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on 28 March 2014
Great follow-up to a great book with awesome character developments and story plot. A lot of twists and interesting scenarios! Do recommend if you like fantasy romance novels.
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on 28 March 2014
Great follow-up to great books with awesome character developments and story plot. A lot of twists and interesting scenarios! Do recommend if you like fantasy romance novels.
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on 25 February 2014
Patch the bad ass angel. Read this last year and i still remember his name, i really wanted a patch of my own. Amazing series. You must read it.
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on 4 October 2011
I had Silence pre-ordered with Amazon, but luckily my local supermarket had it on its shelves earlier than the release date. Is it wrong that I nearly jumped up and down on the spot with excitement when I saw it??!

For those who have read the first two books I can't stress enough that you MUST be patient when you start reading Silence. The first ten chapters or so feel very disconnected to those books and the interactions between Nora and Patch, and Nora and Vee are few and far between (for reasons you will know when you read the book).

However, it really is worth the wait, because once it gets going - it really gets going. I think this is by far the best book of the three. Although I love Becca Fitzpatrick's style of writing, there were flaws with Hush Hush and Crescendo I found really disappointing, but I loved this book as it just flowed from start to finish.

The ending is the best of all three books, and with a few inside jokes ('Naked, I know the drill') and finally getting to 'see' where Patch lives, you will be in Patch heaven.

The fourth book can not arrive quick enough....
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on 3 December 2015
I was quite frustrated by this book. The plot was quite predictable in parts and there were glaring holes. I also felt that the world building was lacking - there was little depth to the whole angels concept. Nora started to grate on my nerves as Patch grew on me (I didn't like him much in the first book.) I'll continue this series but I'm a bit skeptical now.
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on 28 April 2012
Crescendo is the sequel to the very successful novel 'Hush Hush'. Patch and Nora's story continues but there are many unexpected twists and turns right from the onset. The plot line of Crescendo is completely different to that of Hush Hush which is good as many authors run dry after one really good novel and fair to come up with more interesting material.

Crescendo draws out some threads from Hush Hush and expands and develops them, the most prominent of which being the death of Nora's father. Was it really under 'normal' and 'human' circumstances? Was it possible that Patch was involved? Nora's quest to find out what happened to her dad and who killed him drives the plot of this novel. Unsurprisingly the fallen angels and the nephilim are heavily involved and we see the introduction of a new character: Scott. He's the loser childhood friend that Nora had forgotten about, but now he's transformed into a muscular, mysterious hunk. Ordinarily Nora would probably ignore Scott and his type, but the fact that Patch is telling her to stay away from him and that he seems to have so many secrets draws her to him. As Patch seems to draw closer to Nora's arch enemy Marcie Miller, things begin to hot up. People's relationships come under scrutiny and there are quite a lot of shocking moments when the truth is revealed. This book is easy to read and with the very exciting plot you'll just want to keep reading on and on.

There is only one thing about this book that I dislike and that is that Patch and Nora don't spend a lot of this novel together as a couple. In fact Patch isn't present in a lot of the novel, not physically at least, of course he's still on Nora's mind for nearly every second of the day. However, we are rewarded with many scenes of sexual tension between the pair some of which are better than those of the previous book.

This book is excellent in driving the plot of the series forwards and it progresses much. This book was indeed worth the wait and I sincerely hope that 'Silence' does the same. I highly recommend this book for all paranormal lovers, don't think that this is a book about 'silly little angels'. These are hardcore, bad-boy angels that have fallen from Heaven.

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on 20 February 2011
Crescendo is one of those reads that completely sucker punches you. Hush, Hush ended on a high note, even if it was an elusive one. Even though the blurb gave full warning for what was coming, it still felt it came out of nowhere.

I read Crescendo with a mounting sense of foreboding and dread. But, this is a good thing. I rate books on their story, on the characters and the unforeseen developments. But the biggest and most important thing I rate a book on is how it makes me feel, if it makes me feel anything at all. Crescendo made me feel everything. I felt all the hurt and the highs, the laughs and the all-time lows.

Unlike Hush, Hush, Crescendo will leave you not with a warmy gooey feeling, but wanting to throw the book at the wall, get on the internet to find out exactly how long the wait will be before the next book is out. Once you have, pick Crescendo back up and put it down nicely. It isn't the books fault!

