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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2011
I had Silence pre-ordered with Amazon, but luckily my local supermarket had it on its shelves earlier than the release date. Is it wrong that I nearly jumped up and down on the spot with excitement when I saw it??!

For those who have read the first two books I can't stress enough that you MUST be patient when you start reading Silence. The first ten chapters or so feel very disconnected to those books and the interactions between Nora and Patch, and Nora and Vee are few and far between (for reasons you will know when you read the book).

However, it really is worth the wait, because once it gets going - it really gets going. I think this is by far the best book of the three. Although I love Becca Fitzpatrick's style of writing, there were flaws with Hush Hush and Crescendo I found really disappointing, but I loved this book as it just flowed from start to finish.

The ending is the best of all three books, and with a few inside jokes ('Naked, I know the drill') and finally getting to 'see' where Patch lives, you will be in Patch heaven.

The fourth book can not arrive quick enough....
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on 2 October 2011
I was so excited to have recieved this book and it certainly didn't disappoint! I was almost reduced to tears after learning what trauma Nora had been through during the months she was kidnapped. Her life will definatly be changed forever and still standing by her side the ever seductive Jev/Patch. Oh man, I felt every last kiss, whisper and intimate moment between them. Despite having a most obvious aura of danger and allusive-ness about Patch, I still couldn't help but feel the love intensifying between him and Nora. Not forgetting the light hearted moments from the other characters such as Vee and even Scott as he flirts with a most uninterested Nora. There was so much plot to this story I had to keep reading to know where the next road was going to lead. I honestly never saw any of this coming from start to finish.

Anyone who likes para-romance should most definatly give this is a shot. In my personal opinion, this story is ten-times better than Twilight and I consider myself a Twilight fan.

Thanks for an excellent read Becca!!!! (^_^)
Can't wait for the next installment!
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on 20 February 2011
Crescendo is one of those reads that completely sucker punches you. Hush, Hush ended on a high note, even if it was an elusive one. Even though the blurb gave full warning for what was coming, it still felt it came out of nowhere.

I read Crescendo with a mounting sense of foreboding and dread. But, this is a good thing. I rate books on their story, on the characters and the unforeseen developments. But the biggest and most important thing I rate a book on is how it makes me feel, if it makes me feel anything at all. Crescendo made me feel everything. I felt all the hurt and the highs, the laughs and the all-time lows.

Unlike Hush, Hush, Crescendo will leave you not with a warmy gooey feeling, but wanting to throw the book at the wall, get on the internet to find out exactly how long the wait will be before the next book is out. Once you have, pick Crescendo back up and put it down nicely. It isn't the books fault!

Superbly written, and if possible, better than the first.
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on 29 September 2011
I was lucky enough to recieve this book last week as i work in a bookshop and it did not disappoint. Noras character was extremley determind in this novel and the plot ws fantastic. In this book we find out that Nora after being kidnapped by her father (the black hand) has no memory of the past 5 months or Patch, she cannot remember nephilim or fallen angels which i found quite frustrating to begin with because as her memory returned i found myself basically re-reading information that i new from the previous 2 books. As the book progressed though, you will be glad to no that Patch appears and the connection between him and Nora is as strong as ever. I found the book the like the other 2 humourous where my favourite character Vee was involved and happy to see that i found out more about other characters such as her mother, Marcie ans Scott. I think this book has the best overall plot and there is a lot of action and twists throughout. Cannot wait until the next one... even if it is going to be a long one.
Hope you enjoy as much as i did.
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on 5 December 2010
After having read the first book, Hush Hush, I was so glad I had bought Crescendo at the same time otherwise I would have gone mad waiting for the post man to deliver it. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!! I love the story line of forbidden love between angel and human and Crescendo has twists and turns all over the place with a brilliant ending which had me shouting at the last page 'Nooooooooooo, you can't leave it there!!!' The third book 'Tempest' is not due out till Autumn 2011 - that's a whole year away!!!! If you enjoyed the 'Fallen' series you will love this too.
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on 14 October 2010
Despite finishing Crescendo several days ago, I'm still not sure what I think of it. I loved Hush, Hush. I didn't think it was spectacular (characters a little flat, Patch too much of a bad-boy, Nora too willing to ignore it), but I loved it anyway, so of course I was looking forward to the sequel. I was particularly interested in the story of Nora's fathers death, and how it connected to the Nephilim. But I found myself quickly loosing enthusiasm while reading it. I found it predictable, and far too alike Hush, Hush in many respects. It wasn't hard to figure out where the danger was really coming from, or what had really happened to Nora's father.

