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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2011
The Power is amazing, I have read The Secret too but highly recommend reading both. I have found the book has made a positive difference to my life. My outlook is even more positive than it was before. I really do believe that there is more to life than the day to day happenings and the reason why we are here makes so much more sense now! We all have the power to have everything we want in life, we just have to be grateful for what we do have, be happy for others, believe in receiving what you want and just wait for it to all happen. Read this book if you are fed up with being negative and always feeling like your life is a hard grind! The book makes you realise that life is not meant to be a hard grind, you don't have to work your a** off doing something you hate to get everything you want, your circumstances can change, you are not meant to be stuck in a rut, you should be living a life where you have everything you ever wanted or dreamed of. You just have to believe in yourself and know that you are worth it. Don't let other sceptical people put you off this book and others like it, they are obviously too absorbed in their day to day life to stop and look at the bigger picture, the universe and creation! Keep persevering and your wishes will all be granted! Enjoy the book and enjoy life!!! : )
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on 27 January 2012
This book is an invaluable daily guide. Rhonda Byrne has collated many of the world's leading authorities in such a way that every page has useful information about how to live better and longer.
The Power is the power of love, and using it for six months non- stop can increase your own health, clarity of mind, charisma and finally synchronicity.
This latter allows you to shape everything that happens to you, and avoid wasting living time on inessentials. By existing on a higher plane every day, you feel a real contact with everyone you see or meet, and they feel it back.
As all our cells are surrounded by and contain water, the purity of that water is conditioned by our feelings of love, hence a real immunity is established which grows with daily use.
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on 18 February 2015
Wow. I am currently on a spiritual journey the first book I read was the Secret and for me with the Secret it was an introduction of how life can be if you want to change things that you are not currently happy with. With the Power it just says it in the title because I did find myself at crossroads while reading the Secret as I was reading all this positivity but I was feeling the opposite sometimes. When I started to read the Power oh my days the Power is truly amazing, wonderful it helped me to harness the energy that is all awe inspriring and truly magically since reading the Power all I have been was truly happy and everyone I came into to contact with has noticed the change in me. One friend even said that I am GLOWING with HAPPINESS. My colleaques at work is reading this book as well. I have purchased more of the Power for all my family and friends. This is a fantastic tool to help you create a life full of happiness, joy and oh love that is all it take is love to change things in your life. This is the truth. Love conquers everything. Why not share this love this experience just imagine if the whole world can experience this feeling and journey. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
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on 14 December 2010
This book is amazing if you want to understand the laws of the universe and positive thinking towards life. The mind is made up of two natures positivity and negativity. The negative part of us tends to have a much deeper grip on us leading to fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety etc. As humans beings we live most of our lives in negativity, and a small amount of positivity. This book teaches us how to harness positivity and change the way we approach and see things in life, as well as getting the things we want in life by creating a positive frequency. The mind is a powerful tool but can sometimes get trapped in unnecessary emotions, emotions are natural, and life is a learning process in which we learn, survive and evolve as human beings. This book has been nicely written and love the colourful illustrations. but I would like to say that positivity does take time to harness and you do have to work at it, but you will see your life change for good.
I personally enjoyed reading this book and recommend everyone to read it, its basic but its straight to the point, and is really good for beginners to understand the laws of attraction of the universe.

Just incase anyone is interested in another good read, read the A common dialogue with god, written by Donald Neale Walsh, it is a beautiful book if you are interested to understand what this life journey is about.

