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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars

on 9 March 2010
Who is this aimed at?

In my opinion this book is suitable for anyone curious about how vocal delivery can impact their communications, but with very little understanding about how voice works. It gives you a good grounding in the basic principles of voice work. It's a good introductory book to get you started on the journey of voice power! Aimed at the business professional.

Very easy to read, unlike a lot of voice books! She doesn't overload the reader with exercises that are impractical and long winded. She steers clear of theatrical language found in these type of books - which can often alienate readers. She has a conversational style and draws a lot from her own experiences with clients - although there are lots of name dropping which might erk some people '

3 Areas I found useful

There are lots to enjoy about this read - so here are my 3!

1 Breathing Chapter
I found her explanation of passive breathing simple and effective, although there isn't much detail, it gives a novice enough to work with and practice.
The reference to Elvis is great - in terms of how tension, breath and posture affect the voice.

2 The amazing power of consonants
I thought this section was explained very well, and easy to understand for a novice. There were useful simple explanations on how to grab attention and hold onto it.
I loved the analogy that vowels are like the noodles - all substance and no flavour and consonants are like the sauce - full of flavour and spice.

3 Silence is golden
She asks "what has silence got to do with speaking"
I just liked the fact that she put such emphasis on the power of pause, and silence - it's something I constantly harp on about in my coaching. I liked the concept of "the art of the power pause - seduced by silence - this is certainly worth reading, understanding and applying, especially when in a sales and negotiating situation

3 Areas I didn't find useful

1 Speeches that make people listen

I just felt this chapter seemed out of place here for some reason. This book is so focussed on the nuances of vocal speaking skills that to address structuring a presentation in the middle just didn't fit. She could have allocated a book alone to this.

2 Success appeal at work

Didn't do it for me - lots of general stuff, I felt it would have been better to stay focused on delivery skills and avoid the theory, observations

3 Repetition
It felt like there was a lot of repetition throughout the book which was unnecessary as there was a lot more she could have covered. I thought she could have included more useful exercises to try out instead. It felt like towards the end of the book she was running out ideas.

Overall - hit or miss

A hit - I enjoyed the read, and would recommend it to anyone curious about improving their vocal delivery. It's not an intimidating read, and aimed at business professionals.
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on 27 April 2012
I've not got too far through this book, but what I've read so far is pretty good. Especially like the passive breathing technique.
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