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on 20 March 2017
I could not stop reading this book its is written in such a mind blowing way it completely absorbs you
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on 19 April 2018
(This is the updated version). What a book, I enjoyed it from beginning to end, reading only a chapter a day, so I didn't get too bogged down and had time to digest it. Nevertheless, it is a lot to take on board. Being a sci-fi nut, a lot of the theory and concepts, in principle, we're known to me but still, I am only a lowly Human Being, not a scientist! I loved the sense of humour and little asides, although I am a little perplexed by the notion that if time flowed backwards, you could see the result of a race and then place a bet on it, knowing the result. Surely you are still travelling time in the wrong direction to collect your winnings, or alternatively, everyone would be rich! Screws my brain up just trying think about it. Anyway, a jolly good book which I shall certainly read again.
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on 2 June 2015
Stephen Hawking has condensed his vast knowledge and intellect into a single summary of physics: from the smallest subatomic to the vast intergalactic and beyond into multiple dimensions and put it all in terms that a non-scientific layman can reasonably understand.

True, if one is to fully understand the complexities of this treatise, we will have to frequently stop and ponder but the effort is worth it for the enlightenment it brings.

The only complaint is that the diagrams have not converted well into Kindle.
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VINE VOICEon 8 July 2011
This book is superb. Stephen Hawking is clearly a genius who has worked through some extraordinarily complex problems and donbe the hard work of calculation to test his theories. His ideas are far-fetched and so strangely conceptual that they are at least counter-intuitive. So one would expect that his writing would be hardwork, confusing and a little dry. And yet..

..it's brilliantly clear. Hawking takes us through relativity, the big bang and black holes and quantum particles. And all along he manages to explain these ideas in language and with references that most of us can get opur heads around. Don't get me wrong spin 2 particles symetry makes no sense to me and I am really struggling with the concpet of a finite (but really really really big) curved edgeless space. Nonetheless, concepts which demand years of research to come close to fully understanding are introduced in a fashion that any novice can follow. Hawking's writing style is engaging and often humorous (sometimes cheeky) and it makes it a pleasure to read.

There are a few downsides to this book. Firstly, an introduction to a subject is always going to be sketchy on some of the detail but as not many people will have an appetite to read his full research papers I don't think that's much of an issue. Secondly, and more significantly, this book is now over 25 years old. That means that the science has moved on (in some areas considerably). At the time of writing Hawking could not be 100% certain that blackholes existed although we now know that they do. I'm sure there are other areas where his writing is now outdated but I don't know enough about physics to be sure what.

Overall then a great book. It combines a relaxed and enjoyable writing style with some humour and a thorough udnerstanding of the subject matter explained in as straightforward a manner as possible. If you are interested in this then I would also recommend: Why Does E=mc2?: (and Why Should We Care?) and also Hawking's recent TV series Stephen Hawking's Universe [DVD] [2010]
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on 12 September 2017
Like most of these books which attempt to bring extremely difficult concepts to the average reader, it starts off well and then the author gets gets carried away (coming from somebody who has studied astrophysics). Still a very good book.
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on 30 November 2014
This is an amazing book. As someone who is interested in physics, but has no formal training in the subject above a B in GCSE sciences, this book truly amazed me. Hawking has managed to condense some extremely complex subject matter into easily digestible chapters. It is all explained so well that you finish reading it feeling like an expert and on top of the world (or indeed the universe). Not only that, but he has written it in a way that is just so readable, it almost feels like you're reading a novel, because you can't put it down. It really is like a novel, apart from the main characters are sub-atomic particles and the antagonists are black holes.

Though some of the information in the back is now outdated and has been disproven, it still gives you a fantastic basis for understanding things such as relativity, anti-matter and event horizons. He goes right from tiny quarks all the way up to the entire make-up of the universe. I did not think that Stephen Hawking was the type to be funny, but I actually laughed aloud a few times, so interesting and readable and he really uses some fantastic analogies that anyone can relate to.

I suppose if you are a PhD level physicist then you will probably not find this book particularly informative, but for me it really reignited my interest in the sciences and it is honestly one of the best books I have read.
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on 28 April 2016
I bought this book hoping to build a basic knowledge of the laws of physics. If I'm honest, it was too technical for me. I felt that in certain areas there was a presumption that the reader had an existing subject knowledge that was sadly absent for me. For the right person, its a good read. For the average reader, maybe start with something more basic.
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on 25 December 2011
I've had this book for a while now.

it's probably, and indead almost hopefully out of date. by which i mean i hope new discoveries by either hawking or his eminent fellows of made this book defunct.

Because otherwise this is the fundemental guide to our universe (Or at least our conception of it), say what you will about hawking, his book provides perhaps the most basic, digestible view of our universe ever published. no maths, no graphs just the concept based on what people who've spent a life time of study know. it's a really great book.

Most importantly, the 'illustrations' make the concepts the book explains utterly clear, which is what makes the books so perfect. There are no doubt books that define our observed universe in more detail or through more accurate details but with that comes a cost, a cost in basic understanding. 'A Breif History of time' might not thoroughly explain the 'how' of the universe in mechanical detail but it does paint the broadest fullest picture of concepts and ideas otherwise limited to the wonderfully clever scientific elite.

good book this.
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on 5 April 2016
A brief history of time, is just one of those books that everyone has to read at least once, every page locks my eyes in an unending gaze as I take on every word. It is filled with some of the greatest writing from the top physicist in existence, explaining everything from black holes, to quantum mechanics. It is truly amazing.

I am keen to watch any documentaries on space, time and science in general. And if you do to, you will love this book and never want to put it down.

Not only is it filled with in depth knowledge but there are also useful diagrams to better help you understand what professor Hawkins is trying to get across.

It is a wonderful book, and a must read for everyone.

So stop reading this review and get buying!!!
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on 26 August 2016
Good book but actually had to stop reading it from time to time. Seriously messes with your mind with everything in it. Loved reading it as it stretched my brain to it's small limits. I am no Stephen Hawking but I did enjoy the questions and theories posed in the book.
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