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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 February 2014
Russell is a talented writer, this book is as good as the rest of the Lennox stories, this one is highly recommended!
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on 9 February 2013
A great story that keeps you hanging on that keeps the lennox story going. it lets you into the murky underworld of glasgow
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Having followed Lennox in his previous tales, I have to say that I love Craig's dark gritty Glasgow of the fifties that creeps into your mind in much the same way that the Clyde creeps its way through the city itself. It's well written, it has some cracking twists and when you add a darker look at the cities underworld to the mix, it's one that is rich with images as well as characters for the tales antihero to pit himself against.

As usual the prose is top notch, the pace bracing and when added to a unique author writing voice, it's one that will thrill and entertain from the first page to the last. Just remember that Glasgow gives up its secrets in much the same way as the Clyde and that sometimes pushing through the murk to find them will lead to inevitable consequences which leave you wondering how many more breaths Lennox has left in his body. Wonderful.
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VINE VOICEon 22 June 2012
I'm certainly very pleased to have re-found Lennox and his dark 50s Glasgow. I enjoyed the first book, forgot all about any follow-ons and now am beginning to play catch-up. Lennox, as a character, has matured in this third book. He's been likened to Philip Marlowe which no doubt pleases the author but, to my mind, he's a stand alone PI - or rather, enquiry agent. His Canadian heritage makes him somewhat laid back with a code of ethics (sometimes bent but never broken) and a dour wartime experience gives him something Marlowe never had, a viciousness and a temper.

Lennox gets the usual beatings, stitchable cuts to his person and a constant battle to outwit the heavies in the story - of which there are many. As before, it's good to have a hero who is not blasting his way through life with an ever increasing variety of weaponry, unless, of course, it's the size of the sap, no double entendre intended though his relationship with his landlady is giving him cause for concern in the love stakes.

As far as the thrust of the story goes, it's very complicated thanks to the sudden arrival of a body in the Clyde supposedly belonging to a master criminal who disappeared many years ago. So is it his body or not? Who put it there? Why? All the usual questions and to add to the intrigue, there's the small matter of a very large amount of missing money from earlier grand robberies. Now add into the equation the blackmailing of a very high profile American actor whose reputation as a ladies man has preceded him whereas the incriminating photographs suggest otherwise. All these threads mingle until, little by little the story is played out to the finale. Lennox does have a few surprising bursts of knowledge which allow him to unearth the answers but, no matter, it all adds to a very readable book and a need to find the fourth book in the series.
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on 23 February 2012
I've read the previous Lennox titles and they really do get better each time. Great humour and observation, you certainly don't have to be Scottish to appreciate this. I'm a great crime reader and I would give this book a very solid 9 out of 10. The only downside is the rather formulaic stitching together of several stories at the outset and then they amazingly come together at the end. No need.
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on 3 September 2011
This is the third Lennox book and Craig Russell has hit on a gem. Russell's writing and characters are carefully constructed and I look forward to all his offerings, whether Jan Fabel or the worldly wise Lennox. I heartily recommend anyone with a taste for good writing and a twisting plot to discover all of Craig Russell's characters, especially the simmering Lennox.
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on 19 July 2012
The third in Craig Russell's excellent `Lennox' series and I would say one of the darkest so far. Our silver-tongued, justice seeking private eye encounters more than one or two physical scrapes through business and pleasure when he takes on two cases that will test him to the hilt. Is it really criminal mastermind Gentleman Joe Strachan that languishes below the grey choppy waters of the Clyde who appears to be sending messages and issuing death warrants from beyond the grave, or are there other forces at work? And what links an American movie star with an aristocrat's son in a positively salacious incident of blackmail? And how the jiggins is Lennox going to sort it all out whilst still in pursuit of his delectable landlady Fiona, fighting off commando window cleaners and juggling the demands of the Three Kings who rule Glasgow with their iron fists? It's no walk in the park as our battered and bruised hero grapples with his toughest cases yet with a wonderfully violent denouement that sees Lennox dispensing justice in his own inimitable style but with what consequence? This series just gets better and better in my eyes- accomplished plotting, great characterisation melded with a perfect balance of grim violence and wise-cracking dialogue.
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on 31 July 2011
The Deep Dark Sleep by Craig Russell
a review by Maemac
this is the latest offering in the Lennox series. the atmosphere just jumps off the pages, i really felt i was out in the pea-souper fog. although i am not old enogh to have experienced 50's Glasgow i think i would find my way about the city by the ammount of details craig russell includes in his novels. we had new characters and a good sprinkling of well-known names ie 'the three kings'. it is well paced, with good twists and turns. i was kept awake several times as i was loathe to stop reading. i am always sorry to get to the end of most of the novels i read and this was no exception. the first thing i did was to check when the next lennox book was due. this is always a good sign i believe.

a tip for avid lennox fans. if you haven't yet found craig russell's earlier books set in rotterdam and featuring a german detective by the name of Jan Fabel get on to amazon and order them all. the amount of details and the research that must have been done is tremendious. Brother Grimm] ][[ASIN:0099522640 The Carnival Masterthese are just two of the Fabel series check them out.
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"A great writer at the very top of his game" is a cover quote from Peter James. And it's hard to disagree. Craig Russell's third Lennow outing is as good as the previous two. Lennox, an enquiry agent, is based in 50's Glasgow and has tried to distance himself from the more unsavoury jobs of the past but is dragged back into Glasgow's dark underbelly when a corpse is found in the River Clyde.
Post war Glasgow is painted as a dark and gloomy place, but Russell also has a humerous side which he plays through Lennox and his observations and asides. The author captures the time period very well and his characterisation of the various individuals in the book is excellent as always.

So here we have Lennox searching to find who the river corpse is, and trying to recover some dodgy photographs being used to blackmail a visiting American movie start. Cue deadly killers and secrets from WW2 and you end up with a highly engaging thriller.

Excellent, if Russell's "Jan Fabel" series is as good as this, I may need to search them out while I wait for another Lennox book.
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on 11 August 2011
The latest in the Lennox series " The Deep Dark Sleep " is the best yet in the Lennox series, I enjoyed every minute reading it , terrific plot and Lennox lives up to the witty private detective P.I. hard man who seen plenty of action in the past in world war 2 and now post war in the Glasgow underworld. The three Lennox books by Craig Russell are all fast and gripping and I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next case Lennox has to deal with.
Highly recommended.
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