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on 7 June 2018
Awesome. She is a psychic who having helped the police track numerous killer's is now burnt out and needs a place to recuperate. He is a dark, handsome hunk who unbeknownst to her is from another race. A race very similiar to a vampire in that they need blood but not in the sense that they kill indiscriminately. Although if they do not meet their soul mate, with time they do turn into one. He is close to turning but meeting her saves him. However his race has been hunted by hunters and when a hunter appears it is her who pays the price. What will happen to both of them? Will their love be enough for them? Brilliant story, fabulous characters (although I must admit that the cover is not how I pictured him). I had bought the hardcopy of this year's ago and have re-read it numerous times, so much so that I need another copy.
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on 3 December 2017
Took a bit of getting into as it's the start of a series and there is a lot of information about the whole Carpathian universe to take in. After reading for the second time it made a lot more sense and couldn't put it down. I'm now hooked on the whole series and am plowing through them all.
The author has created a whole world around a different species living secretly alongside humans. They are the humans only defence against the undead but would be hunted and destroyed if humans discovered their existence. However they are dying out without the female half of their soul.
It's a very different spin on the vampire genre/paranormal romance and worth a try for fan's of Gena Showalter, Lynsay Sands, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Nalini Singh.
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on 18 September 2017
When ii started reading this book I actually put it down and didn't pick it back up for a week which is uncommon, I decided to read this series as I read the Ghostwalker series and absolutely loved it! However I felt the relationship between the two main characters escalated far to quickly and it was all very rushed and difficult to keep up with what was going on and who the extra characters were, I finished it more out of curiosity for the other family members and how it would finish, I will read the next one as from reading the blurb I am happy that the series will follow the same style the Ghostwalker series did with each book introducing new characters, but overall I will give this 3 starts due to the rushed writing style the book portrayed.
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on 19 January 2012
Well... I think this is only the second time ever I've had to give a book less than 3 stars... and in all honesty I felt I was being a little generous here giving it 2... very very disapointing.

This was recommended to be by a friend and given that all her previous suggestions lead to amazingly well written books I did not hesitate to buy the first book of this series - this book. I started reading with quite a bit of hope for a good story but almost from the start I felt my attention wandering. The writing style is not my cup of tea - it's fractured at times, tangles at others and the perception of each character seems to have no boundaries. One moment the paragraph you are reading it a summary of one characters emotions and suddenly it's switched to another characters with little pause or consideration for the previous character. It felt jumbled.

Writing style aside, the story itself was slow. It had some moments where I had high hopes - I began to think that it was a slow starting story leading to more excitement as it went on, but sadly I was mistaken. I had the occasional moment where my interest is pinned to whats happening, but then its over and its back to overly long and repetitive descriptions of often shallow and usually misguided emotions.

Raven, as a character, at first felt strong and resistant, but as the novel moves along its as though she pales. Also given the long emotional descriptions, the characters or perhaps more accurately - the writer - starts to remind me of a teen, all emotion, not too much common sense or logic. Yes, its a romance, but romance and over the top descriptions of emotion do not a novel make.

I honestly struggled to finish reading this book, and its not often that happens to me. I do not drop books I pay for, ever, but this one tempted me more than a little by the time I was half way through.

Good idea for a story, poorly delivered and written in a way that reminds me of a teenage forum role-play session. Wish I'd spent the money elsewhere and I don't think I could stomach the rest of the series even if I were not paying for them. Very sorry for the harsh review, but that's my honest opinion.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 September 2009
Thank goodness for the recommendation that bought me to this book.

As a lover of all things vampire, and as someone searching for something to replace the Twilight Saga, this book has ticked all my boxes.

The love story of Mikhail, Prince of the Carpathian and Raven fatigued FBI accomplice is sheer brilliance. The story explains many vampire legends, and brings the Carpathians to us as mid point between human and vampire, dark enough to scare but good enough to love. The story has seduced me just as Mikhail seduces Raven. I devoured this book in a matter of hours and immediately sought more from the series in my local library to carry me through until a further three arrive from Amazon.

