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on 5 November 2012
I came across this book unexpectedly. I have been fortunate enough to never suffer from depression. I grew up in a supportive & loving environment & have always considered myself to be blessed with a happy nature. So I was not expecting to find so much of value and interest in this wonderful book.

If, like me, you are leaving the relatively carefree days of your youth behind, no doubt you will find middle & later life brings with it far more complex issues that need to be faced, like illness, bereavement etc.

This book is easy to read and well structured into 12 interesting & far reaching chapters, each of which begins with an amusing story. It is full of good ideas & great quotes ranging from Aristotle to Tolstoy and beyond. It has plenty of humourous & uplifting anecdotes and is engaging and enlightening. It shares Webb's own personal experiences, including tales from her work with the UN, travelling to places like Afghanistan & Ethiopia, along with the wisdom of others & plenty of positive psychology.

I found this book to be a timely & realistic reminder of all the basics that add up to the heart of what we are ultimately striving for - a happy and meaningful life.

Buy it and enjoy it yourself before passing it on to someone you care about. It's also great for angst ridden teenagers, struggling to be at ease with themselves in the fast paced, consumer led society we live in.
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on 27 September 2012
Having become interested in the subject of happiness and how to actively seek it in recent years, I am always on the lookout for material on the subject. I had previously read Liggy Webb's `The Happy Handbook' which I enjoyed, so was looking forward to `How to be Happy'. I wasn't disappointed. I found it helpful, entertaining and above all, inspirational. It is a very accessible read and each chapter begins with an amusing story and ends on top tips for that section which makes it a great reference book once read. It covers subjects as diverse as appreciation, kindness, managing change and de-stressing and the book is full of useful tips and inspirational ideas. I really enjoyed it!
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on 5 December 2012
I liked this book in that it gave a lot of general information that anyone who has done a lot of personal development would have already come across before but for me it didn't really offer any new great insights. I did like the author's writing style and found it an easy book to read and digest. Not a bad book to dip into.
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on 17 September 2012
The book really helps a lot for everyday life. when you read, your life is changed. You will be happier for yourself and everyone around you.
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on 22 June 2017
The most self-absorbed, self-righteous book I have ever read. Rather than being supported by psychological theories or making reference to case studies, the book is full of self references, throughout. Reading this I felt like this was an opportunity for the author to showcase their gifts and achievements, rather than offering guidance to others.
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on 24 December 2015
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 November 2012
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I have read a lot of self help books over the years - I think it is fair to categorise How to Be Happy as a self help book. I must confess to being something of a cynic where they are concerned. So often they are restating the obvious, going over old ground, or just beating out one or a very few points at length. However, this book is far more than that and from page 1, reading it is like a breath of fresh air.

The subject is intriguing. It is not nearly so easy to define happiness as, for example, wealth, health or material success. The author starts off by considering what exactly it is, which is a subject which has exercised the minds of philosophers over the ages. The answer is not all that clear, but has nothing to do with the pursuit of material goods and a lot to do with having a balanced approach to life.

The author goes on to consider various factors which may contribute to the happiness of the individual. These are, for example, De-stress, Managing Change, Positive Relationships and Life Balance. It is easy to see that if we do not get these areas in balance, they are likely to inhibit our search for happiness. The presentation is very clear, the message is split down into bite sized chunks, and the key points are reiterated at the end of each chapter. There are also some nice thought provoking examples along the way.

I thought the content was very comprehensive and there was plenty of food for thought. This is not a book which ends with a series of conclusions. It is more a detailed consideration of strategies to improve mental and physical well being and hence improve one's chance of being happy. The author herself has suffered the occasional bout of depression and has clearly made an in depth study of the subject. This is a worthwhile read for just about anyone.
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VINE VOICEon 7 September 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you have read my other reviews you will know I have read 100's of self help books over the years. I am a business consultant, peak performance expert, entrepreneur and University lecturer amongst other things. As such I read books in order to improve my knowledge and the advice I can give others. I ordered this book via the Vine programme in the hope I may end up learning something new about how the mind can create happiness.

The saying, "A mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven" is something I strongly believe in. We are in fact masters of our own happiness through the way we view the world around us. I started reading about how cognitive belief systems can control the world we see many years ago when I read Psycho Cybernectics by Maxwell Maltz. The premise of this book is that the way a person sees themselves affects the self esteem and so affects every part of their life, including the ability to be happy. How to be Happy looks at the ideas of "self made" happiness and looks at different stimuli, which can create unhappiness in certain people. The author uses stories at the beginning of each chapter to illustrate her points in a very clear manner. Each chapter is littered with ideas of how to create more happiness in our lives. The book looks at virtually every sphere of life and has tips and solutions for most situations.

It is a clear and easy read. The question you should be asking is, is it worth reading and are the ideas any good? There is very little new information in this book that cannot be gained by reading other books. I have to say Maltz's work is still the definitive guide on how the mind can create a hell out of a heaven. I also feel that reading a good book on self esteem issues and perceptions of personal failure, such as Whats Stopping You, will also help your understanding what determines happiness. Liggy has written a good book and I found it an enjoyable and motivating read, I just feel some people may need more depth to the analysis of what makes them unhappy and more ideas on how to resolve these issues.

Great read, clear and concise but you may need a bit more explanation to achieve the goal of happiness in your life than this one book can achieve on its own.

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on 18 November 2013
Bought it for my girlfriend, I haven't read it but she said it was a good read and very helpful!
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VINE VOICEon 14 November 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
im not normally one for self help books as they tend to be full of unhelpful silly phrases and sayings which only tend to talk down to the reader but this book caught me on an off day so i ordered it hopeful of some ideas.
i have to say for the most part its a good and helpful book , yes it has quotes and sayings that claim to help you feel positive which i dont feel add anything, they simply make you think for a few mins but you forget them as quick as youve thought about them but what this book did do was allow me to see where sometimes i and in fact all of us go wrong in what we expect from the world and from others around us.the bulk of the book is more than engaging and i only skipped a few small parts which held no interest personally to me but i did actually read the book all in one afternoon as i couldnt put it down. ive learnt a fair amount about myself and others i spend time with and am hopful it will help me to make some changes. i have also passed it to my teen daughter and she has already said it makes vaild points to her so fingers crossed some happier people.
all in all not a bad self help book
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