Superbly written, and if possible, better than the first.
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on 29 September 2011
I was lucky enough to recieve this book last week as i work in a bookshop and it did not disappoint. Noras character was extremley determind in this novel and the plot ws fantastic. In this book we find out that Nora after being kidnapped by her father (the black hand) has no memory of the past 5 months or Patch, she cannot remember nephilim or fallen angels which i found quite frustrating to begin with because as her memory returned i found myself basically re-reading information that i new from the previous 2 books. As the book progressed though, you will be glad to no that Patch appears and the connection between him and Nora is as strong as ever. I found the book the like the other 2 humourous where my favourite character Vee was involved and happy to see that i found out more about other characters such as her mother, Marcie ans Scott. I think this book has the best overall plot and there is a lot of action and twists throughout. Cannot wait until the next one... even if it is going to be a long one.
Hope you enjoy as much as i did.
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on 2 October 2011
I was so excited to have recieved this book and it certainly didn't disappoint! I was almost reduced to tears after learning what trauma Nora had been through during the months she was kidnapped. Her life will definatly be changed forever and still standing by her side the ever seductive Jev/Patch. Oh man, I felt every last kiss, whisper and intimate moment between them. Despite having a most obvious aura of danger and allusive-ness about Patch, I still couldn't help but feel the love intensifying between him and Nora. Not forgetting the light hearted moments from the other characters such as Vee and even Scott as he flirts with a most uninterested Nora. There was so much plot to this story I had to keep reading to know where the next road was going to lead. I honestly never saw any of this coming from start to finish.

Anyone who likes para-romance should most definatly give this is a shot. In my personal opinion, this story is ten-times better than Twilight and I consider myself a Twilight fan.

Thanks for an excellent read Becca!!!! (^_^)
Can't wait for the next installment!
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Sequel to Hush Hush, Crescendo is undeniably my most awaited book of the year. I'm pleased to say it is indeed worth the wait. Missing Patch was dreadful, so reading Crescendo felt like an indulgence - needless to say, I treasure this book!

Crescendo is a build up of everything in Hush Hush, only a whole lot more complicated. The complexity in Crescendo, including the surprising and sometimes jaw-dropping twists had me flipping the pages back and forth to re-read key parts of the plot. Compared to its predecessor, Crescendo has a lot more of these surprises, a fuller background story and a stronger mythology. I was thrown off balance by some turns I had not expected, but it is all amazingly well handled. I'm certain Tempest will answer some of these questions, just as Crescendo answered those from Hush Hush.

There are more fantastic characters in Crescendo too, and I'd highlight two I have had fun reading. Scott Parnell and Marcie Millar. Oh, I hate Marcie Millar alright - there's no use denying that. Her character develops more in Crescendo, and we understand a lot more as to how she came to be Nora's archenemy. At points I thought she was going to redeem herself, but she never does, and worse still, taunting Nora seems to be her regular past time. She is evil. I felt Nora's emotions about Marcie and Patch strongly, and I stubbornly refuse to like Marcie!

Now - Scott is a different case. Scotty the potty, how cute is that? He is an absolute delight of a character and I'm glad he's a strong presence in the book.No one can ever be better than Patch, but Scott does terribly well :) He's arrogant, but he seems quite unsure of himself, in a very very cute way - which makes him such a darling. Next to Patch, I am most looking forward to him in Tempest.

Speaking of the angel, Patch does a lot of disappearing in Crescendo. I was not happy about it, but it was necessary as Nora grows and develops a lot on her own. I also seriously miss Patch's bad boy image in Crescendo. I wanted more of his might-as-well-drive-me-insane lines and his general hotness. Then again he is a guardian now, right? He gets to behave :)

Crescendo is essentially Nora's story - it's about her journey to discovering herself and finding her place in the world. She makes mistakes, yes, but she grows more confident, more outgoing and infinitely matures more.

I believe no review is quite complete without talking about the ending. Crescendo ends explosively, and leaves a lot of questions unanswered, both implicitly and explicitly. This book gnaws at you. I kept turning the page in the vain hope that it will somehow procure the continuation I was so direly looking for, but that will have to wait until Tempest. Here's an interesting bit: just before the explosive ending, readers get a very brief sense of satisfaction which I'm sure everyone is yearning for since the first chapter. It's a second away from the chaos that is the cliffhanger, but caution: you might be tearing your hair out with it.

I loved Crescendo, though I am not as crazy for it as I was with Hush, hush. But then again, I was ridiculously insane with the first book in the series. I waited eight months for this book, but waiting a year for Tempest? UNBELIEVABLE.

PS. You'll find out Patch's real name in Crescendo! I found myself being ridiculously crazy about that name afterwards, so girls, your hearts beware!
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