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on 28 November 2013
I like Patel's books - I bought the first one after an impressive appearance on TV ( his not mine !) - and I liked this one.

He keeps it simple and emphasises a disciplined, low-risk approach. He's experienced,articulate and opinionated. Where he , unusually , expresses complex ideas then they are fully explained and underpinned.

I wouldn't however have bothered to submit a review if I hadn't disagreed with the 'poor proof reading' comments previously expressed.

I bought the Kindle version on 9/11/2013 and it reads fine - I haven't carried out a forensic investigation but I found no problems at all and I used all the charts as I followed the text - perhaps its been revised.

The Kindle is no place for complex charts but I wanted the immediate gratification - in any event there are only one or two which caused me to squint.

As regards the content of the book - use the 'look inside' feature, its entirely representative.
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on 13 August 2013
I have read lots of books on technical analysis and lots of trading systems. To any one who's done the same I recommend they start again and read Robbie Burns books "The Naked Trader" and "The Naked Trader's Guide to Spread Betting", and then read this book. Then maybe it will help steer them away from becoming a trading systems addict who's on a quest for the holy grail of systems and guide them towards looking inward, taking responsibility and then building their own trading strategies.

I give this book five stars because it is easy to read and it dissects trading and spread betting with a surgeon's knife.

In another life, when I first looked at share investing and when I heard people talk. They would say things such as:- "Now is not a good time to buy shares, there's nothing going up." I'm sure everybody's heard it. But I knew deep down that someone was playing a different game. They made money any time and in any market conditions and they didn't just trade shares and I thought that a select group of private investors were quietly doing the same.

Guess what? I was right! There are people out there trading futures, going long and short, trading commodities and currencies and they do it in good times and bad. Spread Betting is a great entry level into the world of financial derivatives. But it has to be treated with extreme respect. Which is why I recommended Robbie Burns's book "Naked Trader's Guide to Spread Betting" because it tells you what you need to do to remain financially solvent if you decide to take up this noble art. "How to Win at Spread Betting" then breaks everything down for you so that you can see what wins and what doesn't.

Alpesh Patel is an important name in the world of trading and investing and he is recognised internationally by institutional and private investors alike. He knows his stuff and has a lot of powerful knowledge. If you've never spread bet in your life and you are keen to start you need to read the Naked Trader books mentioned above. But what ever your level of experience you need Alpesh's book. The one I am reviewing here. If I have any criticism of it. I would have liked it to have been longer.
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on 17 November 2013
there is nothing here that you can not easily find on the internet! Alpesh look like a guy that understand a lot of this subject, but this book is literally just to make money! if you search online for his videos you can basically see for free all the information that is on this book.
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on 23 February 2014
This book tells you no more than you would learn on a stocks or currency spread betting course! Manage risk/reward and account ratios and you'll be successful. This is exactly what they teach you on these courses.
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on 23 March 2014
This book is a total waste of time and definitely not worth the asking price.I would not recommend it .It is written in a very haphazard manner and does not make easy reading or teach you anything new about trading.
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on 8 September 2015
Not impressed by this book at all. It overpromises and underdelivers.
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on 11 August 2013
I have kindle version. Text looks badly formatted and the whole thing feels like it has been rushed together from a few notes that the author had lying around. There is some useful information in this book and the authors clearly know the subject. It is a shame that the quality of presentation and editing is lacking. Difficult to recommend. I would like a refund but don't think that is possible. There are better books
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on 22 December 2013
There is some useful material here both for the novice and the old hand. Much of it has been seen before but not with the backing of hard data and all in one place.

Won't, as the title suggests, make you a winner. But may help you stop losing. With good solid information of the difference in style between losers and winners, you would need very good reasons to ignore the advice.
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on 5 February 2014
Great publication by Alpesh Patel. Well worth a read by spread betting novices for advice and tips. Highly recommended to read this and his other publications.
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on 8 September 2013
Tables missing. Paragraphs mixed up. Looks like it wasn't copy edited. Oh and 25 quid is 20 quid too much!
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