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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 May 2017
The problem with the series is that the characters are extremely 2D and uninteresting. I read the series for the amazing detail to which space battles and strategies are fought, the interesting depiction of the future, sadly not the clumsily written and prude romance scenes. The phrase 'smiled thinly' and 'honor' are used way too much, creating the picture of just the most emotionally retarded group of people. Greary is a foul tempered ego maniac, who isn't that likable; neither is his bloodthirsty captain and neurotic politician.

6 books of will-they-wont they. SIX. BOOKS. And when it FINALLY happens , its over in like a page, there is no amazing lovemaking scene, or anything YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME.

On to the Enigma race...i'm just going to assume there is another series addressing them as otherwise why introduce one of the main protagonists in the plot just to end it there?
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on 24 July 2017
Excellent read kept me engaged throughout the series and looming forward to continueing onto the next series. Really enjoyed this and am noe a fan of the author
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on 25 April 2010
I've really liked the Lost Fleet series. They are really easy reads, great escapism, not too deep just lots of big battles with a simple sub plot. In the last book Black Jack and the fleet got home safely and now they are going back to finish the job. Without giving too much a way the story is all in the title as Jack goes back and kicks some more Syndic butt and then some alien butt for good measure. Overall I was a little disappointed with the book as it wasn't the best in the series. The battle scenes were a bit too easy and simple and it felt like the series had run its course with the author trying to wrap everything up quickly and neatly. However its still a good read which I demolished in a few hours, so fully recommend.
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on 26 June 2017
well written
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Book six in a series of six military science fiction novels about the lost fleet. In an interstellar war between two groups of humans, the alliance and the syndic, an alliance fleet is lost behind enemy lines and must rely on man out of time John 'Black Jack' Geary to get them home.

Despite exposition to bring readers up to speed at the start of this volume are you really going to begin a series by reading the final book? Start with Dauntless (The Lost Fleet, Book 1) to see if this series is for you.

So what can those who've followed this all the way expect from the final volume?

It runs 331 pages and is divided into twelve chapters.

After a little bit of exposition at the start we're then into political discussions between geary and the alliance leaders. These are pretty good and the pages fly by as you read.

Then the fleet has the mission that the end of book five set up for them to do. The battles that result are different from the ones before because the syndic is now facing lost resources and political infighting and how they respond to this becomes quite interesting. It can also result in a good amount of tension.

This section does lose a little bit of pace in it's second half though, but it's all resolved in a rather realistic manner.

The alien threat is also dealt with well, giving them a decent amount of page time, keeping them nicely enigmatic, and not dispatching them too easily.

Which just leaves the love triangle. It's been obvious from the end of book five how this will go, but will the two of them manage to get together, especially when one keeps putting their foot in it? Let's just say that the final chapter is pure hollywood, but It made me react in the same way as the characters who watch these scenes unfold do. And it also made for a very satisfying ending.

This really does wrap up the whole story nicely, but it does keep a few little doors open for possible future stories in this setting. And on the basis of this, I'll be back for them. A good final volume to an enjoyable series.
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on 17 July 2010
I've just finished reading 'Victorious'; the last book in the 'Lost Fleet' series and I must say, I'm fairly happy about the ending this series has had. The author ties up all the loose ends quite neatly and the storyline comes to a rather satisfying conclusion.
The book itself though, isn't quite as good as the other books in the series. It's somewhat uneven and thin in places; in some parts of the story it's just a little too easy for the main characters to win their fights, but at other times, thankfully, the story works very well and you're totally absorbed in the book.
The ending to the `Lost Fleet' series is big-time Hollywood-blockbuster-mode, but you do kind of accept it as fitting in with the premise for the series, even though it has a rather high corniness-factor.
All in all though, `Victorious' is a must-read ending to the `Lost Fleet' series. Black Jack Geary is finally home in Alliance Space for good, and he can begin his new life of peace and tranquillity.

...well almost; the book does have a rather blatant line-up to a new series.
But hey - that's quite all right with me!
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on 30 May 2010
I have been waiting for this book ever since the previous episode was devoured by me. Finally it came out, but I had to order it through the UK Amazon site (I am from the Netherlands myself). I guess that shows you how eager I was to get my hands on it. I have read the previous 5 books several times through, loving the pace, the setups and the development of the main and supporting characters of the story. Sure, there were some less strong parts and a lot stronger parts in the series, but in general it is one of my most favorite series out there.

So, now book 6, 'Victorious'. I read it in just one single day and, to be brutally honest, was left with a feeling that it fell short of the mark. Jack Campbell had a few too many loose ends to tie up and not enough pages to do it in, it seems. Though everything is still pretty well thought out and seems to fit, it just doesn't have the polished and well set up feeling of the previous books. It is, mostly due to the characters and your knowledge of the previous books so you can 'flesh it out' yourself, still a very enjoyable book, but not quite up to the standard of the previous ones.

