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on 15 March 2004
I have 10+ years of experience marketing and launching high tech (and non high tech yet innovative) products of various sort and i found this information both accurate, invaluably concise and making good business sense. I find it an excellent complement to more theory oriented books like the "tipping point" and the "anatomy of buzz".
These last two books will explain you how words of mouth works but will not give you any really in depth insight about how you can make words of mouth work for you. "The secrets of words of mouth marketing" does.
To give just and example: the "decision matrix" described in chapter 5 is an extremely concise and rich tool for anticipating the concrete information that customers need to hear in order to decide about a product. For instance if you are currently targeting early adopters kind of customers then the matrix will tell you the exact content of what they need to hear in order to help them "decide to decide", "weigh information in your favor", "engage in a trial" etc. The decision matrix will also tell you what middle majority/pragmatist customers will need to hear to make the same kind of decisions and of course it's not at all the same (those of you wondering what I mean by early adopters, middle majority etc will find the info in the book -- this belongs to the diffusion of innovation theory of Everett Rogers something that any person seriously interested about words-of-mouth need to know about anyway by reading the two other books or this one).
You might have notice that in the previous paragraph I have been speaking about what customer "need to hear" and not what your company "needs to tell them". I think it's one of the great success of the book in helping us to really see the difference between the two, to understand that what you company say is less important than what your cstomer say and think and to understand how words-of-mouth can be "organized" in order for the two to match better.
Great book!!
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on 4 July 2003
To harness the power of word of mouth: it is really the key for success nowadays, considering that consumers believe more what other consumers advice than anything else. But most importantly, it gives great indications also on how to disarm the negative word of mouth, a topic that would deserve so much more focus from business books.
However: great, easy to read, clear and capturing. Good book!
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on 11 July 2012
I have never felt inspired to write an Amazon review before. However, this book is so awful I feel compelled to. For those who are easily annoyed by moronic writing such as: "Word of mouth is much more powerful than even the experts think it is. Everyone realizes that word of mouth is the most powerful force in the marketplace, but almost no one realizes just how powerful it really is." The book is riddled with such nonsensical rubbish which has the unique quality of being utterly patronising while at the same time reading like it was written by a 10 year old. The author boasts of learning most what he knows about marketing from working in his father's shop as a boy, maybe he should have gone to school, he may have learnt how to write.. maybe he did, I couldn't face reading anymore of his ridiculous, unfocused ramblings to find out. The structure of the book is illogical and unclear .. the first chapter is entitled "Introduction: Why This Book - and Word-of-Mouth Today - Is Different". A sup-section in the second chapter is entitled "The Digital-Information-Knowledge-Transportation-Communication-Internet-Marketing-Word-of-Mouth Revolutions.". I believe the other positive reviews were written by employees/friends/colleagues of the author (after all he is (supposedly) a word of mouth marketing expert, he knows Amazon reviews count). Do yourself a favour, buy Andy Sernovitz's 'Word of Mouth Marketing' instead it is excellent. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK.
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on 9 January 2012
One of my litmus tests for a book is: can it hook you in within a couple of paragraphs? Not only did this book do just that, but I got inspiration for way of applying word-of-mouth marketing for my book within the first five minutes of picking the book up.

My only criticism is that the author pre-supposes that all his readers are executives (I for one, am not) and aims many of the techniques at companies with deep pockets and large teams.

Having said that, the sections on the customer decision matrix and the levels of word of mouth are very useful to know. This is a great book to deepen your understanding of the relationship between you and your customers.

If you are a smaller outfit looking to maximise your marketing budget, I highly recommend [[ASIN:1438937539 Powerful Marketing On A Shoestring Budget: For Small Businesses]
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on 19 December 2012
The 1-star review prompted me to write this review. I am not an employee but a UK based marketer of products and services and believe the content of Silverman's book to be nothing short of gold dust. I don't want my competitors reading it. The Sernovitz book is also a cracker. Both are very very valuable reading for any business owner or marketer wanting to truly tap into the power of word of mouth marketing.
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on 5 April 2011
This book could have been more concise but in my opinion its more applicable then other books I've read addressing new methods of marketing.

I consider this book to be recommended reading
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