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on 18 October 2013
Firstly I find the NLT transation suits me as it is comprehensive and in today's language. There are reference notes relating to each chapter,where explanations of context and interpretation are provided. This Bible also suggests how the content can be applied in people's lives today. Each Book has a lengthy introductory explanation as to who wrote it, when and to whom it was written, it's historical and biblical context etc. There are also summaries about the main characters who feature in the Bible.
There is a another section that takes you through the Gospels in, as much as possible, chronological order, with references to the different versions of the same event. It is ideal for daily reading, but also as a source of information for more in depth study.
The book is reasonably hefty so I additionally purchased the kindle version. Once you work out how to flip between text and reference notes, it works very well and is, of course , much more portable. There are a few blips on some of the charts that don't precisely fit the page, but this is not an issue with me.I would recommend it to new Christians who want to learn more, but also as a reference for those more mature in their faith.
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on 4 September 2012
This is my first study Bible after a lifetime of the KJV, Strongs and Eastons since 1962, the NIV I bought 20 years ago and the Good News Translation which is my bedtime reading and gets replaced rather frequently. So I have no previous experience of a study bible to compare it with. I am therefore new to study Bibles but not new to the Bible itself. Readers may therefore forgive my lack of a comparison with others.

As a book I got what I expected with very thin but durable pages common to most Bibles of a manageable size, casebound with pages glued to a spine and then encased in a hard cover. As is to be expected with such a new Bible, the pages tend to stick together and need to be carefully prised apart to avoid creasing them. The design of the Bible pages sometimes means that the actual text of the Bible becomes lost within the study features: For example the Gospel of Luke starts at the very bottom of page 1667 where we would expect the study notes to be and initially needs to be searched for. Overall, the text is small but readable. I'm 62 years old and had no problem reading the text but other older readers with poor vision might like to consider buying a full page magnifier or consider buying the large print version.

To test the translation I went straight to Isaiah 7:14. Sure enough the translation there was "virgin" but with the footnote, "Or young woman" and further explanation in the study notes. Content that this is a translation I can probably trust I read a few more passages and found them to be readable, understandable and accurate. This is a meaning for meaning translation which is valid: The meaning of words changes over time and if we are to understand the text we need to change the words in order to maintain understanding.

I particularly like the "Harmony of the Gospels" explained after the Gospel of John which places 250 events in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in Chronological order. I won't say any more about the extensive features of this Bible because I don't want to be a spoiler of a book which is one to be explored.

Overall, I love this Bible and it now takes pride of place as my main translation. The translation is clear and accurate and the study notes are providing me with knowledge that I had not previously known or considered. This Bible most definitely provides a lot more than the price indicates.
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on 2 December 2017
Absolutely love this bible. This is the best version I have ever owned. The NLT translation is very easy to understand and really makes the word of the Lord accessible to everybody. The study and life application aspects to this bible are excellent and very easy to apply in daily life. The information is very straightforward. Would definitely recommend to anybody who wants to read, know and apply God's word in their life.
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on 10 June 2015
Annoying points
I find that I am continually having to return and search for the chapters and verses, as it refuses to return to the place I was at when I look at cross references, maps, or notes. When I click on either the Old or New Testament it just sticks on the title . The guide does not open every time.

Good points.
It is written in language I understand, it's quite easy to read, when it keeps to the chapters and verses I'm reading. The fact it's on kindle allows me to see it really well. I like that I can bookmark my page. Though it doesn't always open were I've bookmarked. It's easier and lighter to carry my kindle or iPad. Than the book form.
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on 11 June 2013
I had already purchased the larger Life Application Study Bible (Kingsway publications) but wanted a smaller version I could take with me to group meetings more easily. This is perfect. It's the same in all but a few points as the larger Bible, and I couldn't do without either now. Both give great guidelines for daily living based on the scriptural teachings, and both are very easy to read, being in modern language thus making the books come alive for today's readers. I feel every practising Christian needs a Life Study Bible, and new Christians especially will find it of enormous help. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 20 September 2017
I brought this as a gift for my husband as he wanted a study bible to help him understand and live in the Word more! He hasn't stopped rating how good this version is! It's footnotes are so relatable and really support you in understanding the scriptures, leaving room for your own revelations of course!! I also have one of these bibles and I love the fact it also lets you record life events at the front of the book, making it really personal to you!! Would recommend it to anyone wanting a study bible and just a bible in general as they build their personal relationship with God! And lastly, amazon offered it at a great price and was here within a couple of days!! Perfect!!
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on 14 July 2017
£xcellent for those who wish to study the Bible more closely.
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on 15 September 2016
I can't speak enough of how much understanding I gained about God's Word through the commentaries of this bible. God has certainly used this bible to talk to me in my darkest times (like the right verses appearing in just the right time) and I'm so thankful to this educational, diligently created study bible. I could truly apply so much of what was written in my life. Thank you :)
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on 13 June 2012
Although this is a heavy book for toting around to Bible studies, it is a real gem. The notes on all the verses are so helpful and informative as are the life application notes with them. I would recommend this book for everyone, but especially those new to the faith. The NLT is so easy to read. My only criticism about this translation is the odd Americanism; but I have been using this translation for the last six years and have learnt to live with that.
I thoroughly recommend the Life Application Study Bible. I know I love it!
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on 15 September 2015
I haven't learned about Christianity since school, and my knowledge about God has vanished more than I thought. The LASB is a great tool when starting to study the Bible, as you get every part of it explained. I love the character bio's and timelines, it's just packed with tools making the story more accessible to new readers. The fact it's NLT also aids in that, the language is easy to grasp and makes the Bible understandable. It's definitely worth purchasing if you're just starting out with Bible Study, and/or a new believer. I think it would even benefit Christians who want a fresh take on the Bible! Definitely making daily study even more enjoyable!
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