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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon 30 September 2011
(This review is updated to reflect some comments made by the publisher in the comments section.)

This is the updated edition of the 2004 edition Drew Struzan: Oeuvre. The publisher Titan Books considers it a brand new edition, with lots of additional and up-to-date material, plus text by Dylan Struzan - Drew's wife. It is described as 'a sumptuous companion volume to The Art of Drew Struzan'.

So what's the difference between this book vs The Art of Drew Struzan and The Movie Posters of Drew Struzan?

The Movie Posters of Drew Struzan is a 120-page hardcover selection of movie posters up to 2004. The Art of Drew Struzan is the 160-page hardcover selection of works featuring lots of accompanying sketches together with his finished drawings, complete with commentary on his thoughts and stories behind each piece. Oeuvre is collection of works representing his career, up to 2010.

Much of what you see here is duplicated in The Movie Posters of Drew Struzan so there's no point getting that book, especially when the price different is small. Even though there is duplication in The Art of Drew Struzan as well, that book is still worth getting because of his sketches and if you want to read about his creative process.

Alright, back to Oeuvre.

Drew Struzan's art is beautiful, possibly unparalleled. You already know that.

The amount of work he created is immense and this book is a tribute to his mastery. It's a 314-page large format hardcover with illustrations all printed at full page on good paper. You're getting close to 300 illustrations. This is an amazing value for money.

His familiar works for movie posters are all inside, arranged into the type of work namely, music, movies, commercial and personal. The bulk of work appears in the movie section, of course. You'll get the see familiar works he did for Star Wars, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, and many of the lesser known ones. His portfolio is awe-inspiring.

For this 2011 reprint edition, Some of the new works included, those after 2004, are Cowboys and Aliens, Pan's Labyrinth, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, Hellboy II, The Walking Dead. Some of this have appeared in The Art of Drew Struzan but included here to make this collection complete. So if you actually have the The Art of Drew Struzan and the 2004 Oeuvre, there's no need to get this edition because you already have all the art.

The personal pieces included are some figure drawings and paintings that are done in a non-Drew Struzan style, compared to his movie art, or course.

The captions for the illustrations appear at the back of the book, arranged by page order, describing the medium and what the art was for. I wish there was another index listing his work alphabetically because sometimes it hard to find a particular title from those 300 plus pages. The alphabetically arranged copyright index at the end could do with those page numbers.

Oeuvre is the definite collection of Drew Struzan. If you have to get just one, this is it.

Most highly recommended. One of the best art books for 2011.

(There are more pictures of the book on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile for the link.)
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on 26 September 2011
This updated edition of the 2003 career overview of renown illustrator Drew Struzan, is a genuinely mammoth compilation of some the most striking movie poster art of the last thirty years. In it, not only will you find virtually all of the officially released posters by Struzan, but you will also see many of his lesser known works that were used for books, stamps and other products, and the artist also offers up his own non-commissioned personal artworks for our curiosity.

Among movie poster artists, Struzan is masterful, his contributions to the once-prominent technique of hand-drawn movie posters stands shoulder to shoulder with names such as Saul Bass, John Alvin, Tom Chantrell, Vic Fair, Eric Pulford, Renato Fratini, Bob Peak, and Richard Amsel. It's also worth mentioning J.C. Leyendecker, a supremely gifted and inventive classically trained early 20th century illustrator whose style appears to have bore some influence on Struzan's early work. Likewise, the 19th century Czech illustrator Alphonse Mucha, who is almost-solely remembered for inventing art nouveau but whose talents spun much wider and deeper than that, was also an influence on Struzan (and a great many others!).

Yes, Struzan's earlier pre-Indiana Jones work (wisely) does borrow from these old masters however, following his poster for 1983's Return Of The Jedi (the one framed around Vader's iconic visage and the final light sabre battle between Vader and Luke), a unique "look" began to emerge. The work became more elaborately designed, tighter in rendering, and altogether more harmonious. Struzan's images for Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade, for example, show a true understanding of the material in those films and a desire to communicate those elements without resulting to undisciplined exaggerations or timid simplifications. These are big adventure films and Struzan does them justice. Likewise, his posters for the Star Wars Special Edition re-releases in 1997 reframe the trilogy into one cohesive image. I might mention that the images created for the follow-up prequels of the 2000s project more dignity and grandeur than those films can really carry.

