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on 10 August 2017
A very interesting and informative book. The anecdotes add a personal dimension to the information contained. Recommended.
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on 5 May 2012
I found this to be an excellent book which clearly illustrates John's vast depth of knowledge in the area of Advanced Driver Training. I attended a driver training course with John in the mid 1990's and this book revisits many of the key points covered in that training. I have no doubt that if the reader applies the advice in this book, not only will they become a better driver, but they will gain an appreciation and passion for what it truly means to be an 'Advanced Driver'.
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on 22 May 2012
I must make it clear that I am a motoring enthusiast and IAM Observer. Seeing that John had published something so recent and being aware of his reputation I bought it.

The Book contains a lot of excellent advice but is peppered with many "voice of experience" snippets which I tired of. I found that really good insights of the practical application of Advanced Techniques had to be gleaned from the extensive wording.

For an avid motoring enthuiast it will be of interest but if not it will be very hard work
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on 14 August 2012
I have known and trained with John Lyon since the mid 80's, and I brought this book as a result of that friendship. I think it can be used read and used in two different ways:

It can be read by an interested newcomer to advanced driving, to encouage and stimulate that interest, to hopefully go and get some advanced coaching.

This would then lead on to the second use of the book, which I feel would be it's main use, as a reference manual for the established advanced driver, who is continually striving to maintain, and improve his/her level of ability. It is of great use for this purpose, with clearly defined chapters for each area of driving, making it easy to find the subject on which you are working.

I have found it to be an interesting and worhtwhile addition to my library.
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on 21 January 2013
This book, although maybe not the most thrilling read in parts, is a fantastic learning tool for new drivers and also a good reforming tool for the more experienced driver who has slipped into bad habits over the years.
I found this book made me look at my own driving and re assess some areas for the better, there isn't alot inside about becoming a better and safer road driver that isn't covered and I strongly believe that if all new drivers were given the training included in this book that there wouldn't be so many nightmares on wheels on the road making life difficult for everyone else, half of which seem to think they're fantastic drivers who know all there is to know and can't be taught anything new. This was the first book of this nature I have read as I normally go for track driving and race technique publications to improve my track and fast road driving, but I can highly recommend it for people who are serious about improving their driving in all areas.
Only part I don't agree with is shuffling/passing the wheel through the hands and having 10 to 2 as the preset hand positions as it goes against everything I've ever been taught by every race driver or instructor I've sat in a car with. Their advice being that quarter to 3 is the correct position and affords much better car control especially on track.
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on 8 August 2012
I have been lucky enough to be trained by John and found his book excellent; I suggested to him many years ago that he should write such a book. For me it revisits the courses and training I under took with John, he is the Master Driver and this book covers many aspects of the training gained with him whilst taking The High Performance Course and The Night Driving Course. For those who have taken the IAM or RoSPA ADA Advanced tests this will help further their knowledge. I feel a session or two with John would help expand your understanding of the book in more detail and Advance your driving even further. I wish he had written this book twenty years ago.
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on 15 May 2012
John Lyon coached me on the original BSM High Performance Course in the winter of 1971/72 and I owe him a lot for a lifetime's enjoyment and interest in advanced driving. He is a brilliant driver and coach and I was looking forward to reading this book. It certainly contains a wealth of valuable advice and anecdotes from John's 50 years of driver training experience. But I was disappointed that the book contains so many (to me irritating) basic errors. I give some examples below. John repeatedly writes "speed is time multiplied by distance"; speed is distance divided by time (e.g. miles per hour). Perhaps he means "Distance is speed multiplied by time". He describes kinetic energy as "a force". It is not, as any competent scientist or engineer will tell you! On page 226 he says an eighth of an inch is 3cm; it should be 3mm. On the same page he gives an incorrect explanation of legal tyre tread depth; why not just copy out a correct version from The Highway Code? Earlier in the book he describes reversing from a driveway as "a traffic offence". While it is against the advice of The Highway Code, and in most circumstances an inadvisable and unsafe practice, it is wrong to imply that of itself it is an offence against the law (as I believe most readers would interpet those words). Having said the above, I enjoyed reading the book. But it could have been so much better. Perhaps Haynes Publishing should have employed a more critical proof reader.
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on 19 May 2012
An excellent analysis of what it takes to make swift, safe progress on the roads. Plenty of illustrations to make it easier to understand the points made, and anecdotes from the author's extensive experience of driver training. Well set out with chapters on all aspects of safe driving, including pre-drive checks and driver fitness. It will make even the most experienced drivers reassess their skill levels.
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on 10 May 2012
The best book I have ever read on Advanced Driving (and in 35 years or so of "advanced driving" I have read all that I have been aware of). I think it's helpful if the reader is already a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists or similar, and has read and understood Roadcraft - The Police Driver's Handbook, but not essential. The "Voice of Experience" anecdotes in separate boxes make it unique, and I found it easy to read.

John does get a bit technical on skidding, and it's helpful to understand the physics of forces acting on a moving vehicle, but I thought it was good that this information (and other information in other chapters) was brought into the public domain, which some authorities may have been reluctant to do.

I was taught by John Lyon quite a number of years ago now, and he is the finest road driver I have ever sat beside. The book was, in a way, a refresher course, as it reminded me of several points I had forgotten about or had not been applying!
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on 8 July 2012
After the I.A.M. and R.O.S.P.A. Gold this book is every level beyond for the public highway. He also describes where the lines are drawn between road, rally and race techniques. I have read every driving book I have come across and this aspect is unique. He trusts readers with the knowledge instead of not telling us. I like this very much. Given his varied driving history he has the ability to show us where the lines are by showing us the view from both sides of the various boundaries.

I wish John had written this book 35 years ago. It provides the "missing classroom" for John Lyon's private tuition courses. The errors of detail in science are interesting and demand correction but are minor to the book as a whole. Likewise the anecdotes add some humanity to what can be a dry subject - these are very clearly presented as separate so are trivial to skip. Personally I like them. The book is a fine insight into one of history's original Metroplolitan Police Driving School civilian instructors, that school now more commonly called "Hendon".
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