Although only on my second Carpathian Series novel, Dark Magic, I can already see the familiarity on the sequence of events, and the hypnotic writing. But rather than see this as a weakness, as some have called the stories 'predictable' I find it reassuring that with each book, I get to learn more about the Carpathian race, fall in love with another Carpathian hero and become enthralled in the story of their quest to claim a life-mate.

Christine Feehan has bought my fantasies to life with her wonderful stories, loveable characters and fantastic writing. I almost dont want to recommend these stories to my friends because I dont want to share, but I know I will. The Twilight Saga was good, but compared to the Dark Carpathian Series by Christine Feehan, it is easy to see that it was for teenagers. The Carpathian Series for me is similar Twilight and certainly deserves as much of the limelight, if not more, but strictly for adults.
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on 13 August 2010
I wont re-cap on the story line of this book as others have done, but I will say that if you are looking for some sexy vamp escapism with a large dollop of action, suspense, humour and a fiesty female, dont buy this. I thought that this would be a good read and as a voracious reader of paranormal romance, I am easily pleased, however this was a repetitive dirge that never seemed to go anywhere.

Just a tip, but if the hero finds his girl in the first three pages, where else is there to go? I love a good romance as much as the next girl but all the love scenes were the same, the heroine is spineless and the hero is so busy being obsessive that he forgets to romance the girl at all, and I never figured out why she would be with what basically amounts to a obsessive compulsive stalker who snaks on this "life mate" without asking!

Sorry if you are a lover of this series, but I wont be picking up any more of these as I fear for any girl who identifies with a wet blanket heroine who gives up on everything, including her humanity for a hero such as Mikhail.
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on 7 November 2015
Even though I have read the Dark series before, she I first was bought my first kindle 4yearz age it still is a very good read. This being the first in the series tells of race of none human people , they look human and their prince who has lived thousands of years protecting the humans against vampires, their race are becoming exstitinct, as not eñough females
Are having female baby's , their boys are not
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on 27 July 2012
I was really looking forward to reading this book, the premise of the story looked good and with lots in the series it could keep me going for months. Unfortunately as is so often the case the writing and writer do not live up to the tantalising promise.

The first few chapters contain pages and pages of description of the wild, erotic and exotic love making between the hard muscled, incredibly handsome but eternally tortured soul of the `Carpathian' hero and the most perfect in mind, body and soul human female.

Hmm shaping up nicely, not averse to a bit of hot `Vampire'/human sex but after pages of it I started to skim read looking for the story, only to find myself skim reading page after page after page while the writer indulged herself in interminably turgid dialogue between the characters on how tortured he/she is, yes I get it he's had a very long, very hard life and she's his "life mate" and "his women" (irritating description) and he "can't live without her" and she completes him etc etc etc, some more story/action now please!

Finally some story, unfortunately insipidly written and annoying. Despite being incredibly powerful our hero doesn't half get injured a lot and have to recuperate leaving our heroine to get herself into lots of life threatening scrapes by constantly ignoring very good advise to stop being so perfect, sigh. Fail.
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on 6 September 2010
This must be one of the most disappointing books that I have read in a long time. There is no connection between the two main characters Mikhail and Raven. Mikhail comes across as arrogant, domineering and very unlikeable. Raven on the other hand just gives in to Mikhail's demands and is very weak and to be honest desperate to fall for a guy like that!! Prior to this, I had just finished reading J R Ward's first "Black Dagger Brotherhood" novel - which was far superior on all accounts. "Dark Prince" didn't do it for me and there are so many other authors who write this type of novel better!!! I'd avoid this one and concentrate on J R Ward and Nalini Singh amongst others. At least they create worlds that you can get lost in, with just about the right amount of romance and you never feel like the woman in the story is being belittled. This wasn't for me!!
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on 17 September 2017
It took me a few chapters to get in to but once the author finds her rhythm there is no stopping her so it seems. This book is something a bit different to the Normal vampire books. Definitely a good read worth the buy an easy 5 stars for me.
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