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on 11 June 2017
The way Paul O'Grady writes, it's, well, it's just like he's speaking to me. Telling me his story. It is such an easy read. I've read all of Pauls' books, and this one didn't dissapoint! Straight talking, humour, highs and lows, this book has it all. I'm going to read it again in case I missed anything. Buy it!
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on 20 February 2016
Supriseingly depressing and actually quite boring. The book covers Paul's teen years through to present day. The prologue is funny. The first half of the book purely concentrates on Paul's first part of his life which really goes on about him being skint all the time and doing drag acts here there and everywhere. Then the second part of the book goes on about all of Paul's friends dying (mostly from AIDS) and the passing of his mother. The end briefly touches on what projects he is doing now. Nowhere does he write about Brendon's passing (his partner of 20 yrs.) Unless you follow Paul, you'd be left thinking "what happened to Brendon." (in real life he died.) Paul just jumps to a brief sentance (when going to Hong Kong) how his current partner goes with him - Andre. Neither does he mention his daughter and grandchildren (in all but 3 sentances "tops" throughout the book. I feel that Paul has given us lots of "ingredients" in this book but failed to create the "mixture."
I do however absolutely LOVE Paul - just very disappointed with this book
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on 9 February 2017
Further adventures of Mr O'Grady reveal further well-told and vividly described adventures as a drag artist, compere and comic. Interspersed are further experiences as a carer, revealing his ability to connect with those that others would be likely to describe as 'challenging' and of course it's peopled by colorful friends and family, a number who featured in one or both earlier memoirs, including of course the irrepressible, larger than life character of his mother. His waspish tongue and love of a good time doesn't ever quite hide his basic decent humanity and I am enjoying being along for the journey!
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on 21 November 2012
I read and enjoyed both Paul's previous books & was greatly looking forward to this one. It did not disappoint. This book picks up from the previous book & covers the development of the Lily Savage character, his professional development & growing success up to the point where he is becoming the household name of today. It then jumps a bit to today & talks about his work with Battersea & the filming of the series. The main part of the story happens during the HIV/Aids epidemic & he relates the first beginnings of it, & the later destruction it wrought in the gay community with passion & the most moving of personal stories. He talks openly about losing friends, the atmosphere at the time, & the homophobia. This book is most definitely not one to read on a train journey! It had me laughing out loud & weeping in places, but was never maudlin or over sentimental, but I do think reading this in public could lead at least to great embarrassment or at worst to the men in white coats as it is impossible not to react to Paul's style of telling the story. I do hope that the mention of the present day doesn't mean that Paul will write no more, he is truly a gifted story teller.
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on 31 October 2012
I must say I am surprised that some have found Paul O'Grady's recent book "boring". I could not disagree more. After reading the first two I just could not wait to get my hands on the third and am so glad that I did. I find when you are reading Paul's books, you can hear his voice, they just seem so honest and you really are in the moment with him. There were some really touching times in this book - as there were in the last two - his heart was on the pages when he talked about those friends and family he has lost over the years, truly touching. I am at present "laid up" and "taken to me bed" in the words of one Mrs O'Grady recovering from an op which rendered me with stitches, I must say that Mr O is taking full responsibility if they split due to my laughter from reading this book ! I totally loved hearing about Lily's journey as well, I wont say too much in case other reviewers haven't read it yet. Well done Paul, I believe these books show you for the funny, intelligent, caring and wonderful person that you are.
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on 1 January 2014
Very 'Paul' but near the knuckle and not for the faint hearted - he writes as he speaks, entirely from the heart and this book hurts at times and can offend at others but with his usual warmth, care, concern and honesty, a brilliant read - if you love Paul as many do, then this is a good read and my heart went out to him...the most revealing book about him ever and though the content could be a little 'yes' it endeared me to him and I would love to meet him - he's a lovely man. This book spoke to me with much that he expressed - the raw emotion, the sense of life - it says how open and human he is and you love him or you hate him...I love him - more pl Paul - it's great...I can't put it down - reveals a lot about you and your life - well done you kid...Caio...xxx Squirrel 59 - W 1.1.14
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on 10 November 2016
Another brilliant non put down a bull book by the talented Mr Paul O'Grady. The third volume in four. I am hoping Paul has AT LEAST one more volume in him yet as I find his life absolutely fascinating and he knows how to tell a good story. Paul comes across as a very intelligent man with a cracking sense of humour with a heart of gold under that naughty exterior, don't we all wish were were like that!
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on 10 November 2012
paul ogrady is a legend !! this is the third part of his autobiography -please please please paul dont make it the last. this book brought us up to the present in pauls life,it was hilarious poiniant sad and real in equal measure . i loved it. paul writes as he speaks which is for me the best way to read an autobiography as you can litterally hear him saying the words ,whether scathing or serious its real,and you feel and imagine yourself there with him,its so precise and the attention to detail is wonderful,how does he remember all the details from all the years ? amazing. i laughed out loud often ,caring not a jot for the looks i recieved from others !!i just told them to get the book. fantastic ,i loved it!!
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on 26 July 2017
Cruel, funny humour that is life really! And Paul describes his rise through the ranks with hard honest work. A lovely person. Genuine and kind.
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on 10 December 2012
I very rarely read celebrity autobiographies. Too often they're written by someone too young to have experienced much of anything, and as such they're usually bereft of the wisdom that years of reflection or hindsight can offer. But I picked up Paul O'Grady's first book after it being recommended to me. I was instantly hooked.

My only criticism is that there is such a huge cast of characters and so many locations (I've never heard of anyone moving house so much in my life!) that occasionally things could begin to feel a bit repetitive, moreso in the first half of the book. But that's only a minor quibble.

What I like so much about O'Grady's books is how he records so many small details of how people behave and how they speak. Little phrases and local sayings crop up everywhere and add a sense of authenticity. It helps also that his fame came from rising up through the drag scene, so in a way the book documents a very specific industry and group of people. He quite obviously has affection for what he writes about - his fascination with the musical Gypsy is endearing and something I can relate to. The book does become quite sad as he recounts the deaths of many friends from AIDS, but as I mentioned before, this serves as a reminder to younger people not to forget what happened in the relatively recent past.

It's quite an easy book to read because of the tone - it's so often informal, chatty, and irreverent. It's like sitting down with a friend and listening to a good story from them.
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