I didn't love Nora in Hush, Hush, didn't even like her that much. She was too flat and far too willing to do whatever Patch wanted when she shouldn't have been near him. And she never told Vee, her obnoxious, insensitive 'best friend' to stop being such. And my opinion hasn't really changed. I kept waiting for some growth from her, but what there was minimal and didn't really seem to last, she kept going back to how she was before it seemed to me.

Patch. Stalker, bad-boy, seriously dangerous. He was in Hush, Hush, and despite knowing he was really too bad to be good, I kinda loved him. Possibly for the contrast he was to Nora, where she was a bit of a straight laced goody-two-shoes, he was the opposite. I wish I could say that carried over to this book, but it didn't. I kinda hated him a few times throughout this book, and (obnoxious about it or not) completely agreed with Vee when she said he was bad news and that Nora was better off without him.

There were a few times I would have liked to slap both Patch and Nora for their behaviour and stupidity. At least twice Patch was getting really mad at Nora for 'not letting him explain' and her just getting crazy. And I was thinking 'what the heck?!?' because a) he wasn't trying to explain, not once. And b) Nora had every reason to be furious at him for his behaviour and yet he expected her to accept it without explanation. Made no sense whatsoever. And neither did several of Nora's outbursts which came from nowhere (even if there was reason) and would die just as fast. Not to mention that I never really felt they 'fit' as a couple in this one. Not a healthy relationship in book one, but a steamy one that somehow worked anyway. But just didn't for me. All their interaction was brief and it felt like there were chunks missing. Nothing was fleshed out the way it really needed to be to truly work.

The story itself, like I said, felt very alike Hush, Hush, in many ways, just a few minor details switched. I spent a fair bit of time reading it and thinking 'didn't I read this already?' I finished Hush, Hush in a day easily. It flowed at a fast pace and was an easy read. Crescendo I more or less finished in a day as well, but it took far more effort on my part. The first half really dragged for me. It picked up a bit past the halfway point, and the final 100 pages raced past. And I did actually enjoy the final 100 pages. I knew what was coming, how it would play out, but I'd finally gotten sucked in enough that it didn't matter, just like Hush, Hush. I was surprised just once reading this book, and that was the very final twist on the last page. That one I never saw coming and may be my biggest reason for wanting to read Tempest, book 3, when it's released rather than waiting for a cheap paperback copy.

So can I really have liked a book when it was so predictable and same-y? Can I really have not when I did still finish it in a day and enjoy (more or less) the final 100 pages (which is a quarter of the book)? I really don't know. It wasn't what I wanted from this second book. I wanted character development and a new story, and I didn't find that. There wasn't (bar the final one) any surprise because it was far to easy to see them coming chapters off, or simply because I could see the same patterns from Hush, Hush appearing. So overall, yes I was disappointed with this (and I realise I appear to be well in the minority here, please don't hate me for it). There was the odd moment I liked, and like I said the final 100 pages weren't bad, even if they were predictable (and I was rolling my eyes a bit through one particular 'tense' section). But Nora, gah, the girl drove me nuts!! And Patch felt flatter than he did in Hush, Hush, relying only on that mysterious/bad boy vibe to get him through and it didn't work for me. So...yeah, not a great read, and a disappointing sequel in my opinion, with some good moments.
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on 15 October 2010

Crescendo. I feel like I've waited a lifetime for this, I've lost count of the amount of times I've re read Hush Hush just to get that rush of Patch. So when I had it in my hands finally I threw myself right back to coldwater and got lost in Patch and Nora's world once again. And so now I'll rant........