Oeuvre is not really a coffee table book, being a kg or two too heavy for that, and (for the gentleman who's review preceded mine) nor is it an in-depth look at Struzan's poster design process (THAT book, The Art of Drew Struzan, can be found here and is also worth your money). This book is simply for those with an appreciate for film art or just art in peculiar. It is a great book, and a fine choice to add to your collection no matter what it looks like.
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Whilst the name of Drew Struzan may not be instantly identifiable to a great many people, his artwork is iconic and as such this beautifully presented selection of pieces from his whole career to date makes this a title that is not only hard to put down but visually stunning.

Within are pieces from Star Wars to Indiana Jones, from cult films to personal choices. It's a wonderful journey to explore and if you're of a certain age a chance to wonder down memory lane. The only change that I'd like to have made to this would have been more from the artist himself about the inspiration behind the pieces and the choices but other than that it's a title that stands on its own and one that is not just a coffee table book but one to be shared and enjoyed. Magical.
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on 27 January 2012
Five stars for the art and the artist, Drew Struzan's art is beautifully showcased in this book.

Zero stars however for quality control. Don't get me wrong this is a wonderful book, full of wonderful well reproduced art on decent paper, that brings back many fond memories. But someone dropped the proverbial ball when it came to quality control, because the 16 first pages are missing in the print I received. In their place are duplicates of pages 17 to 32. So no forward by George Lucas and only the last page of what I assume is the introduction are present. Well done Titan Books!

The only other issue I have with the book is the way the art has been captioned, or rather the way it hasn't. Rather than have the art captions on the actual art or at the beginning or end of the appropriate chapters Titan Books have shoe-horned into the end of the book, almost as if they were an after-thought. This then requires the reader to flip to the back of the book every time he or she wishes to check the details of a unfamiliar piece of art. The above gripe is my personal opinion, some my like the captions being placed at the back of the book, I didn't.

Again this is a lovely book spoilt by very poor quality control. Which unfortunately because of the above mentioned problem I would caution against buying, at least until the problem with the first 16 pages is corrected. In its current state the book, or at least the copy I received is as a whole disappointing, 2 stars only.
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on 8 August 2014
I'd been looking for a copy of this for a long time.Got this from Amazon Warehouse deals for a very nice price.

This is the updated version and contains a lot of work duplicated in the Movie posters book.
Over 300 illustrations on 314 pages. A fantastic addition to any collection for anyone with any interest in the history of Struzan's work.
Possibly the definitive guide to his work.
Amazing scope pictures from sketches to final works including some work that I had never realised he'd done.
Enormously pleased.
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on 5 November 2014
 I really love this book. It has a large quality and variety of movie poster artwork. It's got a bunch of full-page artwork from some of my favorite movies: Star Wars, Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Harry Potter, etc. There is also some of Drew Struzan's personal artwork included, that was very interesting to see as well.
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on 2 August 2013
It's a beautiful book, some pages fold out to reveal a set of movie posters (e.g. trilogies like BTTF). The book is all about beautiful full-page art, mostly movie posters but also postage stamps, theme park posters, magazine covers, collector plates... The pictures are truly amazing and everything looks really high-quality. For a movie geek like me this was a perfect purchase, my non-geek friends like to browse it too. The cover looks also pretty awesome so if you keep it on your table, it will be noticed.
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on 1 October 2013
im a big fan of his, and this is the most up to date and packed full of his work for the film industry goes back to when he was a child, and he tells his story from the beginning on how hard it was to then painting the covers and posters we all love and see today, highly recommend to get big book and interesting and visually stunning A1 A+++++
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on 8 November 2011
Having already purchased two other Drew Struzan books - I was definitely on for another one.
When I received it, I was a little disappointed by the amount of stuff I had already seen in his other tomes, but after another perusal, there is at least another books worth of material I had never seen before. It is a glorious publication that also allows you to see some of Drew's personal work which is also amazing. And at £16.79 it is a bargain for any lover of movie art. So buy it even if you have the other two books. This man is a genius!!!
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on 12 June 2013
Lovely collection of a broad range of works by Drew Struzan.
Whether you are a fan or are just interested in fine populist artwork then this is a fine addition to any collection.
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