hope this helps.
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on 23 April 2012
It is a little difficult for anyone to review - save from their own personal perspective - a book of this kind. In the early 90s I read the books by Florence Scovel Shinn - written decades before, and therefore this "Secret" The Law of Attraction - has been out there a very long time and can hardly be described as such. However, the essence of Rhonda Byrne's message is correct - you do attract to you negative and positive things by the dynamic of your own wavelengths and energies - what you give out. I can think of people who seem to, for no definite reason, get areas of their lives wrong repeatedly; and also patterns concerning problems in health and love and so on. You wonder what attracts these things to the person again and again, but it is undeniable fact that yes, they do seem to draw down such things for whatever inexplicable reason. I'm sure people who might read this can think of such examples in either their own case or in that of friends or family members. Likewise there are people you know who, over and over, seem to land on their feet like cats every time something appears to go against them - and come out on top. They lose a job and hey, they land a better one - or their girlfriend or boyfriend walks out on them - and they find someone who suits them far better. Part of the problem with many of these self-help books etc... and certainly with at least the first part of the DVD I saw about The Secret, is that they are so preoccupied with material riches and how they can be attracted to you - I think such specific requests and possibly underlying greed cannot be something that benefits people in the long-term. The fact that so many of these metaphysical books play on greed is, to me, a negative aspect when you are applying a philosophy. Riches should be part of a collective good but not something specific to request in itself; although obviously remaining debt-free is a blessing all of its own! With a Christian perspective, one can see where the element of "belief" comes in. I think at some point when He's healed someone Jesus indicates that the person has healed themselves - because that person had belief that the healing would happen. And that is the value that lies at the core of this book - no matter whether you come at it from a religious perspective or not. Your spirit working with the natural laws of the universe - the laws of God if you are a believer - and in that belief/trust/gratitude - you will find an answer for your hopes.

In the balance I would say that The Secret and it's related material, is a good thing - let's face it, if you approach life in a positive spirit it's undeniable that good things and good people will be drawn to you. You may not end up fabulously rich or married to George Clooney but a happy spirit alone is a pretty good reward in itself, is it not?
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on 18 September 2011
There are 5 CDs looking at different areas of life. The positive message given is uplifting and inspiring and if you put into practice what is said it is absolutely life changing. I bought the book after listening to the CDS but for some reason - possibly Rhonda's own voice on the Cds- they make more impact. So if you are not sure about which to get I would recommend getting the audio book first on the CDs.
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on 3 June 2013
Having read The Secret and lived by it, I expected 'something new' from The Power, however, it's just the same message, only with 'love everything' added...

If you haven't read The Secret, it'll be a useful book, if you have, I don't think it'll add much...
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on 31 August 2010
While I fully agree with all the concepts illustrated by the author, as I did with "The Secret", I must admit that the book is a little superficial and lacks "The Secret's" contribution of many thinkers. Since I read Rhonda's first book, my interest in the subject deepened and I've been keenly reading both classics and new releases. As for a classic book I would recommend Think and Grow Rich. Rhonda herself was inspired by classic books she read and her work is nothing else but a compilation of other people's work, however in a very attractive format. Most of the new releases are "me too" books not really adding much value. I am however inclined to change my mind after reading Read Me - I Am Magical which apart from having a fresh structure, presents the best bits and pieces of how to effectively create reality, referencing both the classics and newest research. AND - FINALLY SOMETHING NEW in book writing - it's got a subliminal message - and I checked it - you DO feel great when you read.
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on 3 January 2012
i purchased this book nearly a year ago. I find that it is a life saver to me, I read just a few paragraphs a day which gives me enough inspiration and drive to tackle the world. I suffer with chronic depression and ME and this helps me get through the hard times. Thank you Rhonda.

I have now finished the book, as read only small parts at a time. And I must say I feel a changed person. Some reviews and comments that it can get a little repetitive. I personally feel that the repetitiveness was excellent for me. Its firmly planted in my head.

This book is definitely in my top 5 books. I will refer back to this book, if I happen to feel on the negative side.

Hope this has helped you.
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on 17 August 2010
There are parts of this book which are definitely inspiring. It certainly makes you feel uplifted and creates a positive attitude, so that you feel stronger and more equipped to face the difficulties in your life. Rhonda Byrne helpfully reminds us that we have much more power than we think, and shows us how easy it can be to change ourselves and our lives for the better. However, The Secret benefitted from the input of a host of other authors, whereas here Rhonda Byrne tends to become a little repetitive. After a few chapters you feel you're reading the same thing expressed in slightly different ways. There isn't a massive amount of psychological insight either - some of the advice on how to harness the Power seems a little simplistic. For a more fulfilling and inspiring book, read Back to Sanity by Steve Taylor, which is one of the best books I have bought from amazon Back to Sanity: Healing the Madness of Our Minds
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