I'm just going to go ahead and say this right away. Frustrating or what? Was it just me or did anyone else want to jump between the pages and throttle these characters?? The whole time reading it, I couldn't help but wonder if any of them had ever heard of the big 3 C's? Cooperation anyone? Consideration? And above all Communication?!! I was on the brink of explosion with frustration but I found it all completely understandable. And for this reason I have to say Becca has done an excellent job of portraying the anguish within Patch and Nora's relationship to perfection. I didn't feel like I was reading a story, I felt like I was watching my friends tear each other apart. The aftermath of a break up is one of the most confusing and emotionally tiring times in someone's life and this was exposed brilliantly. I could feel my emotions automatically sympathise with Nora and of cause is typical girl style my anger at Patch was off the charts!

In noticing these feelings I had against the book I was only more convinced of how much I had invested in this story and how much I was counting on Becca to complete my world and make Patch and Nora's relationship perfect. Then I realised you can't build a series on perfection and for those experience stumbling blocks along the way was only to be expected. But no matter how much I prepared myself I still had the rug pulled right from under me.

Was Patch really a player? Had he seriously traded in Nora for a new model? Another notch on his bedpost? Could he really be that evil? The words more than implied this, his actions didn't refrain from showing this and even Nora's vision into his past upon touching his wings more than confirmed it. It seemed he really was betraying Nora in the most brutal way imaginable. But even through my anger and frustration my heart wouldn't allow me to believe this. As much as I wanted to run him over with his own jeep, I knew there had to be more to this, I knew I still has faith in Patch, so why didn't Nora? Stubbornness is one of the most annoying traits a person can have and Nora is as stubborn as a mule! Thus disallowing her to let Patch even attempt to explain himself; however cagy his explanations may have been.

This book is filled with many little bombs to spice up the story line. Marcie's new admirer, Vee's new boyfriend, the mysterious return of Nora's childhood friend Scott, Nora's strange stalker and even the questionable reappearance of Nora's supposed dead father. There are added twists to Patch's powers and there are even powers beyond Patch's reach at play. But just as you think it can't get any worse; that you've heard all there is you get sucker punched! The Ultimate Bomb thrown right at you and I can honestly say I didn't see it coming and it added more spice to this story line than I ever could have expected! Knowing that Nora was about to question everything she has ever known about herself is extremely moving. Especially when you realise the one person she needs, the only person capable of comforting her, the person she knows her heart aches for is the one person she's pushed away, wants to hate and refuses to let them see her break. Patch.

I admire Nora's strength and capabilities; I understand her reasoning for doing `the right thing'. I get that she's nursing a broken heart and a wounded ego but I know she'll break. I know she wants Patch back. And I know I'll get my happy ending because for one thing we're all sure when we read this is that we know as much as Nora does, it's that when it comes to Patch - she's weak. So with baited breath and fingers crossed I reached for the end. I expected a turn of events, last minute revelations (however shocking they may be) and even the predictable quest for survival. But I hung in there and I got it, I could see that sunset I'd hoped for. Becca had done me proud and Nora had got what she knew she wanted all along, the Patch she fell in love with.

I experienced the euphoria at their reunion, sensed their emotions as I read them and I was happy. Content, complete even. And then BANG!! Major bomb! Just on the brink of my sunset everything crashed, Patch and Nora torn apart. This was one of, if not THE best cliff hanger's I've ever experienced. In all honesty I must have sat there open mouthed for around 3minutes. If you have read it I am sure you can empathise.

The perfection of the Hush Hush conclusion was most definitely NOT met here. The need for the next instalment is almost immediate. I want it. I want it now. In fact I want it like.....Yesterday!! I need answers, I need explanations and above all I need that sunset!

