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on 7 June 2017
Brilliant book, the only thing we humans have is this moment "now", do we live it thoughtfully and wisely?, or do we do as most people do - waste it fretting about the past, the future or what may become of us. This book has helped me clarify how important the deeper understanding of this mental malaise we humans all suffer from to a lesser or greater degree and the conundrum of how to solve the problem of the mountain of contaminated thinking we allow ourselves to be subjected to.
If any part of this comment resonates with you, then this book is well worth a read, or several reads, "Clarity" is by far the best book I have ever read on the subject of thought and thinking.
Best wishes Ray.
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on 13 August 2017
Many parts of this book will need rereading several times to gain the full benefit but overall what a life changer. I love that there is more online info and discussion at the end of every chapter although not yet utilised it myself!
I'm looking forward to the clarity in my life with a new viewpoint for my thinking.
If this is a totally new concept to you don't give up. Absorb it slowly and little by little wait for insight and revelation.
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on 29 April 2017
Need to read
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on 5 March 2015
This is very good. I chose Jamie Smart because I know he is a Three Principles teacher so I knew it would be worth reading. The book exceeded my expectations and I learned a lot. Plenty of aha moments for me. What he doesn't do in this book (thank goodness) is give out a load of strategies and techniques to add to my overloaded To Do list. What he gives is much better than that; you get understanding, insight and a way into your own wisdom that makes it possible to start seeing where your thinking is getting in your own way. I can see my real priorities very clearly now. I know what to do not because someone else told me or because I did a technique but because I have slowed down the static in my head enough to get my own clarity and power back. Plus, actually DOING the stuff I decide are important is much more of a pleasure because I can be more present, more in the flow while I do it, instead of second guessing myself. Highly recommend.
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on 27 February 2015
Jamie has constructed a carefully thought out process of drip feeding the information throughout the book. This allows for easy integration of the general understanding of this important message. The message is simple but profound. This book is a game changer for many people who do not know these secrets about their own internal processing. I was already aware of the truth Jamie explains from my own learnings, what really impressed me (but did not surprise me) was the very thoughtful process he undertook in the constructed process of writing, largely due to his comprehensive understanding and background of imparting learning on multiple levels. Great job.
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on 15 May 2013
I rarely write reviews on Amazon as until now I've felt the existing reviews have given an accurate description of the books. With Clarity however I foolishly ignored the handful of very negative reviews and went with the majority opinion. I find there is a fine line between trashy self-help books and interesting popular science type books.....

Clarity is neither - it is simply a series of tenuous metaphors and nonsense self-help dogma. When I got into the book and read a few chapters I went back to reread the positive Amazon reviews as I was not impreessed with the book at all. I started to feel like I had been sold some magic beans by a cult-like pyramind selling scheme as many of the positive reviews are written in the same nonsensical babble that Clarity indulges in. I then had the choice as to either join the magic bean selling cult by airing my generic self-help 'power of me' comments on the author's dedicated website or admit my error and write this review.

I'm assuming Jamie is actually very intelligent and is a big fan of irony as calling this book 'Clarity' is the icing on the cake. If there is anything to be learnt from this book its that the marketing of a title is 99% of the job and the content of a book is not that important if you want to appeal to the masses and gain commercial success.
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on 13 March 2017
Really loved this book.
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on 13 July 2013
Update below

Currently a qtr way through this and already annoyed
Anyone that constantly directs you in every single chapter to a website that requires that you 'like' the topic before you can access it puts me right off. I will not know that I like this book until I have finished it so the whole concept is horribly presumptuous. Add to this that I don't like Facebook in the first place makes me even more annoyed

As others have said there are some interesting pointers here if you haven't read one of the very many other texts out there... So far I have found nothing new here.. Nothing at all.

Also 'Clear' this text most definitely is not! (I suggest bill Jensen for accessible good works on simplicity and clarity)

Still.... I'll plod on in the hope that this hideous self promotion and pretentiousness is made worth it by some enlightening content at some point in this text

I'll post an update when done


Another quarter done and nothing yet to change my mind. :(
Final update .... I tried further but gave up for good! And down rated to 1* as a result

This is just so annoying/ irritating.
I 'get' the concepts and some of the practices of mindfulness, understand the principles of NLP and self development, and am interested in anything useful re: simplification/clarity

There are much much better and useful books out there on all these subjects. This book adds nothing!!

This book is really an elaborate link to 'consultancy' type services! Look at the videos and they appear largely waffle as well!

Life is precious .... DONT WASTE YOUR TIME on this is my advice.

... only my opinion though!
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am a serial entrepreneur, a University lecturer in Russia, Italy and the USA in Business Economics and International Law and am an international business and peak performance consultant. As such, I have read a plethora of business, motivational, peak performance, coaching, team building psychology type of books over 22 years. In fact I have enough books at home, on these subjects, to sink several ships. I therefore have read many books looking at what makes great entrepreneurs and how the best motivate employees. I therefore have used both my real life business experience and theoretical knowledge to review this book.

If you are thinking about buying this book and have read any of the 1000's of books on success, motivation, confidence, popular psychology, human performance etc, then much of what is in this book is not new. The main idea of this book, is that you have to change your mental thoughts, before your world changes. Earl Nightingale in the Strangest Secret taught us that idea. Whatever you focus on, you get more of in your life. Want to change your life? Change your focus. I am sorry but there is nothing new in this idea. What I did like was the detail this book goes into on how and why we create our own mental "filters" and how it affects our lives. This analysis is good. The next step is how do you change old thinking patterns and these potentially destructive filters? This is where the book becomes weaker, as there is no concrete plan of action you can use to change these areas. What the author suggests is to "go within". Great fantastic, but if you are in a stuck state and have deficient filter systems, you may find this difficult to do this. What is even harder, if you are in a stuck state, is to then change these filters and there is very little concrete analysis to tell you how. I am sorry but the key to change is to understand what is stopping you and then do something about it. Telling you what is wrong and then leaving you in the midst's of "Go Within" is not that helpful. Can I recommend the following books if you really want to understand how to change what is within. Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and another by Bobbie Summer, The Hoffman Process and Whats Stopping You, all are far better books for personal change, than this fluffy book.

There are parts of this book that are very informative and good. Where it is weak is in the how to change the thoughts that are holding you back. Personally, I would buy one of the books I have listed if you want to experience real and deep change.
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on 29 June 2014
This book should be called Confusion rather than Clarity - full of confusing ideas, confusing metaphors, confusing claims, confusing testimonials. Which planet is the author on? ... and maybe he needs to change his name from Jamie Smart!

Just two examples from the book. Firstly, "It is my assertion that what this book endeavours to describe is a genuinely new paradigm, in the Khunian sense. Ironically, it may not meet the scientific criteria for a paradigm as they are currently defined". Dead right about the last bit Jamie. Your book consists mainly of hijacking the work of others and not even doing that well (not to mention not acknowledging their work). And secondly, even the few bits in the book that are cohesive and understandable have much more clarity in their original form e.g. The Power of Now, Mindfulness and even The Three Principles (which itself seems remarkably similar to Mindfulness) which is not exactly a new paradigm Jamie, it being at least a few thousand years old.

This is a truly dreadful mess of a book; can I have my money back please Mr Smart. Also I will not be rushing to take up your associated website offer of becoming a 'Certified Clarity Practitioner' (£8,500).
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