In this book Black Jack Geary effortlessly manages to slip through the political minefield of the Alliance leadership politics, gets more of a fleet than before through some reinforcements, returns to Syndic space, defeats the last remnants of the Syndic fleet, goes on charging off to the other end of Syndic space to defeat the aliens that seem to be pressing inwards now that the Syndic defense fleet has been decimated. In the meantime he gets 2 new politicians aboard, a captain in the fleet that is behaving in a weird fashion and a seemingly honorable Syndic. At the end of the book all these loose ends are tied up, but not in a very satisfying way. It's all too.. Shallow, no depth, no 'body' to it. The two new politicians could have sparked off delicious dialogues, but they are hidden behind our trusted and well known ex-lover politician. The new captain that could have formed a delicious plot turn just seems to evaporate into thin air when he commits suicide after completely fumbling an attack. The aliens intentions are foiled and driven off with not much effort either, before which the only solid thing that remains in the book is the desperate chess play by the Syndics in their home system. That's the main fight that works and is properly fleshed out.

The conclusion is that this is a decent book to read, especially if you've read the rest of the series. Considered on it's own, it's much less of a good story though. It lacks the body and content of the previous books though. The writer had enough story lines and intrigues to properly fill at least 2 more books, in my view and should have done so. In this book he unfortunately tried to condense too much story into too few pages.....

All that said: if you have read the rest of the books, it's a must read. If not.... Start from the top :)
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The Lost Fleet is a series very much in the old school space opera that was popular in the sixties and seventies. You are not going to find yourself struggling with disturbing imagery or plots that twist so far and fast that it's hard to keep up. It's straight forward, honourable and your granny could read it without feeling offended. This is not a bad thing at all. I read many more 'challenging' books and they have their place, however once in a while a bit of popcorn is fine and this is the literary equivalent.

The series is not perfect as a whole. The first book was good enough to get me interested whist the second and third leveled out. By the forth and fifth books I started to think that Jack Campbell had run out of steam and was treading water, however just in the nick of time just like the hero of the books he managed to pull it together and finish with a flourish. Victorious has rescued the series from the doldrums of the fourth and fifth books well. I also think that the writing has improved as well. Jack Campbell isn't going to challenge Neal Asher or Hamilton but he has an easy style that works well in the space opera field.

Without doing any spoilers we have Jack Black getting the fleet back to friendly space more or less intact, a bit of political intrigue and then the final battle. Not quite the end as the alien back story is then brought to the front and I think will probably become a much more interesting follow up series.

Characters are well written for the genre they play out in although the constant "Black Jack thing" wears a bit thin. the technical side of battles has always been a strong point of Jack Campbell as he has given real thought to the mechanics of dealing with vast distance and time. It isn't going to make your brain bleed in any way, but it adds enough detail to give weight to a generally lightweight series.

Overall I would say that you couldn't go too far wrong if you are after an un-challenging space opera sci-fi series. The standard of writing gets better through the books and my gut feeling is that the alien story line will prove to be quite a good one as Jack Campbell carries on with Jack Black Geary.
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VINE VOICEon 17 December 2012
I am reviewing book 6 of the series as it is the last one of a continuous story.

The books are about a fleet, trapped in an alien start system that is at war with the one the fleet comes from. A captain, John Geary, who was in the first battel of the war a hundred years before has been rescued from a suvival pod. The commander of the fleet and other senior officers go to negotiate with the enemy and the commander nominates Geary as his successor because of his seniority of rank, The commander and he officers are murdered by the enemy and Geary takes command.

Over the hundred years the fleet tactics have degenrated into mad charges regardless of casualties.

Using his experience and training Geary turns the fleet into a lethal tactical force to fight their way back to their own star system.

I did wonder how such a story could be stretched so far without becoming boring hwoever it never did.

With the various threads of the constant battles, the varying threats, the internal conflicts betwen the various factions and personal relationships on board the flagship the story never lags. Here we have real space opera and a good human story all rolled into one.

In fact I enjoyed it so much that I ordered books one and two of "The Lost Fleet Beyond the Frontier" before I had finished this set. I can say that that is a continuation of the story but going even further. Not only that I have been ordering other books by the same author. He is great.
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on 2 May 2010
Captain Jack Geary has taken his lost fleet back home to Alliance space, but wants to take it straight back to Syndic territory to finish the war off for good. However, the Syndics are ready for him and aren't going to give up easily despite loosing the majority of their fleet in previous engagements with Geary. The title really tells you what will happen in this book, and it's a good wrap up to the threads in the previous books and it has a feel-good ending to it. The first book and books 5 and 6 in this series were probably the ones I enjoyed the most, but Geary is such a likable person that it doesn't feel a waste of time to have read them all. According to an interview I found online this will not be the last book in this universe or the only ones with Geary and I have to say I look forward to reading those books. If you've got as far as book 5 in this series I think you will enjoy this wrap up.
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