive or silly gimmicks in the book or on the DVD . Very practical and inspirational . I've concentrated on the sour dough element as that's always been a struggle and watching Paul Holloway making sour dough wasn't helpful as,nice as his blue eyes are, I'd prefer the camera to concentrate on How he makes the dough, but Bertinet shows you step by easy step how to make all the breads you could think of. Well worth the money! treat yourself.
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on 24 June 2017
I've two other bread books by. Chad Robertson and ken forkish which are both great at explaining the science and practical advice. Both books work with the bakers formular which I think is great when you need to make smaller quantities. Kens book gives a great schedule so you can get your head around how to plan your baking. Back to this book, after the great reviews I thought it would be good to have a different baker give his way of doing things, very basic book in my opinion, compared to the above book. Other than some new recipes , didn't learn any more about bread making. DVD nice touch, but you can get similar from utube.
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on 3 February 2013
I've got both "Dough" and now "Crust" by Richard Bertinet. Both are excellent books. They include DVDs in which Bertinet demonstrates his "kneading" technique. Using these recipes I've been able to bake lighter and crustier bread than with the ones I'd used before.

So why only 4 stars and not 5? Some of the quantities that Bertinet uses are almost commercial. For example, the recipe for fermented dough baguettes makes 12 baguettes. To be fair, he includes instructions for part-baking and freezing, so any surplus beyond your immediate needs can be stored, And of course, it is possible to cut the quantities of ingredients to make a smaller batch of dough. I just feel that this defeats the object of baking bread myself, which is to have it fresh.

Which brings me on to another point of (minor) irritation. For the same recipe as above, Bertinet gives you quantities for making 600g fermented dough, when the recipe only calls for 400g. Go figure!

So, on balance, a great book for baking, but it could be more practical for the domestic baker.
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on 5 February 2016
Clearly one needs to master the techniques from the previous book 'dough'. Recipes are good but no kidding on the workout when kneading 80% hydrated dough. Also, be careful if baking a small batch as recipes are for 1 kg of dough to be worked on at a time, which in my home kitchen didn't fit my mixer and was impossible to do by hand, in one go either.
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on 26 March 2017
A very clear and trust worthy set of recipes and techniques. The French bread recipes in particular yield superb results. Totally recommend this to novice and experienced bakers alike.
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on 4 August 2015
This book exceeded my expectations. It's ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to make sourdough bread, as well as other types of rustic, crusty breads with long resting times. I actually found it quite easy to incorporate bread-making into my daily routine with these recipes, as many of the breads can be put in the fridge for overnight proofing. Mr. Bertinet also gives some good background and advice on bread-making tools, and methods he uses in his kitchen. The book comes with a very helpful DVD, which is very informative, and helpful for those who learn best by doing.
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on 19 December 2016
I read many pages of the book and made some of the written recipes.
It is written in very clear and simple language.

The reason of not giving it five stars is that the included DVD does not working properly as it is freeze in the middle of each scene and it shows that it only explains three topics ( sourdough, brioche and fresh yeas) while I believe some extra important topics need to be explained in video like croissant as an example. I am not sure if the DVD I have contains less topics than it should be or not. But I am sure that the DVD I have does not work.

I do not know how to contact with the seller to seek a replacement of the DVD.
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on 23 March 2016
It is nearly a year since I bought Richard Bertinet's Crust, my choice pretty much inspired by reviews from other Amazon users. A year wasn't enough to try all the recipes, I admit, but the ones I did try worked out perfectly well (not necessarily the first time around - pretty obvious, isn't it?). As a home baker, I tend to prefer naturally leavened rather than yeasted breads - this is the major reason why Chad Bertinet's Tartine Bread and Tartine Book No. 3 are the books I reach for more often, but looking back, I can see that whenever I choose to bake any yeasted bread or cake, or any kind of plain rolls for the family, whatever the recipe provenance, I use the techniques learned from both Crust and Dough by Richard Bertinet. A most useful (and very well explained!) resource for an amateur baker.
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