So Becca Fitzpatrick, you took me to Coldwater, you gave me patch - you tried to take him away and you gave me my sunset and then snatched it right back! I thank you and I applaud you. You've created a world I feel a part of and never want to leave. Congratulations on a wonderful follow up and I wait with breath that is baited from the 2rd instalment!
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Crescendo is the sequel to the very successful novel 'Hush Hush'. Patch and Nora's story continues but there are many unexpected twists and turns right from the onset. The plot line of Crescendo is completely different to that of Hush Hush which is good as many authors run dry after one really good novel and fair to come up with more interesting material.

Crescendo draws out some threads from Hush Hush and expands and develops them, the most prominent of which being the death of Nora's father. Was it really under 'normal' and 'human' circumstances? Was it possible that Patch was involved? Nora's quest to find out what happened to her dad and who killed him drives the plot of this novel. Unsurprisingly the fallen angels and the nephilim are heavily involved and we see the introduction of a new character: Scott. He's the loser childhood friend that Nora had forgotten about, but now he's transformed into a muscular, mysterious hunk. Ordinarily Nora would probably ignore Scott and his type, but the fact that Patch is telling her to stay away from him and that he seems to have so many secrets draws her to him. As Patch seems to draw closer to Nora's arch enemy Marcie Miller, things begin to hot up. People's relationships come under scrutiny and there are quite a lot of shocking moments when the truth is revealed. This book is easy to read and with the very exciting plot you'll just want to keep reading on and on.

There is only one thing about this book that I dislike and that is that Patch and Nora don't spend a lot of this novel together as a couple. In fact Patch isn't present in a lot of the novel, not physically at least, of course he's still on Nora's mind for nearly every second of the day. However, we are rewarded with many scenes of sexual tension between the pair some of which are better than those of the previous book.

This book is excellent in driving the plot of the series forwards and it progresses much. This book was indeed worth the wait and I sincerely hope that 'Silence' does the same. I highly recommend this book for all paranormal lovers, don't think that this is a book about 'silly little angels'. These are hardcore, bad-boy angels that have fallen from Heaven.

Find more reviews at [...]
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VINE VOICEon 18 November 2010
I really can't understand all of the 5-star reviews. Makes me think she could have written just about anything, and fans would have loved it on the basis of the first book - which btw I thought it was decent enough to pre-order the sequel, but by no means the best of what's out there in this genre. As it is, I found this book incredibly tiresome - to the point that I very nearly abandoned it about a third of the way in, which I almost never do. I kept at it because of the scene in the library, which was promising...but then went nowhere, which is my main issue here.

The plot is primarily built on Nora's persistent refusal to add up the very obvious clues about what's going on with Patch, to come to a very obvious conclusion. The premise is spread thinner by her endless capacity to throw a tantrum every time someone tries to toss her a line. Neither of the main characters' reactions to events made a whole lot of sense, and the subsidiary characters (namely Vee) were just annoying.

So, if you unreservedly loved the first book, you'll probably love this. If you're looking for an intelligent development of the original ideas - well, the bones are there, but they're given scanty air-time in favour of pages and pages of repetitive bickering. As for the "cliffhanger" ending...ah, never mind. If you get that far, you'll probably be in the 5-star camp anyway!
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on 21 February 2011
What the heck happened to Nora and Patch?! That was what I was thinking all the way through this book. After the whole ordeal at the end of Hush, Hush their relationship takes a massive downward turn out of pretty much nowhere. I found Nora completely irrational and annoying, and Patch seemed to have the most random mood swings and was also irrational. I couldn't understand either ones though processes throughout the entire book! Nora was constantly: "It's all his fault, I am better off without him...bla bla bla" Then she just completely reverts to: "I need him...sob sob...heart breaking." It's ridiculous! Patch doesn't help things; he's even more elusive than he was previously, and neither seems to even be thinking a way around the archangel situation.

I also hated Scott....a lot, and Vee, while sticking true to her character, just annoyed the heck out of me. Not to mention Marcie..... so overall this book made me want to throw it on the ground and stamp on it a few times...never mind the plot, when a book is filled to the brim with the most annoying characters, it just doesn't work for me.
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